Introducing DarkStarX's newest Virtual Dedicated Server plans.

Be quick as we have limited units available for rapid deployment.

Servers physically reside in our data centre located in the Central Business District of Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Internet connectivity is provided by People Telecom and Optus.

We offer an extensive range of operating systems which can be loaded. We currently support:

- CentOS 4.
- Debian 3.1.
- Fedora Core 3/4/5.
- Gentoo 20060317.
- Mandriva 2006.
- OpenSuSE 10.
- Slackware 10.
- Ubuntu 6.0.6.


VDS 1:
3 GB of storage.
$33 AUD/month ($26 USD).

VDS 2:
4 GB of storage.
$38 AUD/month ($30 USD).

VDS 3:
6 GB of storage.
$48 AUD/month ($37 USD).

Each package includes:

- Un-metered transfer.
- Free set-up.
- Unlimited OS re-loads.
- DDoS firewalling.
- 10 Mb/s bandwidth.
- E-mail, telephone and IRC support.

Un-metered explained:

Outbound data is completely un-metered, unrestricted and free.
Inbound data is also un-metered and free, however clients who have sustained usage of 7 Mb may be temporarily capped.

Visit our web site for more information and ordering details.