We have a few extra servers available. Here are the specs. We do have immediate setup today.

Pentium 4 1.5Ghz
512 MB RAM
60 GB HD
2 IP Addresses
$45.00 per/mo
$0 setup

Hardware Upgrades

250GB HD - $10.00 per/mo


CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, and Fedora - $0
Windows Server 2003 Standard - $10 per/mo

Control Panels

cPanel - $25 per/mo
DirectAdmin - $15 per/mo
ServerCP - $8 per/mo
Plesk - 30 Domains - $18 per/mo
Plesk - 100 Domains - $23 per/mo
Plesk - Unlimited Domains $35 per/mo

Control Panels Add Ons

Fantasico - $3.00 per/mo
Plesk Power Pack - $15.00 per/mo

Our Datacenter

We co locate at the BurstNet DC. These servers are on a shared unmetered 10MB link. We average about 8 servers per 10MB link.

We have a speed test/ping available at.

Datacenter Connection

The network is connected via Gigabit Ethernet handoff(s) (1000mbps) on a redundant/dual-path OC48 (2048mbps) sonet-ring fiber-optic transport connection.


We provide reboot support, hardware replacement, OS Reloads, Control Panel installations. we do not install or configure other services.

Spam Policy

We have a strict abuse policy. Spam is monitored and will not be tolerated.

Please contact us at.