Does anyone have any familiarity with i6networks? I have several accounts with them that we use for hosting non-profit groups for free. A forum here, a wordpress blog there.

Today, the sites have been reduced from their normal php goodness to:
< Free webhosting

That's the entire site, whatever ad wrapper they're using cannot parse PHP and spits out the first <, then the wrapper.

I've contacted their support, but I do not expect them to answer, as in the 6 months I've used them, they've never acknoledged a single trouble ticket. Normally I would not care, the sites are up and they are "free," the gimmick of comping the entire 120 dollar per year fee thing.

I found i6networks through their digg article, and decided to give it a go. Its been good so far, except for this new "we're going to wrap your site in a text ad, even if we say no ads on the join page." Its not so much that there's a text ad there, its that... it blows the php right out of the water.

We have a Moodle instalation we keep around to show people, the css on that is completely borked due to this new ad wrapper, but it renders the PHP at least.

Its just baffling to me that if they're going to put ads on customer's sites, they could at least figure out how to do it without breaking the customer's site.