This week, you should have [url=]more than enough podcasts[/url] to play catch up on. So instead of launching something else you need to listen to, I want you to give me some feedback. This time around, I'd like to know if you think I should cut back on the number of supporters per Web Hosting Show episode.

I have tried to make the "supporter time" in each show as small as I can, but if you want I can come up with a new way of doing things. One idea I had was having one supporter per podcast. For an example, at the start of the show I would mention the show was brought to you by Web Hosting Chat and Ping! Zine. Once I hit the bottom of the [url=]supporter list[/url], I'll just start back at the top.

Web Hosting Chat will stay on as a supporter of every episode because they are the one flipping the bill for the bandwidth around here. ;)

So leave me your thoughts, your comments, your ideas on this thread ([url=]or on this post[/url]) and I'll see how I can make this podcast better for you.