ViUX Web Host launches Web Hosting Affiliate Program

ViUX web hosting providers have announced that it has created a web hosting affiliate program for this New Year.  This affiliate program enables both customers and non-customers gain percentage based commission for referring new businesses to the company. This announcement was made on New Year’s Day and this program is included in the company’s control panel. ViUX control panel is based on Parallel Business Automation, shared cloud Hosting and also includes campaigns designed around its cloud servers.

ViUX is offering commission up to $120 per referring or up to 30% of the total cost of the referred order. Affiliate marketing enables service providers to gain many customers and also reward their customers for referring new business. The affiliate marketing program is gaining more and more attention, on November 2012 Host Group launched its first web hosting affiliate program, similarly SKGold launched affiliate program in October.

As the affiliate program is located in ViUX control panel, therefore the program is locked behind the password. Non-customers can gain access to the affiliate program by filling an online application for free and can earn commissions by referring business. Customers can start earning within minutes of signing up. This affiliate program uses browse cookies and tracking codes to track the source of the reference. ViUX web hosting program is tagged with a variety of promotional affiliate materials which can be used to market company’s hosting services. Affiliate hosting program from ViUX is designed for blogs, email signatures, websites, Twitter, Facebook and other locations. Both customers and non-customers are paid after 90 days of the sale. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.


Freudenberg IT has started a new data center in Durham which is in the state of North Carolina. This news was confirmed by the company on the 24th of September 2012. The company also stated that this initiative would help the company gain a wider response from this part of the region.
Freudenberg is also taking up steps to invest and upgrade the different features of cloud based services. This strategy is being used to strengthen their cloud based and web hosting services in the region. Freudenberg web hosting is investing in services like SAP managed services, information technology outsourcing, and application hosting. It is mainly concentrating on the cloud services and human resource sector to provide the best services to its customers.
Mr. Michael Heuberger, the president, and chief executive officer of Freudenberg IT web hosting said, “We have been running and hosting SAP systems for over 40 years and we understand the importance of security, data privacy, quality of service, agility, and the service level requirements in support of mission-critical applications. We are at the forefront of the latest IT trends that impact our customers, including cloud computing and big data. As a result, we continue to enhance our mission-critical hosting services portfolio to meet the growing demands of the markets we serve.”
This data center claims to have some of the world class, state of the art facilities in its campus. With its high walls and ceilings, concrete floors, underground cable system, it is definitely garnering a lot of hype. The data center is spread over a massive 30,000 sq ft in the heart of the research triangle park.


A Canadian based web hosting company has launched a website solely dedicated to cloud services. This move has been initiated in order to provide high quality operations to users looking for only cloud services. The website would be called Canadian Cloud Hosting with URL as This was announced by the company spokesperson through an official press release statement.
The company also mentioned that this web portal would heed the company in providing highly professional and comprehensive cloud based services. It also plans to set up a new department that would look after the smooth functioning of the portal. It would also provide a 24-hour online support for their customers. These services are based on the VMware platform and have been categorized into ‘Elastic Cloud’ and ‘Flexible Cloud’ servers.
Mr. Kevin Liang, the CTO of Canadian Cloud Hosting was quoted to have said in press release statement, “In looking at viable cloud hosting options for our customers, we quickly realized that we didn’t want to limit our customers to one platform over another, but instead give them scalable, dynamic solutions that can meet the business requirements of the small local business all the way up to large-scale enterprise needs. We picked the best cloud technologies on the market and built our cloud on top of enterprise grade Dell hardware that provides unmatched reliability and performance for our customers.”
The new web portal providing cloud services comprises of hundreds of virtual machine images, support to multiple technologies for management and performance like CPanel, Xen, Plesk, VMware and hyper-V etc. The services are being offered at very affordable rates. The basic elastic cloud server service is charged at the rate of $10 per month.


Infinite Networks, a web hosting service provider has been recently rebranded as the ServerHub Hosting Company. This news was announced on the 14th of September 2012. The company in its website said that this rebranding was initiated with respect to the confidence that the customers instilled in them.
Infrastructure as a service or IaaS, a service that Infinite Networks offers has transformed immensely. It has turned out to be the flagship product of the company. Rebranding would help the company keep a close relationship with its customers opting for cloud based services like cloud servers, and dedicated servers.
In a statement Mr. John Brancela, chief executive officer ServerHub hosts said, “As we move through 2012 and early 2013, Infinite Networks servers customers can anticipate transition activity as operations are moved to ServerHub branded sites. You can expect billing and customer support links to change as we transition to the new brand name. Our brand change will not affect your pricing or any services that you may have.” Meanwhile, it was further explained on the social mouths blogging post associated with ServerHub hosting provider says, “Any brand associated with technology or technological advancement, must keep pace with the industry of which it is a part. Therefore, tech-dependent businesses, such as those associated with the internet or with computer hardware or software, might need to consider more frequent revitalization and rebranding.”
Infinite Networks established in the year 2000, is a subsidiary of the Eonix Corporation. This corporation started the Infinite Networks, a web hosting company in the year 2001. After the success of Infinite Networks, it has been rebranded as the ServerHub Hosting Provider. Free Web Hosting suggests a Free Domain Name at started in 2008, is one of the few free hosting providers that is able to offer totally eco-
friendly hosting service as well as reliable cluster based hosting platform, and completely free
website hosting without forced ads on free hosted sites. It provides advanced PHP/MySQL
support and easy to use web site builder tools such as WordPress blog and Joomla website that
are automatically installed, configured and hosted at no additional cost.

Further empowering their offerings, announces that in addition to free hosting services
they now offer all their users to register a free domain name with extension and host it
with at absolutely no cost.

That is useful to mention that is not the registry of .NF domain names, but they are
an administrator and operator of domain zone, and thus provides free domain
registration just in the mentioned zone.

In addition to free webhosting service also provides shared cheap web hosting plans
with unlimited web space and data transfer, VPS hosting plans, and semi-dedicated hosting.
Unlimited web hosting plans also support free domain name registration, however, VPS
and dedicated hosting does not include free domains at as those plans are proposed for
advanced users who are supposed to prefer .com/.net/.org domain names. does not tolerate abuse of their network or services, and thus in case abuse of domain
names with extension is noticed, it should be reported to Abuse Department who
can terminate the abuse immediately. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

FireHost Web Hosting begins New DNS-Powered Business Continuity Solutions

FireHost web hosting company has announced in a statement that a new business continuity
solution has been introduced along with existing business continuity options. This service is
powered by the DNS services distributed across five continents. This new business continuity
option is supported by DYN DNS hosting. This service will expand the capabilities of FireHost
web hosting company beyond its routine qualities like load balancing and high availability of the

This announcement followed the revised affiliate program of FireHost Company, which was
announced a couple of months back. These new service options would increase the network
uptime with the help of failover configurations of the system; this will prove to most desirable
for web hosting and web application solutions.

In the statement Mr. Jason Rieger, the CTO of FireHost web hosting company said, “FireHost
has been ahead of the curve with regard to securing a public cloud environment and finding
advanced ways to boost performance; Now we move ahead again by multiplying our business
continuity offerings, helping our customers prep and plan for the unexpected, and keeping their
systems and applications online all the time, even when disaster strikes.”

New traffic management tools give network administrators the options to route their
respective customer to certain infrastructures that can provide the best performance and
efficiency. For example, the traffic originating from Bangladesh can be diverted be catered to its
nearest location. This increase the efficiency and speed of the system. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world. proclaims New Web Hosting Reviews Section was established in 2011, specializes in helping people learn about web
hosting and the Joomla platform. It is owned by Intown Web Design and managed by David
Blane Studios both located in Atlanta, GA. The newest section of their site features Joomla
hosting reviews from the site editors and customers who have used the hosting companies. tests each of the companies and hosts other websites with these companies
to review the service.

Many popular hosts like GoDaddy and 1&1 are profiled in the review section. The editors at reviewed companies that many people will recognize and they wrote thought
out commentary about the service each host provides. The website invites anyone who has
used the service to leave an honest review about their experience.

Inside of the review section, they explain how the review process works. The website editors
describe their process as coming from an experienced background. They mention how they
used to help clients and family members find hosting in the past and learned a lot about what
people are looking for.

Site Administrator and Reviewer, David Blane, said while talking about the review section, “We
have a lot of experience helping people find hosting. We decided it would be helpful to make
our knowledge public and easy to find. Hopefully our reviews section will be very helpful for
prospective Joomla web hosting customers. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Increase Stats on Your Site through SEO

Business performance is reflective of the overall marketing strategies that are utilized in order to improve the results within the sector. There are numerous approaches, if utilized in the appropriate manner, can lead to a more positive contribution to the business. These methods of boosting Search Engine Optimization otherwise termed SEO are meant to increase the overall viewership a website by potential customers who have shown an interest in the type of business products or services you offer.

In order to make the most out of your marketing approaches for your website, there has to be well established criteria that will result in more visits to your site by interested parties. The use of social networks is another modern approach that has worked for numerous companies. It is a method that is proving to have outstanding marketing results within a very short period of time. The kind of viewership and associations under the social networks is very wide and what one does can be shared among many others with in an instant.

Having links that connect you to one or more of the social networks can add to the marketing projections designed to increase income. The aspect of increasing income is not meant to happen in a gradual way when this approach works the way it is supposed to. When the social network effect begins, there is a high probability of a dramatic increase in sales in a very short time.

The SEO startegy is basically a technological approach that is intended to improve various sectors of your business with respect to your dealings over the net. When intending to boost visibility of your website, it is advisable to make use of all the available methods that can improve the overall performance of your business and the customer numbers.  An added advantage of the SEO marketing approach is that you can introduce links on other websites that have the same interest as yours.

The later approach seams fruitless but there are numerous websites on the internet that offer room for links within their sites. In order to obtain this possibility, you need to submit the correct information to the site that will host your link. This method has outstanding results and is definitely meant to improve search engine optimization to levels that are not only noticeable but have a high degree of positive impact to your business.

SEO for the purpose of increasing visibility is intended to offer the shortest route to marketing your business and improving your reputation. Maintaining an already existing market is also one of the advantages of the SEO. Customers can easily get to know about new products and offers whenever they register to receive emails from your website. This approach can, on the other hand, be detrimental to your potential and existing business prospects if you send spam and excessive mail to your customers. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world


Virtualization – The Long and Short of It

New, up and coming terms like virtualization, data centre and cloud  computing are often out of reach for most of us out there but after doing some research, it’s clear to me now that, to understand the concepts, you need to ask the right questions. The obvious one being what is virtualization?

Basically it’s a platform which enables a single user access multiple devices, something like a single computer controlling multiple machines. In other words, we have a system / server where the virtualization platform is installed and on that platform several operating systems are installed. Hence the user can access any of the operating systems at any given time or even simultaneously. To an outsider it looks like 3 different systems are at work while in reality, its only one server.

Virtualization solves a problem of buying and managing a lot of servers at any given time. It saves a lot of trouble in case of a server failure and makes the entire system compact.

To understand the concept much more clearly, consider its 3 subsections, host operating system, the hypervisor, and the guest operating system.

 Host OS: it is the original OS with which the virtual machines share all information. The virtualisation platform is installed here.

Hypervisor: It is a program which allows multiple OS to share a single host. This enables the OS to have the host OS’s memory. The hypervisor handles memory allocation and resources of the virtual machines and makes sure that they don’t interfere with each other.

Guest OS: simply put, an OS other than the host OS which is sometimes installed is called a guest OS. It’s usually installed inside the virtual system. For e.g. the OS windows, Linux and MAC are the guest OS on the virtualisation platform of the Host OS.

It is crucial for the virtualisation administrators to monitor and manage the platform resources like I/O traffic diligently. They should make sure that they are optimising the host resources and prevent performance degradation.

Now, there are the different types of virtualization and companies provide specific domain solutions for them.  There are essentially three types:

Hardware Virtualization:

This is the most common type implemented in the IT industries as well as in the data centres. The host Server is virtualized and hence allowing the server to be able to run different OS simultaneously on the same hardware.

It has several benefits namely, less no of servers, easier and faster addition of capacity as per needs & less power consumption.

Desktop Virtualization:

This means that the end users(us) data are all stored in a VM(virtual machine) in the hosted environment which can be of the IT ‘s in house or of the data centers. They can be managed in one place for all the users of the company. This process has few takers as it requires a lot of work and takes a lot more planning to execute it.

Storage Virtualization:

Consider this, when a company is growing, it will need more space, even for the servers it’s using, and before you know it , it’s going to increase tenfold. Hence the company needs proper plans for disaster control that’s where this comes to picture. This ensures that multiple storage devices appear as one common media. Storage virtualization takes care of that.

Virtualisation is adopted by honchos like citric and Microsoft but there are other companies like HP, IBM, oracle etc have entered the market. The conclusion is that the more completion in the industry the more affordable it becomes for the  end user.

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Create a Website with a Difference through SEO

Using a website in business has proven to be one of the most effective ways to market your company. If you are attempting to increase sales by enlarging your marketing horizons you must have a unique and effective approach. Using the internet as a marketing strategy is proven to increase your customer base. The use of the internet as a marketing tool has been demonstrated to be growing immensely over the past years and is used by different entities, both large and small. The option of having a website is one the best ways you can market your products on the World Wide Web. Another point to take into consideration is that if you are working on a tight budget, then using a website would prove advantageous to you.

After successfully designing a good website you will find it vital as a marketing strategy option to have content relevant to what you have to offer, whether goods or services. Obtaining SEO material will establish a difference between your site and other websites. You can personalize your website and position it to your advantage. Since SEO material can be purchased, you should obtain the content from a reliable source, in order to make your optimization easier. There is a vast amount of SEO materials in the market due to the fact that marketing websites has proven to be quite beneficial to many individuals. When working with SEO the most vital element to take note of is that the material you have be informative to the people who will come across it on the internet.

When you are using a website as a means of marketing you will find that this can prove to be one of the easiest ways to promote your business. A point to note is that you should also expect competitors on the site you will be marketing on and it would give you an upper hand if you made your site unique. When you refer to a website being unique it means you use friendly tones and something to catch the interest of the interested individuals. When using SEO material you will also need to always be prompt with the latest news on your product, as this would prove to keep the interest of many customers. You should always keep in mind that an SEO is an ongoing practice and therefore you need to strategically plan  every action that you take. If you find that the SEO task is proving to be time-consuming there is always the option of hiring someone to run the website for you,