MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (8/15/2006)—Doreo Hosting (, a leading provider of shared and reseller hosting services, announced today it has introduced MailFoundry, a hardware-based anti-spam and antivirus email filtering solution. The new solution will be offered as a no-charge value-add for all web hosting accounts.

The company had been looking to move its mail management software away from individual web servers since early 2006, and when it found MailFoundry in June, it took only a few weeks to deploy the new solution.

“Mail management has always been an important aspect of our web hosting service. As such, we have been hunting for a solution that will not only reduce the load on our servers, but that will also allow for a higher level of spam and virus mitigation,” said Frank Feingold, Doreo Hosting President. “MailFoundry is the prefect fit.”

MailFoundry runs off its own hardware appliance, and monitors all incoming emails automatically. When MailFoundry detects possible spam, it quarantines the message, and notifies the recipient once a day with a list of withheld messages.

“There’s no such thing as a perfect anti-spam solution, but MailFoundry’s false-positive rates are well-below the industry average, and so far it has performed remarkably well for our customers,” said Feingold. “It has identified roughly 70 percent of all incoming messages as spam—even we could not have predicted that.”

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Founded in 2002, Doreo Hosting is a leading provider of shared and reseller web hosting services, in addition to Sitebuilder-based web design services. The company’s servers are housed in the Equinix datacenter in Chicago, Ill, and have access to over 15GB of network bandwidth capacity.

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