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SECAUCUS, N.J. (11/9/2006) – InterServer, Inc. (, a New Jersey based web solutions provider, announced today it has added connections to carrier hotel Telehouse North and the London Internet Exchange as part of its continued aim to expand its global network.
The company began its network expansion plan in late 2004, and since then has added significant Internet Protocol (IP) transit capacity and scores of peering connections. Today’s announcement includes a gigabit connection to both Telehouse North and the London Internet Exchange (LINX). Both facilities are located in London.

“As our company continues to develop in terms of customers and account acquisition, it is equally as important to secure our growth in terms of network capacity and service reliability,” said InterServer Chief Technical Officer John Quaglieri. “Today’s two new connections were added so InterSever can take advantage of network peering at the two locations, allowing us to better serve our European customers.”

In the past several years, InterServer has added five IP transit connections, several peering connections, as well as additional direct-network connections. The additions have helped reduce hops and latency and increase network speeds.

“Not only has our aggressive network growth strategy allowed us to keep up with the pressure that additional customers place on our network, but it has also allowed us to deliver a higher level of service than ever before,” said Quaglieri.

InterServer plans to add connections to facilities in Virginia in the near future, and its newly built datacenter in Secaucus, N.J. is slated to be completed in early 2007.

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