****** WE DO NOT OVERSELL *********
Certgen .cgen solutions brand is going to launch new shared and reseller hosting. We provide quality and stable webspace for individuals and small/medium companies.

This is SPECIAL, PRE-ORDER offer - at this moment our server's are during configuration and rapid testing.

Special, WebHostingChat offer include:

* 400 MB of quality, not-oversold webspace on RAID10 harddrives.
* 4GB of premium bandwidth on 100mbit port, non overload server.
* Newest cPanel and Fantastico.
* PHP5 & PHP4 with PDO/eAccelerator.
* 24/7 Technical Support (Ticket/E-Mail)
* Custom addons (you want some php libraries? - ask support, new software version - ask support, help with software installation - ask support!).

* Unlimited Domains
* Unlimited mySQL Databases
* A lot of free resources
* Order for 2 years and get free .com domain

Please, remember, this is special offer for this forum members. We will launch in few days, pre-order's and technical questions - please send me an PM.

.cgen solutions