Gossimer Web Hosting Offers Cheapest Professional Hosting Services

Gossimer.com is one of the domain registrations and web hosting has announced the cheapest web hosting plans to online customers. Gossimer hosting service is fast and secure and it also includes domain registration services. Gossimer offers affordable web hosting services for business and personal websites and hosting plans are considered as the cheapest and very professional for large organizations.

Gossimer.com web hosting spokesman said, “Poor quality servers can hamper a website and with it the online business. If a potential customer visits a Web site wanting to look at a product or a piece of information that they were interested in and all they get is some kind of internal server error glaring at them then they may not visit it again and look for other options. However, we are the service provider that provides seamless services e.g. domain name registration, web hosting and others at low prices. In order to have a presence on the Internet one need to buy a domain name and web hosting package. A valid domain name is very essential for a professional website to promote it on the internet. To display domain then it is highly essential to locate a good web hosting service that can provide domain name hosting options, and here we come with our sophisticated services.”

About Gossimer.com:

                Gossimer web hosting has been providing internet site building, domain name registration and has created nearly 900+ customers since June 2008. Gossimer is gaining customers at 10 % per month. Gossimer uses secured socket layer technology to create a secure connection between host providers and clients.

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Austin Web Designing Firm to Donate Web Hosting To 500 Charities in Texas

Fahrenheit marketing, an Austin web design company has announced that it will donate web hosting for 500 Texas charities through FahrenHosting program. Charities to qualify for FahrenHosting program they must currently have a website, be ready to let the world to know who is donating their website, charity should be a registered 501 (c) (3) and serves Texas in part or whole.

To apply for this program, qualified charities need to fill out the contact form before 31 of Jan 2013. If the company receives more than 500 applications, by the end of the application period agency will select 500 non-profit organizations and award free web hosting based on charity’s scope and need.

Chief Executive Officer of Fahrenheit marketing Ricardo Casas said, “We expect that the FahrenHosting program will make a small difference for a lot of organizations. Web hosting is something that every nonprofit needs, but it’s yet another yearly expense for charities that are trying to make the most of every dollar they receive. We want to make keeping a website a little easier for nonprofit organizations in Texas.” FahrenHosting program pays for the hosting through whichever service the charity is currently using.

About Fahrenheit Marketing:

                Fahrenheit Marketing is an Austin based internet marketing organization. Fahrenheit Marketing has offered a full range of marketing capabilities for SEO to conversion management and call tracking for a variety of clients. Fahrenheit Marketing employees are passionate about innovating ideas in their fields. Fahrenheit Marketing offers proactive, comprehensive and dynamic services to its customers and implements plans that yield measurable and tangible results.

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Milesweb Adds Dedicated Server Hosting In Indian Market

Milesweb one of the best hosting providers announced that it has launched dedicated hosting package in India.Milesweb announced the Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel Xeon will cater the needs of their customer who have outgrown the VPS solution and want to upgrade to dedicated servers at an affordable cost.

Director at Milesweb Amit Deshpande said, “We want to take a leap in this Indian dedicated hosting market. You have to keep an eye on the market and competitors continuously, as to what customers are looking for from you as a service provider. We constantly improve our service and offer to meet the expectations of our customers and this has helped us to stay ahead of the competition.”

Business Development Manager at Milesweb said, “The offer we are currently running on our entry level server is most affordable and competitive in the Indian hosting market. Our dedicated server packages are one of the best options currently available in the market, and we’re delighted to be able to offer this package at a very affordable price.”

Dedicated server package from Milesweb offers the choice of WHM, cPanel and Plesk Control panels. Dedicated hosting from Milesweb is included with 2GB memory, 160 GB of hard drive space and 5000 GB of monthly transfer with full admin RDP access. The Milesweb dedicated plan starts at $90 per month.

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Host Virtual to Expand Its Cloud in India

Host Virtual one of the web hosting companies has announced that it has expanded its cloud services in India. Host Virtual is significantly adding features to its existing plans based on customers demand. Host Virtual has deployed 1 Gbps per Virtual Machine to host virtual cloud, private hypervisor servers and dedicated servers in India. Host Virtual has combined 24/7 support in local language and has positioned itself in a strong position for customers looking to expand their presence or enter Indian market.

 Senior Vice president of Host Virtual, Inc. Bhargavi, said, “We’ve seen a great demand for cloud services in India. Our easy to use, self-service public cloud gives businesses a way to be up and running within a few minutes.”

With this inclusion Host Virtual allows its customers to deploy FreeBSD, 300 Linux Hosting appliances and VOIP within minutes with dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 support. A recent study from VMware finds 62% of Indian organizations are increasing their cloud budgets and 56% of organizations are seeking staff with cloud experiences.

About Host Virtual:

Host Virtual, Inc. is one of the best cloud hosting providers. Host Virtual, Inc. operates both IPV-4 and IPV-6 IaaS clouds. Services from Host Virtual, Inc. are self serviced and easy to use. Host Virtual, Inc. pricing starts from $ 10 per month. Host Virtual, Inc. operates in Chennai India, Dallas, TX, London United Kingdom, Paris, France, San Joes, CA, Hong Kong, HK, Chicago, IL and, Amsterdam, NL. Some of the popular distros supported by Host Virtual are debian, CentOS, Scientific Linux, VirtualMin, Kloxo, Slackware and many more.

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Atlantic.net Partners with Zenergy to Market Business Hosting Services in California

                Atlantic.net is one of the privately held hosting solution providers announced its partnership with Zenergy works to provide business hosting services in Santa Rosa California. Zenergy will help Atlanta.net with their presence in the Californian market to establish a local presence.

                Chief Executive Officer and managing Partner at Zenergy Works Eric Van Cleave said, “Zenergy Works is excited about our partnership with Atlantic.net to promote their business hosting services in the California marketplace.” Managing Director of Atlantic.net Adnan Raja said, “Zenergy Works has a proven track record of success and we are confident in their abilities to help strengthen our brand recognition in California.”

                As demand grows for online business, opportunities are created to provide a reliable platform that enables companies to do much more. Atlantic.net is one of the web hosting company which is committed to offer one of the best services to its customers. This expansion plan with Zenergy will enable Atlantic.net to provide services even to its California clients.

About Atlantic.net:

                Atlantic.net is a market leader in cloud computing solutions provider. Atlantic.net is recognized to provide exceptional business hosting services and simplifying complex technologies. Atlantic.net specializes in providing Co-location, virtualization hosting, cloud servers and dedicated servers. Atlantic.net own and operates Type II data center with SSAE 16 certification. This facility is dedicated to deploy tailored hosting solutions that enable clients to enjoy the benefits of cost savings.

                Zenergy works is a California web designing company specializes in Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and National Internet Marketing.

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YesUP Launches a New Online Marketing Forum

YesUP Ecommerce Solutions Inc. is one of the Internet Market organizations. Yesup in the Internet marketing field for over 10 years and have become one of the popular online advertising networks. Yesup offers online solutions for internet entrepreneurs with dedicated hosting, email marketing and high speed internet services. Yesup has planned to introduce its first online marketing forum (www.webtipforum) “Web Tip Forum” to provide an amazing start for 2013.

Yesup has plans to start a brand new year with ambitious goals. Yesup’s Web Tip Forum is designed to fit all people in Web. Anyone new or already in online industry can find resources from industry experts. This forum helps its visitors to know more about online business, themselves and partnership opportunities. Both beginners and expert online businessmen will find meaningful information. Existing Yesup clients will find this forum extra beneficial because of its design. Forum’s design is based on Yesup’s core business like advertiser and publishers. The main objective of this forum is to provide a best platform for any online marketers to begin or maximize the value of WWW (Word Wide Web).


About Web Tip Forum:

                Web Tip Forum is sections into four main categories: “Hosting”, “Marketplace”, General Forum” and “Ecommerce Discussions”.

Hosting:  This category consists of topics related to putting infrastructure available online. Some of the popular topics included are cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, Data centers and Co-location.

Marketplace: This category consists of contacts for those looking for best services. Web Tip Forum’s three important terms are Buy, Sell and Request.

Ecommerce Discussion: This category includes discussions ranging from Search Engine Optimization to Online advertising and also tips and tricks for successful online business.

In general forum members can chat with other members and introduce their organization.tw

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WebHSP launches New SSL configuration Tool for North American Clients

WebHSP one of the leading providers of SSL certificate announced the launch of new and improved online tool. This tool helps web-site owners and resellers to confirm their SSL configuration are correct.

When SSL certificates are not configured properly, website faces several risks of attacks. This effective tool helps owners to improve their website performance by improving the defense against several attacks. WebHSP have planned to implement this service in Canada and United States.

This tool is free of cost, not just WebHSP clients any one can use the features of this tool. Customers simply enter URL of their website and can perform quick scan. After quick scan user receives a detailed rating report and explanation of any potential problem discovered with SSL certificate security and remedies to solve this issue. SSL configuration checker is integrated with most advanced technology in the current market trends. The experienced technicians at WebHSP have worked timelessly to understand the deployment of SSL and how to make it secure. Chief Executive Officer at WebHSP Doug Davis said, “More than 70 percent of websites using SSL are configured incorrectly, which results in poor performance and poor security.”

Mr. Davis explained, “With the availability of an SSL configuration checker, Web HSP is adding context to SSL issues by explaining to our customers how best to configure SSL to reduce their risk and optimize performance. Our goal is to help all organizations reduce SSL-related risks, configuring SSL correctly is a crucial step in realizing the benefits of SSL. However, it’s often difficult for admins to find comprehensive guidance on how to accomplish this goal.”

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WebHostRanking.com Releases 2013 Best Web Hosting Providers

                WebHostRanking.com one of the sites that deals with providers, services and web hosting reviews has announced 2013 “The Best Web Hosting Providers” for shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, business web hosting. WebHostRanking.com named iPage, BlueHost and WebHostingHub as the best web hosting providers for 2013. WebHostRanking.com Co-Founder Jeff Raybould said, “Each one of these hosts offer our readers the best service and we are honored to provide these fine web hosting providers with our Web Host of the year award”,

                More people are looking to get into web industry via well-established hosting providers. BlueHost is one of the best and head first into the reseller market in 2012. Web hosting package from BlueHost starts at $3.95 per month using WebHostRanking.com and reselling hosting package starts at $19.95 per month. Mr. Raybould said, “We knew how good BlueHost was but their reseller hosting plan is amazing. Take their shared web hosting and add to it!”

                Ipage web hosting offers one of the best features for people looking to host ecommerce sites. WebHostRanking.com was impressed with its features. When i-Page won “The best Web Hosting Providers for 2013” title, Mr. Raybould said, “When you can get iPage for under $3.50 a month and get all the security features, marketing features, and unlimited features, this was a no brainer.”

                WebHostingHub not offer their customers with tools they needed including unlimited data storage and unlimited traffic, but they offer a competitive price. The normal price of WebHostingHub is about $4.49 per month and with special promo the price knocks down to $3.95 per month. MR. Raybould said, “Something I have learned in my career is that the lowest price isn’t always the best.

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StormVZ Includes Web Hosting and VPS Services to Three Data Center Locations

StormVZ web hosting providers has expanded its VPS and web hosting services to its three diverse locations in west coast USA, United Kingdom and east coast USA. By offering VPS and web hosting services in more than one location StormVZ can provide more flexibility to their customers. StormVZ customers will be able to select data center locations in United Kingdom, Buffalo, Maidenhead and Los Angeles.

StormVZ VPS and web hosting plans are designed to offer more flexibility to its customers and also enable customers to try out new services like for a month or 3 months or 6 months or free of charge services before they commit to annual packages. Packages from StormVZ include VPS management and 256 bit secured SSL billing tasks. Hosting services from StormVZ are highly reliable and ensure high quality drives with RAID10 hardware for all servers. All VPS plan from StormVZ are tagged with management control which enables customers to have full control on their accounts. Servers from StormVZ are included with 2x gbit links which provides optimal network speed even during peak times.

To promote their new data center locations StormVZ are offering 20% off on its VPS and web hosting plans. StormVZ customers can avail this offer by entering the code “EOF2012” at checkouts.

About StormVZ:

                StormVZ is a VPS hosting providers with reliable network and services to the customers website. StormVZ management team operates between 9 AM to 5PM UK timings and support team is available 24×7. StormVZ is committed to provide the best services to potential customers.

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MachSol Launches MachPanel 4.5 to Support Microsoft Lync, Exchange and SharePoint

MachSol Corporation one of the hosting control panel providers have announced the launch of MachPanel version 4.5. This new version of MachPanel will support Microsoft business tools like Lync, Exchange 2013 and SharePoint. MachPanel enables hosing providers to offer support for the latest releases of Microsoft business tools. MachSol Corporation is a Microsoft certified “Microsoft Exchange validated Solution Vendors” with a short list of control panels and automation solutions.

Along with this MachSol provides support services for a wide range of other Microsoft tools and technologies. MachSol Corporation helps service providers to keep up-to-date with industry standards by providing support to those technologies.

About MachSol Corporation:

                MachSol Corporation’s name was originated from Machine Solutions. MachSol Corporation is providing services to its customers over the past decade. MachSol Corporation is globally recognized for its sophisticated automation software. MachSol is a software and service company looking forward to develop the future of business automation.

MachSol Corporation is dedicated in providing innovative and proven solutions for managing private, public clouds and also in building and supplying cloud services. MachSol houses a skilled in-house development team and have evolved into a powerful brand. MachSol Corporation is one of Microsoft’s Gold Partners and “Microsoft Validated Solution Vendors.” MachSol Corporation mission is to become one of the market leaders in cloud automation by catering customer’s expectations and providing them with a cutting edge software technology with cost effective, most innovative and scalable SaaS solutions. MachSol products are advanced, cost effective and secure and capable of delivering variety of hosted services and applications like CRM, Hyper-V, SharePoint, Web applications and BlackBerry.

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