Everyone from startups to non-profits to enterprise organizations are using the powerful object oriented Ruby on Rails programming environment. Ruby on Rails has incredible potential in cutting the development time of web applications down significantly. The only problem is how to host this framework.

The problem: Ruby on Rails was designed to be human friendly and not designed to be hosting friendly. The common web hosting response to Rails has been FastCGI. This poses problems for the developers and hosting companies most notably:

1. FastCGI causes load spikes on linux servers

2. Rails using FastCGI, and Apache v1.3 or 2.0 is buggy
3. Rails developers don’t always know how to use the linux command line

The preferred method for serving up Ruby on Rails is a Load balance Mongrel Cluster, and it proved to be a hassle for hosting companies to offer because the proxy portion of rails requires the server admin to add/remove lines to the httpd.conf every time a customer wants to add or remove a rails application which can be a support nightmare both for client and host if you have lots of Rails users.

The Solution: The solution to this problem is simple. Take the most popular control panel on the market and design a custom plug-in which will allow the end users to create, install and control their Rails applications.

A CPanel Rails Plug-in ?

It allows our customers to take full control of their portion of the mongrel cluster. The new Rails plug-in FULLY Automates most rails tasks. This will speed deployment time considerably and allow our customers to focus on designing sites and not on figuring out how to deploy their Rails application. The new cPanel rails plug-in has the following features:

Install & Start the Base Framework (directly in cPanel)

Install & Start the Radiant GEM CMS framework (directly in cPanel)

Install & Start Custom Rails application (directly in cPanel)

Start and Stop your Rails Applications (directly in cPanel)

Restart your Rails Applications (directly in cPanel)

Remove your Rails Application (directly in cPanel)

Initiate a GEM installation Request (directly in cPanel)

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Press Release Copyright 2007

Jonathan McAllister / Owner & Operations Manager

Dimension Servers LLC