Hello there,

A little bit About us

I would like to introduce myself, i am Dan, the co-owner of HostsGeneric who provide cpanel webhosting to the public at competetive prices!
The company HostsGeneric started back in 2006 where it was ran completely by one person (me).

Recently i decided to make a very important decision for HostsGeneric's sake. I decided to merge with another host (elerHOST).

The other co-owner is called Adisa, and he helps with the more technical side of things like the website, support tickets, technical help, etc, where as i deal with the sales mostly.

We are quite a small company at the moment and hope to expand our services further, while having not many customers is perhaps a disadvantage, it can also be an advantage to future customers. As Less customers = faster responses to e-mails, support tickets, and so on.

Me and Adis are logged onto support/live chat/forums at least 3-4 times a day. (I am on even longer than that).

Our Hosting Plans

Our webhosting plans consist of 4 types of plans which all come with unlimited features within cpanel. Including unlimited subdomains, unlimited mysql databases, and so on.

Our plans are as follows...

We have the "CH5 plan"

This includes:

500MB Space
1GB Bandwidth

Then we have the "C1 Plan"

This includes:

1GB Space
2GB Bandwidth

We also have the "CH2 Plan"

Which includes:

2GB Space
4GB Bandwidth

And finally... the "CH4 Plan"

And includes the following:

4GB Space
6GB Bandwidth

How to get in contact with us

Visit : http://www.hostsgeneric.co.uk - we have completely redesigned the website and have installed a stable and secure billing system along with a helpdesk.

E-mail : dan@hostsgeneric.co.uk

Telephone (UK) : 07877753227

Forums : http://www.hostsgeneric.co.uk/forum

HelpDesk : http://www.hostsgeneric.co.uk/helpdesk

Thank-you for taking your time to even consider us, and we look forward perhaps to deal with you in the near future.

Best Wishes,

Daniel Barnes

Co-Owner HostsGeneric