Prevent Web Host Shut Down

Web hosting has been in the limelight for quite some time due to the economy being quite tough This has resulted in many people now operating their own businesses. When running a business, whether big or small, advertising will prove to be one of the most important aspects of the growth of your company. Web hosting can be considered one of the ways to help a business grow and, this, in an affordable way in order to  successfully reach a relatively larger market.

When you are researching where to have your website hosted, it would prove wise to shop around, weighing the type of web hosts available in order to prevent web host shut down. While running a survey, you will come across highly rated web hosts. It would be more profitable if you are able to choose from the ones that are more highly rated, instead of going through all that are available, which is bound to consume a lot of time.

The internet is one of the best ways to learn about the most efficient method of gathering information while cutting costs. If you are looking for feedback from users of web host companies then the web is going to prove quite beneficial. When inquiring about how to prevent web host shut down after settling for a given web host, you can talk to close friends and search for some online feedback from already existing website owners. A point to note would be that the feedback on the net might be from mainly people with bad experiences, so try to judge this rationally.

The first impression that you get from a given web host provider will give you insight as to how they  will be able to prevent web host shut down. The prompt response from a customer care agent can say a lot about the web hosting company. The option of not settling for unlimited domain names is also an aspect that you would find helpful and can assist you to prevent web host shut down.

Refusing to settle for unlimited domain names, especially if you are opting for low cost web hosting can prove profitable because while creating an account, you are bound to get little band width. When you receive little bandwidth, eventually you will need more. For this, you will be required to pay an additional amount. This is a tactic that has been adapted by low cost web hosts.

Making annual payments may not prove to be one of the best ways to prevent web host shut down. Making an annual payment in full would mean that if you start experiencing hardships, you are tied to the service and you would have limited options to counter or prevent web host shut down. Low cost, can, in many cases, prove to be quite expensive. In addition to this you would find it beneficial to settle for a company that has been in existence for a while, since it would have experience.

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Web Hosting Strategy for Managing Multiple Websites

If you are in a situation where you find yourself handling multiple websites then you are likely doing something productive and as a result you need to make sure everything runs well. As the saying goes:. You should not put all your eggs in one basket. Thus the same applies to web hosting. Your websites need to be running at all times throughout the entire year and maintaining this can prove to be quite time consuming and stressful at some point. Choosing the right web hosting strategy for managing multiple websites can prove to be quite lucrative in the long run.

One of the most commonly used web hosting strategy for managing multiple websites is opting for multiple web hosting companies. When you opt to use multiple website hosting companies, it would be wise not to select too many or else you might find yourself having too many websites to handle. By opting for many companies as a web hosting strategy for managing multiple websites, you will find that one company could be experiencing a downtime, but not all of them at once.

A point that would prove useful to consider when running any business would be the overall total cost. A web hosting strategy for managing multiple websites that focues on cost would opt for different kinds of web hosts. You will find that you can have some main websites  hosted separately with different host companies. Three is normally termed a crowd and in order to reduce stress on management, three different web hosts can prove to be enough.

You can find that you have a particular website that has proven to be creating an impressive return by the end of a financial year. As a result you can opt for a backup. A backup system for your main site can be done on a different server. This way,  when there is downtime you can easily switch the domain until the down time comes to an end. You may not necessarily feel the pinch when running one website, but when running multiple websites, the aspect of cost should be on the forefront.

A web hosting strategy for managing multiple websites can also be achieved by opting for the reseller web hosting. The reseller web hosting puts you, as the website owner, in a position to use the space rented to you by a web hosting company to host different websites from different owners. The website owners that you opt for would benefit you if they are small and numerous. The more small sites, the better when working with  the reseller web hosting strategy. Then you can calculate the best way to charge in order to cut down on your overall cost. Another option that can be applied as a web hosting strategy for managing multiple websites can be to  compare packages before you settle for a particular web host. While shopping around, try to get referrals, as this way you will have some confirmation of the type of service provided.

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Web Content Management System

A web content management is a platform used to create, manage, store and deploy content to websites. It is usually designed as a stand-alone system. It may also be used to effectively catalog massive amounts of data which are be tedious to publish by manual coding; here data refers to text, images or graphics. Usually coded with popular web-development languages like PHP and Perl, other additional languages like JavaScript or Flash may also be incorporated as part of the user interface.

Web content management systems are built to be versatile; they can mould around any idea and fit the usage criterion of millions! When it comes to actually delivering information to the end user, the web content management system will generate pages based on the search criterion or options chosen by the end-user.

Personalizing a web content management system is just as easy as managing your content. With loads of in-built configuration options, your data can be easily sorted. It can be set to be just as unique as your product or website. Here are a few reasons why web content management is so popular:

• Easy Storage and Retrieval of Data
• Assignable Administration Levels
• Support for Large Amount of Participation
• Reduced Input Redundancy
• Simple User Communication
• Custom Reporting

When a web content management system can offer you so many features in one secure solution, painstakingly long manual coding sounds futile. A few web content management systems prevalent in the web today are Drupal, Joomla, vBulletin, phpBB and many more. WordPress is the most simple and most famous Web Content Management system available today. Save time, cost and work-load, try a Web Content Management system today!

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Force Users To Use Single Php.ini Under suPHP

If you have a dedicated server and use it to sell shared hosting and you want to force users To use single php.ini Under suPHP then this article is for you. Today I am going to explain how you can force your users to use same php.ini under suPHP by disallowing .htaccess override. Limiting php.ini use will add security to your server and will disallow users to use custom php.ini file by overriding default php settings set by server administrator (root).

How to make it work:

Its very simple to enable this function in server using suPHP. Just by enabling phprc_paths in /opt/suphp/etc/suphp.conf will do the work for you. See the steps below:


vi /opt/suphp/etc/suphp.conf

Find the code below and press I to insert text.

;Uncommenting these will force all requests to that handler to use the php.ini
;in the specified directory regardless of suPHP_ConfigPath settings.
Remove ( ; ) from the last three lines ie.

Now press ESCAPE button and enter :wq to save the file.

Restart Apache


/sbin/service httpd restart

Now Users wont be able to override your default php.ini file.

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Article Source: Force specific php.ini in suPHP

Looking for a good host – quick tips

Here are some general but very simple guidelines I wish I had followed when I started:

*Adequate plans. Do they have what you need? You don’t want to sign up for a plan and then go and build your site in a fashion that isn’t supported by the host. (Example, if you require ColdFusion, check that CF is supported )

*Server status, can you ping their servers? What speed are you getting?

* Forums: ask around about hosts you have interest in. If the host site itself has user forums, browse around there.

* Service. (most important IMO) Do they have a toll free number? What are their hours of service? If they have phone support, is it outsourced or on the same premises as your server? In my case, live 24/7 support was essential.

* how long have they been open? Do a who-is search, was the domain registered yesterday? Do they have a client list? Companies that have been open longer obviously have the experience and reputation and resources needed to survive in the industry.

Send them an email, see how long it takes for them to respond to get an impression on wait times between getting responses.

I guess it would help you to get a good host.

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