MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (11/9/2006)—Doreo Hosting (, a leading provider of shared and reseller hosting services, announced today it has partnered with Houston-based Righteous Software to deploy a leading edge backup solution on its network. Doreo is one of the first hosts internationally utilizing the new technology, which allows nearly continuous data backups of all customer accounts.

Doreo, which has always backed up its customers’ data, had previously relied on a backup solution that required entire accounts to be backed up. With the new solution, the company is now able to back up only disk-sectors that have been changed, a feature allowing more frequent backups to me made.

“The cardinal goal in backing up our clients’ data is to offer a true layer of security for everybody—even us,” said Frank Feingold, Doreo Hosting president. “Hard drives fail, scripts break, and sometimes customers just go ‘oops’ and delete the wrong file. We need a solid solution that will allow us, and our customers, to quickly recover from these situations.”

Backups will be kept on three separate schedules. Hourly backups will be taken with 14 day retention, and both weekly and monthly backups with 8 week retention. Customers will be able to restore files from any previous backup.

“I’m confident our customers will be just as thrilled about these backups as we are,” said Feingold. “For our customers, it’s very reassuring to know their data is absolutely safe—a reassurance most hosts can’t offer. I think that will be a big draw for Doreo.”

There are no additional charges for utilizing the backups, and all customer data, regardless of the hosting plan, will be backed up.

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