France@ 100Mbit Dedicated Unmetered Server - SPECIAL! ONLY $289/Month FREE SETUP!!!

For Limited Time Only! XtraManaged.COM Networks Offers 100Mbit for the world wide Best Price!

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Offer Information:
VIA C7 (Server CPU) 2.0 Ghz
- 1024 MB RAM
- 160 GB of hard drive
- FREE 5GB Remote Backup Space
100Mbit/Sec Fully Dedicated unmetered Line - NOT SHARED!

Price per month: 289USD
Setup: FREE

OS Options:
Ubuntu-Server, Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse 10.1, Mandriva, Gentoo 2006, CentOS 4.2, Slackware 10.2

* Windows OS not yet supported. We are planning add Windows OS by end of september.

Control Panel Options: or Webmin

(Clients can order DirectAdmin or cpanel from third party providers)

For cpanel license please contact:
For DirectAdmin License please contact: www.directadmin

Data Center:
Our Datacenter located near Paris is spread on 6300m. It is Fully redundant and specially designed for hosting critical infrastructures.

The electrical Set-up supplying a 5-MVA capacity is fully redundant. The main power supply is assumed by 2 independent electrical sources feed by the national electrical network EDF.
back-up generators and distributions:
5x Power Generators generating 2,5MVA each and supplied by 60000 Liter of fuel.
12x electrical inverters providing of 400KVA each and dispatched by 29 electrical distribution racks of 250 KVA each.

As Security of your data is a fundamental parameter.
The site is located in activity area always monitored and keep safe 24/24 hours 7/7 days.
The Datacenter is controlled by 180 digital videos giving 360 degrees of sight seeing of the entire area.
All doors and windows on site are bullet-proof. All Access are controlled by bank safety devices including metal detector.
The Datacenter access itself is protected by a biometrical system giving only access to the accredited personal.

Data Center Currently added more of 17 000 Kilometers of optical fiber have been deployed and supplying a 10Gbits/s Rate with total capacity of around 30Gbit. As well as peering links with the majority of the high speed internet access suppliers. Among them FranceTelecom Orange.

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