Bronx, New York, 12/15/06 - After months of intense consideration and planning, Host The Best is proud to announce the introduction of it's cluster hosting capabilities, a new service directly aimed at combating the growing demand for cluster hosting.

Boasting a portfolio of exciting new features, including high availability and improved performance, Host The Best is content on delivering the highest quality service, and its latest advanced clustered web technology is absolutely no exception.

Cluster hosting is typically implemented to discard the problems affiliated with shared web hosting solutions, by introducing a data driven hosting platform non-reliant on a single web server. Cluster Hosting also boasts multiple tiers of security.

An obvious advantage of cluster hosting is the ability to effectively minimize, and even potentially eliminate server down time.

Host The Best has implemented shifts in staffing, operations, and has effectively rewritten several contingency plans in order to cope with this latest addition to its impressive catalogue.

After a successful launch in 1999, Host The Best witnessed an instant success, after the industry recognized it's high customer service, uptime and performance standards. Host The Best still continues to uphold these standards, and has nicely integrated them into it's latest service, as with every other service it currently offers.


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