We wowrack.com we are going to have 5 of the following servers available from Feb 18th.

Intel Dual core 3.0 Ghz
2 x 250 Gig HD
(RAID0/1 with 3ware controller) = Add another $25 / mo
1000 Gig B/W
3 IPs
FREE Direcadmin CP
1 Gig RAM
Remote reboot port
Setup: none
Price : $115 / mo

Addons Options
KVM/IP: $5/mo
Windows 2003 web: $10/mo
Windows 2003 standard: $20/mo
Direct Admin: $40 one time
Cpanel: $36.50/mo

So, Why Wowrack?
• Our Datacenter is in the (WESTIN building: http://www.westinbuilding.com/)
• Hardware Flexibility
• Scalability
• Full Control
• Excellent Additional Services

Payments Accepted: AMEX | MC/Visa | Discover | PayPal | Check | MO

For more info regarding our services,
Please visit us at: http://www.wowrack.com or email sales@wowrack.com
To **RESELL OUR DEDICATED SERVERS** please email jim@wowrack.com
For your colocation needs, please contact jim@wowrack.com