is back at it again this time offering a free "test drive" on any one of our dedicated servers
for 48hrs and the first month of service on all in stock, standard dedicated offerings absolutley free
with pre-approved payments. For a limited time we are offering these dedicated server deals on a
first come, first serve basis and are backing it up with our customer satisfaction guarantee. We offer
an array of DELL servers which are inherently semi managed, and include free remote reboot ports,
as well as 100mbps port speeds. Please feel free to contact me directly with questions or for more

As posted above:

•Dedicated Managed & Unmanaged servers, 24/7/365 support
•Free 100 Mbps connections
•Free bandwidth upgrades (limited time)
•Free remote reboots switch
•Free server Test drive (limited time)
•Free first month (In stock)

Each one of our dedicated servers includes the following:

•100% Dell Power Edge Equipment.
•IronCore Foundry Switching technology .
•Every server connects to the core network at 100Mbps with a guaranteed network SLA.
•Dual Core Pentium IV and Dual Xeon high performance dedicated servers.
•Live Storage and Backup - Backup your critical data to protect your investment.
•Custom Load Balancing and Clustering solutions – Powerful redundant failover Solutions.
•Hot-Swap Drives and onboard PERC 4 RAID controllers (XEON platform only)
•Hosted in one of our 3 world-class data centers.
•Your choice of Operating Systems: CentOS, FreeBSD, Fedora Core, 64 Bit versions and the Windows 2003 family.
•Memory upgrades up to a total of 8GB (P4) and 12GB (Dual Xeon) per server.

Interested? Then check our offers by clicking here
Please don't hesitate to contact me using my profile if you have any questions.