DarkStarX (http://www.darkstarx.net/) is offering un-metered dedicated servers with 10 Mbit of Australian bandwidth for $99 AUD/month ($76 USD).

Servers physically reside in our data centre located in the Central Business District of Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Internet connectivity is provided by People Telecom and Optus.

Servers available:

Pentium III 800 MHz
128 MB RAM
80 GB HD

Celeron 700 MHz
128 MB RAM
80 GB HD

Pentium III 650 MHz
80 GB HD

Pentium III 500 MHz
128 MB RAM
80 GB HD

Celeron 500 MHz
80 GB HD

All servers include:

- 1 IP address.
- Un-metered transfer.
- 10 Mbit bandwidth.
- DDoS firewalling.
- Free, quick set-up.
- Free reboots.

Benefits of hosting with us:

- Hardware upgrades offered at-cost once, no re-occuring fees.
- All servers are located on our stable, uncongested network.
- Capable staff.
- No hidden fees.


We are able to customise any server order if requested. Please contact sales for more information.

Un-metered explained:

Outbound transfer is completely un-metered, unrestricted and free.
Inbound transfer is also un-metered and free, however clients who have sustained usage of 7 Mbit/s may be temporarily capped.


IRC (clients/bots) and IRCds are allowed.

Server availability:

The servers advertised are available on a 'first come, first served' basis, so don't delay your order.

Visit our web site for more information and ordering details.