NETEL CLOUD- Netelligent‘s New Web Hosting Service Hits the Market

Netelligent, a well know web hosting provider recently announced that it has launched a new line of next generation web hosting services NETEL CLOUD. This service is aimed to offer fully scalable and secure hosting for all kind of businesses. Netelligent is targeting resellers to offer their own cloud hosting services.

NETEL CLOUD is a sophisticated service which implements XEN virtualization technology. This technology offers redundancy to improve the uptime and also reduces pressure points like individual hard drive failures or power outages. This service also offers complete flexibility for each cloud application thereby enabling the clients to change the resource requirements as per needs.

The cost of this service is reported to be based on its type. The service level ranges from basic, entry-level solutions to high-end, complex hosting environments for businesses with mission-critical hosting needs. Also the customers are free to choose Linux or windows platform and also different control panels namely, cPanel, Direct Admin, or Plesk.

“Cloud Hosting remains the most significant technological advancement to Internet infrastructure in the past decade,” said Maxime M. Boutin, director of sales and marketing for Netelligent Hosting. “Our NETEL CLOUD technology offers exceptional power and flexibility, and is backed by our outstanding, award-winning customer support department.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.


SoftLayer Launches Private Cloud Solutions for Deployment

SoftLayer, a web service provider recently announced that it has launched its SoftLayer Private Clouds solution. This solution is designed to service and configure full private cloud deployments on demand. This news comes after a week after SoftLayer’s announcement of it retiring from the CloudLayer storage services.

SoftLayer’s first Private Clouds solution is built on Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack. It is reported that the deployments are scalable, secure and influence the company’s infrastructure.

“For some time our customers have used our portfolio of dedicated servers, network resources, and virtualization options to build their own private clouds. Now, with SoftLayer Private Clouds, instead of starting at square one, you begin with a pre-configured can start with your cloud ready for whatever you want to do with it,” said Duke Skarda, chief technology officer for SoftLayer. “We’ve built our Private Clouds solution out of our experience creating and managing our own cloud, and our unique capabilities in automating sophisticated deployments. At the push of a button you have a dedicated cloud at your command, with full access and control over every aspect, and the ability to scale infinitely, on demand.”

SoftLayer Private Clouds customizes the services based on the client’s requirement. The clients are free to choose the number of servers as well as the resources for these servers .SoftLayer also provisions the clients hosts automatically with cloud’s management server. It installs the management system, registers the client hosts with the management server, and completes network configuration and resource management tasks in less than two hours. Other features of SoftLayer include on-demand scalability, full management access and control, seamless global deployment. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.


Infinity Virtual and McAfee Come together to Create SaaS total protection suite

Web hosting provider Infinity Virtual recently announced that they have joined forces with McAfee to offer their SaaS total protection suite. The suite offers services such as endpoint, email, Internet, and network security. This announcement came after Infinitely Virtual began offering QuickBooks financial management software to its customers via the cloud. The McAfee SaaS Total Protection service is available to Infinitely Virtual clients on a monthly basis or by annual subscription.

Usually web hosting service providers choose several different security providers to offer a wide range of security services, but this move by Infinity Virtual is one of the ways to save money.the brand name , McAfee also makes it easier to acquire clients.

“Our clients asked for an all-in-one solution and we’ve responded by partnering with an industry leader in the security space,” Adam Stern, founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual said in a statement. “With McAfee, we’re delivering end-to-end protection, enabling customers to receive immediate, up-to-the-minute threat protection to ensure that data, systems, and networks are instantly and consistently secure. McAfee nicely complements our intrusion detection and prevention system, which goes beyond the firewall to stop malware, phishing, SQL injection and other aggressive threats.”

McAfee SaaS Total Protection includes host-based and cloud-based web filtering, cloud-based email filtering and continuity, email server security and real-time updating across desktops, servers and networks.

Early this year, McAfee provided services to fix spam issues with the use of the total protection suite. Also last month marked the day when Infinitely Virtual began offering a hosted product based on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Inerol Solutions’ New Web Package, Receives Great Reviews by Web Host Industry Review (WHIR)

Web Host Industry Review (WHIR),a leading and respected online magazine which offers web hosting service directory has recently green signaled Inerol Solutions’ new SuperHero Powered Web Hosting Package,  calling it one of its ‘Hottest Hosts’ for 2012.

This came as a reaction to the news according to WHIR which reported that Inerol Solutions SuperHero Powered hosting package received high marks as one of the best web hosting services not only for its reliability but also for its long list of satisfied clients which has hit thousands and still growing.

Inerol Solutions President and CEO, Robert Nikic, commented, “At Inerol Solutions, client satisfaction is at the core of our value structure as a company. To receive such high praise from such an esteemed online publication in our industry for just that and for our clients’ continued belief in us is extremely gratifying.” Nikic continued, “The only reason we have reached this milestone is because of our clients’ belief in us. I would like to personally thank all of Inerol Solutions staff, who offers the SuperHero Powered Support our clients have come to rely on.”

Inerol Solutions’ SuperHero Powered Unlimited Hosting Package is a one of a kind service as it offers disk space and data a transfer without any restriction and enables its clients to enjoy the web hosting experience to the fullest. Also SuperHero Powered Unlimited Hosting customers receive a Free Domain Name, $100 in Google Adwords Credits, $25 in Yahoo!/Bing advertising, access to Inerol Solutions Free 4-Step Website Builder and over 150 one-click applications. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Go Daddy Launches IPv6 Dedicated Servers

Go Daddy recently celebrated World IPv6 Launch and announces IPv6-enabled Linux Virtual Dedicated Servers.  They mentioned that these dedicated servers will help their customers prepare for the IPv6 changeover.

As IP address is crucial for any device to be connected to the internet, the current IPv4 is running out of addresses for all the devices. With the sky rocketing of internet traffic, it has become pertinent to adopt IPv6 enabled services to the continued growth of the Web

“Go Daddy wants to make sure our customers stay ahead of the technology curve,” said Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman. “Our customers view us as their IT partner, so we want to make sure the transition to IPv6 is seamless.”

Go Daddy had been upgrading its systems to accommodate the eventual IPv6 deployment. Since October 2007 Go Daddy has completed a number of IPv6 related initiatives, including support for IPv6 AAAA records, Glue records, Dual Stack DNS for customers’ domain names and enabling redundant IPv6 transit from multiple providers.

“Deploying IPv6 ensures the Internet continues to grow and is essential for businesses that want to grow with it,” said Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer at the Internet Society, which is hosting World IPv6 Launch. “After 20 years of development and increasing deployment around the world, IPv6 is ready for business now and, with World IPv6 Launch, IPv6 is the ‘new normal’ for the global Internet. It’s great to see companies like Go Daddy providing customers with an easy way to deploy IPv6 for their services.”

Go Daddy worked tirelessly to ensure there was a smooth transition to the upgraded services. And become a dependable service provider as it handles more than 10 Billion DNS queries daily, has more than 5 million hosted websites and more than 53 million domain names under management,

“Deploying IPv6 is like upgrading the Internet,” Go Daddy CTO Wayne Thayer states in a blog post about Go Daddy’s IPv6 Transition. “Last year, Go Daddy enabled queries over IPv6 for the tens of millions of DNS zones that we host. Since DNS is used to resolve virtually every website on the Internet, IPv6 support is a key component of the overall move to IPv6.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world

Spare Backup Inc.Teams Up with Distributors to Offer Enhanced Protection to Hosting Services

Spare Backup Inc. a provider of data backup and security software for smart phones, tablets and PCs, recently announced that it is collaborating with some of its key distributers to offer hosting services in mobile data backup and security services which are to be launched in Europe and North America. Spare Backup hosts websites are expertly integrated into the distributer and offers real time access to all data, security etc which are offered by the distributer.

“As our current launches in Europe and North America gain traction, web hosting and servicing offer us a significant additional revenue stream,” commented Cery Perle, CEO of Spare Backup. “We provide a full range of integrated reporting services for our partners that include customer sign-ups, backup analytics, and monthly billing analysis. We are confident that this new revenue source combined with current and future distribution partners will move us more rapidly to profitability.”

Spare Backup, Inc. is a provider of data backup and security software which provides its customers to protect their valuables data quickly and efficiently.  Spare Backup software is the first totally automated cloud-based backup service that is distributed on a private label basis through retail partners in North America and Europe. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world

Medeco’s New Web Hosting Solutions Show Promise

Medeco High Security Locks, an ASSA ABLOY company recently announced that it has added remote key programming administration to its web hosting solutions for CLIQ Web Manager and Remote Wall Programming devices for the Logic and M3 Logic product lines.

CLIQ Web Manager provides a web based key and lock administration which provides superb flexibility and all key administers can not only access but manage it from anywhere around the world.

The remote wall programming device, which also has been added to the list of web hosted system, is a versatile tool which is available in both the Logic and M3 Logic keyways. This device allows the administrators to program, audit and schedule timely key expirations without having to recall keys from key holders. It can also communicate with the web server from anywhere with the help of power over ethernet (PoE) connection.

“Security Management Administrators may now program eCylinder keys from anywhere, anytime; without having to visit the opening,” said Joseph Kingma, Director of eCylinder Business Development. Adding, “This new functionality is evidence of Medeco’s commitment to support the growing trend of companies requiring cloud-based software solutions.”
Remote Programming is ideal for installations that span large geographic areas or where access to keys or openings may be inconvenient. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world

New MetaTrader Templates to Make Forex Deals Easier and Faster

Host1 Plus, a web hosting company based in London, recently announced the launch of their new MetaTrader templates which have been added to the cloud VPservice. These templates are aimed to make MetaTrader platform installation easy and accessible to MetaTrader users.

“This is the fulfillment of our old promise to the forex traders. Those people need reliable service to trade stocks commodities and currency on the foreign exchange; therefore we have decided to pay more attention and resources to this market. It is highly profitable and has some characteristics of good gambling. Millions of people are working in the exchange online every day. We want them to be as happy as possible with our services,” Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO said.

MetaTrader is an online platform which is widely used for online foreign retail exchanges namely forex, CFD and stocks. The newer version is gaining popularity thanks to its great features for trading stocks. The version requires Cloud VPS hosting plan to work properly. The MetaTrader Template can be found among the other templates while ordering the new Cloud VPS service.

“Forex market is booming. The applications for the fluent and reliable trading is becoming better and easier to use every day. The SaaS solutions are built every day, so they need Cloud VPS – the best hosting for an affordable price. The traders are sales people with great intuition and macroeconomics knowledge. They are not programmers or system administrators; therefore another task was to ease the installation of the most popular Forex solutions as much as possible. I think we are going the right way as those MT4 and MT5 templates are easy to install and set up for everyone, even salesmen.” – Mr. Grinius said about the new MetaTrader Template in Cloud VPS. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world

EMC Acquires Watch4net to Broaden their Prospects in the Industry

EMC, a company specializing in hardware has recently acquired Montreal based Watch4net.They are a provider of superior performance management software. It specializes in providing real-time, historical and projected visibility into the performance of the network, data centers and cloud infrastructures.

“One of the reasons Watch4net is a good fit for EMC is that we’re focused across domains: across network, compute and storage,” Ken MacDonald, senior director of marketing for EMC’s Information Management Group, told eWEEK. “EMC already has the ability to monitor performance to Watch4net, and then provide the correlation and root-cause analysis and service assurance capabilities that the ITOI suite provides.

“Both products have the ability to reach across the three domains and also across the physical and virtual environments [within the data center].”

Watch4net provides many VMware environments include something called a vSwitch, a virtual switch, “which in some ways becomes a bit of a blind spot for the VM [virtual machine] administrator,” MacDonald said.

“It’s tough for them to really understand if the connections are being maintained within the virtual switch. One of the important features of the ITOI (which includes Watch4net) is the ability to monitor the virtual switch and include that as part of our correlation and root-cause analysis capabilities,” MacDonald said.

Watch4net CEO Michel Foix and most of his 70-person team will be retained and will report to Jay Mastaj, senior vice president and general manager of EMC’s Infrastructure Management Group. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world

Avnet‘s Off-Premise Cloud Solutions Aim to Capitalize on Opportunities

Avnet Technology solutions, a web hosting provider recently announced that it has introduced a suite of off-premise cloud solutions designed for value added reseller. This suite is aptly called Avnet Cloud Solutions.

This suite will be delivered on an annual basis which will minimize the development cost and will nurture repeatability. The main goal of his suite is to provide services in various areas of cloud computing where user demand is satiated by off-premise cloud deliver models.

Avnet cloud solution suite is looking forward to help its clients find the fastest route to become trusted customers by providing them with emergent domain expertise in off-premise cloud computing.

“Avnet invested more than a year of research and development into the creation of Avnet Cloud Solutions, analyzing the short- and long-term cloud computing opportunities in the data center,” said Tim FitzGerald, vice president of Avnet cloud solutions group for Avnet Technology Solutions of Americas. “Avnet Cloud Solutions will leverage this knowledge to help our partners capitalize on cloud computing opportunities that are in the greatest demand among customers today. The Avnet Cloud Solutions team will work with our partners to accelerate their growth and build successful off-premise cloud solutions businesses.”

To develop its portfolio of integrated and packaged solution offerings, Avnet has joined hands with cloud providers like Savvis to develop their suite of integrated and packaged solutions.

Avnet said, “We chose cloud providers that align with the workloads that the team has determined are in high-demand areas, along with those providers that meet specific requirements that ensure the best interests of Avnet’s partners are protected and bring the greatest value to end customers”. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world