November 10th 2006 - Press Release, a well establish and internationally recognized website monitoring service, today launches it's innovative and omnipotent Monitoring 1.0 software, aimed directly at minimizing frustration, and implementing cutting edge technology into it's current services.

Apart from offering webmasters the opportunity to have their website comprehensively and securely monitored via a third party, allows users to have SSL servers monitored, multiple alert contacts, custom port monitoring, error details and statistics, and SMS based alerts.

Already equipped with multiple internationally based monitoring servers, protocol based tests at designated intervals, 'round the clock services, and now proudly boasting Monitoring 1.0, is without question categorically paramount.

Monitoring 1.0 is a technologically advanced piece of software with a simplified user interface, allowing customers to monitor their website via a desktop application jam packed with exciting features.

Some of the convenient capabilities without an interactive and accessible user interface, and 24Status has thoroughly demonstrated that it's widely anticipated Monitoring 1.0 software has been designed to perfection.

Simply featuring a dialog box with a variation of well positioned buttons, capable of executing the most vigorous of commands, even the most intermediate of computer users will be able to navigate with ease.

Monitoring 1.0 also features absolutely no Spyware, Adware of third party applications. makes the crucial and absolutely liberating selection of an uptime monitor simple, with its powerful backend and stable and simplified services.

The company strives to ensure that the experience of its users remains stable, simplified, yet powerful enough to set it's service aside from it's competitors, and continuously implements these characteristics into it's new innovations and current existing services.

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