To get success in online business writing articles is very important .Write articles or free reports for other webmasters and put your website address in the by-line. If you can write good content, your articles will be published and a lot of readers who like your article will start using your website

A well-written article can:

- help you build your profile as an expert

- draw traffic to your site, and

- help you to build a database of potential clients through associated e-courses or a newsletter.

The following four steps will help you for writing articles that captivate your readers -

== 1. Find Out What Your Readers Really Want ==

Sometimes you'll know what they want because you're an expert in the field, and understand the problems.If you don't know the subject area well, you'll have to do more research. Look for forums on your topic and see what people are discussing. What are the problems that need solving? Try to solve their prblems.

== 2. Start With An Attention-Grabber ==

Try to come up with an opening paragraph that gives the reader that warm "Hey, this is about me!" feeling right away. Better still; try to generate a rush of excitement - "This could be the answer I've been looking for..."

== 3. Write As You Speak... Then Edit! ==

The sample opening above also illustrates the importance of the tone you use in your article. You need 'meat' in each article, of course, to make it worth reading - but make sure it's not indigestible!

You're better off writing your article in a natural, relaxed style that's akin to normal conversation. It doesn't matter if the first draft is a little too informal - you can fix that when you edit. Naturally you don't want to irritate your readers with a too-breezy style, but too-formal is worse. Readers may want facts, tips, and strategies, but they hope to be entertained, too! Let your personality shine through.

== 4. End On A High ==

What's one of the biggest problems with most articles? They fizzle out! Writers often don't know how to end on an upbeat note. They either just stop dead or they come up with a trite ending like: "So what are you waiting for? Get started today!"

The beginning and the end of your article are the two parts that make the biggest impression. Start by creating a feeling of anticipation... and leave them feeling satisfied (or excited) when you finish.

If you are offering advice to help them solve a problem gives your readers a reason to feel optimistic and good about them. Don't make rash promises... but do offer hope. If you are giving

hints on marketing or business, sum up the benefits

of acting on your tips.

The last but not the list is,Please Don't forget to give you website adress as for people can contact you in future.