Canadian Web Hosting Launches Dedicated IP Addresses for Its Customers

A leading web hosting company, Canadian Web Hosing has recently announced that it has planned to release unique, dedicated IP addresses for the SEO Web Hosting customers. These IP addresses will be based in all major Canadian states including Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON and will be available to all new and current web hosting customers. Canadian web hosting is hoping to improve its ROI by providing increased access to a wide pool of IP space. They also believe that this move will offer enhanced brand building and increased online visibility at a fraction of the cost.

“IP diversification is one of the easiest ways to increase search engine visibility of your website,” said Kevin Liang, SEO expert at Canadian Web Hosting. “With the addition of these new IP ranges, Canadian Web Hosting is able to give our customers a significant advantage in building an online presence, and when you combine this with our 100% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 support and state of the art web hosting infrastructure, our customers are able to compete at the highest levels and improve their SEO strategies.”

“With these new IP ranges, customers can continue to host their own network of sites and utilize multiple IP hosting for faster link indexing and creating a network of different, but related, websites on different IP ranges that link back to the target site. These new IP’s can be used with Canadian Web Hosting’s recently launched CA Cloud servers, as well as all virtual private servers (VPS), and Dedicated Servers. Each new server deployment comes with two dedicated IP addresses and additional IP’s can be assigned upon request for $2.00 per IP. Customers can also benefit from free server setup and configuration, and when needed, most web sites can be migrated at no extra cost.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

PEER 1 Hosting Gets Ready to Offer Assistance the Business to Prevent Disrupting During the London Olympics

PEER1 hosting who are global online web hosting provider recently announced that they are launching their own TEAM 2012 which will offer assistance to business which are required to stay online during the London Olympics this summer, this move is a result of the government caution to the London businesses which cloud be disrupted due to the upcoming events.

Dominic Monkhouse, MD of PEER 1 Hosting UK said: “For many businesses, the events in London this summer bring the potential of increased business whilst also presenting potential of increased complexity. We have had a number of enquiries from businesses based in and around London and the South, who are dependent on the internet, whether it’s for back office SaaS applications, ecommerce sites, customer service portals, virtual training or anything in between, who want to make sure their business benefits rather than suffers from the increased activity on the capital.

He also stated “PEER 1 Hosting is uniquely positioned to help organizations doing online business in London during the summer events. Our wholly owned and managed 10Gbps Fast Fiber Network™, Portsmouth Data Centre, High Availability and Disaster Recovery Services and Content Distribution Network (CDN) are designed and managed to deliver uptime and reliability at all times. And because they circumvent the network quagmire that will be London during June and July, businesses that need to be online nonstop can stay online nonstop.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Superb Internet Corp Receives Best Dedicated Server Company Award at Annual Web Hosting Awards 2011

As per industry reports, Superb Internet Corp, a leading provider of managed and dedicated servers, virtual private servers, web hosting and domains, has become the second Best Dedicated Server Company. It has been awarded with the recognition by Host Review.  It was honored at the Annual Web Hosting Awards 2011.

After this recognition, Superb is pushing itself to enhance its excellence by producing innovative products well as superior service and product quality. The company is also striving to outperform its competitors in the market while exceeding its own performance and benchmarks.

Richard Norwood, the company’s Marketing Manager, describes Superb’s journey thus far saying, “We are proud to be named the #2 Dedicated Server Company by Host Review, adding to our long list of awards. When we started selling web hosting back in 1996, it was our goal to give our customers scalable hosting at the best possible rates. I think it is safe to say we have delivered.”

Superb boasts of providing a dedicated account manager for each client. This practice has enables them to offer their clients with customer services and also allow them high-end dedicated server load balancing on a daily basis. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

“Brain Host” Becomes the Top Pick Web Host in the Industry

As per industry reports, was recently named as the Top Pick Web Host by the industry renowned Review site,

“It’s gratifying to be recognized for all the hard work we’ve put into turning Brain Host into a brand people know and trust,” said Brain Host president Corey Hammond. “Our focus has always been on quality service and responsive support, so it’s nice to know we’re doing something right!”

Brain Host offers superior customer support all day, everyday via phone and email. Their comprehensive training modules are specially designed to help customers get a wholesome experience of the website. The service package includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, free website builder with templates, the popular cPanel control panel, and more offers honest, unbiased reviews for various we hosting providers to help customers get a better picture about the companies. It rates hosts based on various factors including secret shopper feedback, customer support, uptime, technology & hardware, and more.

Brain Host is considered to the leading web hosting company in the industry. They are known for their superior shared hosting packages. They offer 99.9% server uptime, and 24/7 US-based customer support. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Cheap Web Hosting Geeks‘s New Format to Gives a Face Lift to Their Reviews

Cheap Web Hosting Geeks, a company which specializes in providing reviews on different web hosts have recently introduced a format which will enable them to study and offer results on the quality of  the different services provided by the web hosting companies.

The format includes statistics collective from different reviews by people based on different features of the company. The format then provides accurate, measurable and easy-to-comprehend results for customers looking for an ideal web host.

As per Cheap Web Hosting Geeks, “We have gathered customer reviews, site information, and application use to develop it, daily traffic and more. By having all this information we can easily figure out the customer satisfaction rate and the increase in number of customers.” This says the company statement.

“Normally, the reviews are written are feedback which are left in terms of descriptions of different types of features and qualities of the services, which make an overall image of the services of a web hosting. In such situations, it is very difficult for normal and new customer to understand and compare the different and differentiate the features of one company with another. Thus confusion even increases rather than decreasing”.

To ease this confusion, Cheap Web Hosting Geeks provides the service quality rate in terms of percentiles. Reviews from various webmasters and admins are collected which is then scaled and a percentage figure is provided. This method effectively offers a picture about any web hosting company. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Hosting Ireland Launches Cloud Services

Hosting Ireland, a web hosting provider in Ireland recently launched its cloud computing platform to support the increasing demand of cloud based services. It also plans to add SaaS applications and virtual data center solutions to its service portfolio.

This plan hopes to bring Europe on the map for its cloud services as it is significantly lagging as compared to their neighbors. The launch of Hosting Ireland’s cloud hosting services is being looked at as an opportunity to tap the demand for on-premise cloud hosting services.

“Our platform will streamline customers’ movement to the cloud and make cloud hosting available to the masses,” said Jonathan Bate, managing director at Hosting Ireland. “In particular our Cloud Server will accelerate time to market and lower their cost for deploying new applications. If you have a simple one page website or a complex high traffic ecommerce solution you can avail of the benefits of the cloud.”

Hosting Ireland’s cloud server solution offers exceptional scalability with enhanced deployment and availability. These features enable customers to organize complex applications within hours. The company has also launched a website which will help client access the services much more quickly and easily.

Hosting Ireland provides a range of cloud shared hosting, domain registration, VPS, dedicated servers and cloud Solutions to businesses across Ireland, the UK and Europe. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

‘Advanced Web Hosting’ Moves its Data Center to Virginia

Web hosting provider ‘Advanced Web hosting’ recently announced that it has upgrades its infrastructure by colocation to a new data center in Northern Virginia

This move is as a result of the shutdown of SoftLayer‘s HOU01 data center which was housing Advanced Web Hosting for over 10 years. Advanced web hosting managed to go through with the migration while retaining the ability to offer best services and also within a short time.

Even though the company had been planning to upgrade its services, the shutting down of the SoftLayer data center sped up the process considerably.

The Advanced Web team acquired new Dell R310 and R610 servers that were placed in Equinix’s Ashburn, Virginia data center.

“The most difficult part of this process was the timeframe that was thrust upon us. This unexpected move came during a period when we were already inundated with large projects and had little spare time to squeeze from our technical staff,” said Brad Caricofe, Advanced Web director of operations. “Our operating principles had already given us the capability to recover our systems from massive catastrophe, such as losing a data center to fire or weather-related events, within 24 hours. We applied some of what we’d learned in the past while planning for the unknown, to ensure that we could move everything within the requested amount of time.”

The company said its existing disaster recovery planning protocols also assisted with its ability to migrate customer data quickly. Advanced Web said its clients now benefit from a faster and more stable network, and greater systems redundancy.

Though Caricofe admits the company “spent far more money than we intended to with our planned upgrade in 2013,” it is “extremely happy with the results.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world

Peer1 Hosting Gets PCI DSS Certification

Peer1 hosting, one of the leading web hosting providers in the U.K recently announced that it has attained the coveted Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certification foe its managed hosting and colocation services across the globe.

For web hosts, a certification like the PCI DSS is an expected feature in the dedicated server environment. PEER 1′s clients who specialize in handling and processing customer card details and transactions are easily supported in a PCI environment. Data security and effective compliance are found to be the key drivers for businesses which process credit card transactions.PCI DSS is a set of  industry standards which make sure that the there is always enhanced payment data security and it is also authorized by major credit card companies.

“PEER 1 is committed to delivering IT infrastructure solutions that remove the security challenges and complexities our customers face,” said Fabio Banducci, president and CEO at PEER 1. “Meeting the standards set by the Payment Card Industry Security Council allows us to offer customers a single process that meets their compliance needs while allowing them to do what they do best – run their businesses.”

The PCI DSS standard audit was conducted by a third party security evaluator, who conducted several inspections regarding PEER 1′s procedures, policies, technical systems and technology infrastructure, where the web host met all the 12 PCI DSS requirements. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

SpeedHost Awarded Platinum Partner Status in GlobalSign Partner Program

GlobalSign, one of the leading certification authorities and SSl partner program specialists recently announced that SpeedHost, which is one of the leaders in Brazil’s web hosting services, will be awarded the Platinum Partner status in GlobalSign’s partner program. This new partnership will harbor added benefits like increased margins, co-branding marketing opportunities and not to mention strengthen GlobalSign’s presence in Brazil.

GlobalSign has been taking steady steps towards the Brazilian industry with the Netcraft SSL survey showing GlobalSign almost double its market share from April 2010 to April 2012. the launch of the dedicated, native language team has proved to be a major contributor towards the success of  GlobalSign’s expansion plan  Both SpeedHost and GlobalSign plan to further expand their combined presence through Latin America.

“Choosing to elevate our partnership level was an easy decision,” said Jefferson Campos, Director of Technology Partners, SpeedHost. “We have an Brazilian Account Manager who is dedicated to our account and makes everything easier. We always have fast responses to our issues and they support us in this partnership. We are planning to expand our market in the upcoming year and feel that GlobalSign, with their variety of Certificate options and superior service, are the ideal provider to support us along the way.”

“We are very excited to see SpeedHost upgrade their commitment to a Platinum Partnership,” said Steve Waite, Chief Executive Office, GMO GlobalSign. “Working with SpeedHost to provide digital certificates and security solutions for the Brazilian market has been a great experience and we consider our partnership a major success in the early stages of our expansion into Brazil. We look forward to building upon our existing relationship to achieve our mutual goal of expanding through the rest of Latin America.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Netwise Hosting Launches a Promising New Product to Ease Colocation Deployment

Netwise Hosting recently announced the official launch of their new approach to colocation pricing with Colocation Calculator. This calculator is a real time quotation service and Netwise’s website can get on the spot pricing information for the server colocation deployments. This new system is expected to become a valuable resource for clients who are looking for such services.

This unique system uses slider base interface which generates quotes based on Rack Space, Power, Connectivity, and other extra options. This then helps you build a live quotation right from the browser.

Managing Director, Matthew Butt gave comment on the company’s new Colocation Calculator;”We built this system with the end-user in mind. We know that not everyone wants to start lengthy discussions with a host from day one – sometimes they just want some pricing to get the ball rolling. Our customers have always enjoyed our pricing transparency, and we hope this helps further solidify our position as the data centre to watch in the coming months and years. Not only are we routinely one of the highest-value colocators in the industry, we are also supremely upfront with our pricing – something missing in today’s market.”

Netwise Hosting are planning to develop this idea further in the very near future, with additional features that Senior Manager, Matt Seaton hopes will become a widely used set of tools on the net.

“We have a trademarked service coming soon called Power Tools that will extend this system even further, with the ability to estimate power usage very accurately based on a range of popular hardware sets. Soon after, we hope to include a comparison service, whereby our live quotes are pitched against key competitors to give users a tangible idea of how well we are placed within the market. We are undoubtedly the only data centre in the world pushing these ideas forward, and hope that this brings us a great deal of success in the future.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.