There is no secret to sell poor products cheaply, so we decided to sell good products in low prices.

We are a unmetered hosting company specialized in adult market.
A lot people ask if the unlimited bandwidth is for real? Our answer is yes as long as you don't violate the following limitations:

*Each account limits at 7% of server resource(CPU/Ram)
(Many accounts with 500G monthly transfer in fact only use less than 3% server resources.)
* NO IRC/Chatting scrtips/Warez/Piracy/Bit torrents
* NO Spams/spamvertisers/phishing
* ONLY Legal Adults contents allowed

As you can see in order to achieve 100% honesty and the entire server's stability, we don't hide these limitations or any hidden cost in small texts somewhere inside the service aggrement. I believe no other companies can afford unlimited bandwidth without any limitations in our prices. Also We are not here to jack your money with some crazy plans such as 50G space for $9.95/mo. The numbers here are the exact amount you will pay for your space per month. The fee can be paid montly with no obligation, no contract to sign. Satisfication guaranteed otherwise we return your money.

We are offering 50% off now. To ensure the limited-time offer, please enter the links under each plan description ASAP!!


• Mini Wing
Unlimited bandwidth
2000MB web space
Host 5 domains in 1 account
for only $4.95 a month!!!
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• Large Wing
Unlimited bandwidth
5000MB web space
Host 10 domains in 1 account
for only $8.49 a month!!!
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• Giant Wing
Unlimited bandwidth
15000MB web space
Host 30 domains in 1 account
for only $19.95 a month!!!
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All plans include
Unlimited Email/FTP/MySQL accounts
•PHP4/5, PERL, CGI, Cpanel +Rvskin+Fantastico
•24/7/365 supports
•Adult market specialist, adult contents welcomed!
•Enterprise class server, only Dell and Supermicro here
•Off site backup

There is even more discount(60% OFF) when you pay annually.

Also if you site has traffic over 30GB/month, you are eligible for our sponsorship program, which means we can provide you free web space as long as you accept to put a SexyWing logo on your site. For more information, please contact

For a custom plan, please contact our sales representative:

We accept paypal and major credit cards

SexyWing- Unmetered adult hosting company. We Raise the Bar!!