Just here to announce you that now, Mega1Hosting has opened its doors to new Orders!

Give to you by a team of experts with more than 10 years in the hosting business, starter plans have more than you may ever need http://webhostingtalk.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Plan 1

1000 MB Space (1GB)
10 000 MB file transfer (10GB)


Plan 2

10000 MB Space (10GB)
100 000 MB file transfer (100GB)


Plan 3

20000 MB Space (20GB)
200 000 MB file transfer (200GB)


With our quality services and fast servers, you can be confident about you WebSite/Files are in very good hands! You dont need to worry at all, either if you are an expert starting another site for your collection, or if you are new to this, our team will help you with any problems you may have, 24/7 via Live Chat or Telephone Support http://webhostingtalk.com/images/smilies/wink.gif

And at these prices, included with every package:

cPanel Access + Fatastic- Yes!
Add-on Domains- UNLIMITED!
Sub Domains (*.yourdomain.com)- UNLIMITED!
POP3 Email Accounts- 100
Email Aliases & Catch-all accounts-100
Email Forwarders & Autoresponders- UNLIMITED
E-mail SMTP Server (mail.yourdomain.com)- Yes!
Mailing Lists- Yes!
Web-Based Email Access- Yes!
POP3/IMAP Access- Yes!
SPAM Filter System- Yes!
MySQL databases-100
PHP5- Yes!
PERL 5.x-Yes!
Preinstalled CGI Scripts-Yes!
Fantastico Script Installer- Yes!
Web statistics (Webalizer, FTP, Analog)-Yes!
Microsoft® FrontPage Extensions-Yes!
Your own CGI-bin (executable anywhere)-Yes!
24/7 FTP Access-Yes!
Cron Jobs-Yes!
Customizable 404 Error Pages-Yes!
Password Protect Directories-Yes!
URL Redirects-Yes!
Flash/Shockwave Support-Yes!
Daily Back-up-Yes!
24/7 System Monitoring / Technical Support-Yes!
Account Setup Time- 30 minutes or less!

You will have more than what you need!

You dont need to believe in words.... Just see the real deal http://webhostingtalk.com/images/smilies/wink.gif


P.S. What is more, you have to pay less!

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