Dear WHChatters,

I have one spare server that I currently do not use and would like to rent it. The server specs. as mentioned in title is:

Processor: Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz with HT enabled (4 virtual Processor)Memory: 2 GB Registered DDR

Hard Drives: 1x300 GB and 1x80 GB (Total 380 GB)
Connection: 10 Mbits unmetered on 100 Mbits port
IPs: 16 IPs with Reverse DNS, additional IPs for 50 cents/mo
OS: RedHat Fedora Core 4 with latest patches installed
Service: Unmanaged! Physical work will be charged at $30/hour except for hardware failure which is free.
Location: Cogentco Data Center in Herndon, VA. (Excellent east coast connection)

As I said, there is only one (1) of this, so be hurry or else you'll regret it. For more information like test IPs, long term prepaid discount, test files, etc... etc... or to buy it, please e-mail me at ds (at) spiks (dot) com. Sorry, I cannot post e-mail link here since this is my first post.

- Abe