i am starting a new grey hat seo website.

No e-mail spam will happen ever...

here is my following possible desired system requirements

the ability to have 100-150 domains +++
10mb/s port
unmetered bandwidth
2gb ram
2.8 dual core
160 GB hard drive
debian 3.1 OS

i can either purchase domains through your company or through another source. that is really trivial to me unless your prices are not competative.

If there is a possibility of getting referal bonuses for selling your hosting services.

i am also looking for a backup server where it can take overflow of traffic in high usage times. so if u r reading this and some time has past i may be interested in a server. or 9 so please contact me.

i will need to purchase more servers as my company expands.

i am no nonscence and pay my bills on time every time, usually before they are due. i am the model customer, and i am just looking for a datacenter which will allow me to conduct my grey hat seo tactics un hindered.

please do not send me PM's please e-mail me or send me a message via aim

e-mail = h.u.i.l.e.z/^\gmail.c0m
aim = real_cash_ceo

remove the /^\ from the e-mail address and change the 0 to o
for the aim please remove the underscores '_' and send me a message. please when you contact me inform me as to why you are contacting me.