Yes, it's true, we went MAD !!, this is perhaps the greatest offer we have ever come up with, and you better hurry, we have not told the accountants about it !!.

This offer is open to NEW LINUX, WINDOWS and .. yes, RESELLER account as well,

Please read below for the terms and conditions.

You choose a plan, sign for it, pay for the first month only and wave goodbye to bills, that's it, Relio will not charge you again for your hosting account until January 1st, 2007.
This means the sooner you signup, the more free hosting you get.

As an additional welcome to Relio, we will give you any domain name you choose (.com, .net, .org,,, .us, .info, .biz, .cc) for the amazing rate of $1 per annum for the life of the account.

Terms and Conditions:
- This offer is for new clients only, except for the $1 domain, existing clients can now log to their CP and order a single domain name for 1$ per annum.
- This offer is not open for "MS Exchange" account, including those sold by new resellers.
- Resellers, the offer is limited to the "Reseller 1" plan, Relio will credit your account with the value amount needed to cover your (Reseller 1) hosting until January 2007, should you decide to upgrade to a bigger plan or sell exchange, you will simply burn funds off the credit Relio gave you, which means your free hosting might not last until 2007.
- Windows and Linux, the offer is valid for ALL plans, except R0 and W0 which are yearly only plans.

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