Next week Ubiquity will be officially announcing our brand new Virtuozzo VPS line, and to kick it off, we're running a 7-day exclusive sale to give away a FREE second month of service. Although these offerings can only currently be found through the links below, orders will be processed right away.

Ubiquity provides dedicated, colocation, and now, VPS services from the Lakeside Technology Center in Chicago with on-hand techs available 24x7x365. The 8-story, 1,100,000+ sq. foot technology facility centrally located at 350 East Cermak in downtown Chicago is one of the world's largest telecom hotels, and in addition to Ubiquity, 350 East Cermak is the home of both Chicago Equinix locations, a Level(3) Gateway Data Center, and every respected carrier network in the midwest United States.

Downstream carrier connections on our network in Chicago consists of Savvis, Level(3), and AT&T. Upstream bandwidth is a BGP with TeliaSonera, nLayer, and PCCW Global (parent of former BtN Access). Each carrier maintains routing in the same building for rapid communication with peers, zero risk of cut fiber, and minimal latency loss from transit.


Myriad VPS
* 7GB SATAII Disk Storage
* 200GB Monthly Transfer
* 128MHz - Minimum Guaranteed CPU
* 128MB - Minimum Guaranteed SDRAM
* Managed Assistance

FREE Setup - $29.95/Month

Perpetuity VPS
* 12GB SATAII Disk Storage
* 350GB Monthly Transfer
* 256MHz - Minimum Guaranteed CPU
* 192MB - Minimum Guaranteed SDRAM
* Managed Assistance

FREE Setup - $49.95/Month

Infinity VPS
* 20GB SATAII Disk Storage
* 500GB Monthly Transfer
* 384MHz - Minimum Guaranteed CPU
* 256MB - Minimum Guaranteed SDRAM
* Managed Assistance

FREE Setup - $69.95/Month

Ubiquity VPS
* 30GB SATAII Disk Storage
* 750GB Monthly Transfer
* 512MHz - Minimum Guaranteed CPU
* 384MB - Minimum Guaranteed SDRAM
* Managed Assistance

FREE Setup - $89.95/Month


* Traceroutes may be done to UbiquityServers.com.

* Test files available upon request.

* Free 24x7x365 support

* 100% uptime SLA on power and network


Contact Information

web: http://www.ubiquityservers.com/vps.php
e-mail: sales [at] ubiquityhosting (dot) com
phone: 1-866-GET-UBIQ ext. 1


1st Contact: Clint Chapman
AIM: UbiquityClint
ICQ: 149459479
Skype: UbiquityHosting
MSN: blahrus@hotmail.com
e-mail: clint [at] ubiquityhosting (dot) com

2nd Contact: Corey Northcutt
AIM: UbiquityCorey
MSN: coreynorthcutt@hotmail.com
e-mail: corey [at] ubiquityhosting (dot) com

3rd Contact: Brian Rust
AIM: UbiquityBrian
e-mail: bmrust [at] ubiquityhosting (dot) com