Who would have ever thought that after two years I would still be creating this podcast each and every week? We have gone from 5 listeners to over 500 in that timeframe and I for one am more than happy to be the voice of the Web hosting industry for one and all to listen to and learn from each week.

Thanks goes to you as well for putting up with me for that amount of time as well. The Web Hosting Show - Two Year Anniversary is now on the air.

Here are a few of the topics we tackle on this week's show:

- I Get a Not So Friendly Visit from IHOP!
- The Web Hosting Show Hits a Web Hosting Milestone - 2 Years!
- How Can You Create a Private Folder on Your Hosting Account?
- Karate Thrust and Punch Action!
- The Best Hosting Sites of the Week From the Past Two Years!
- Domain Name High and Low of the Week

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