“Brain Host” Becomes the Top Pick Web Host in the Industry

As per industry reports, BrainHost.com was recently named as the Top Pick Web Host by the industry renowned Review site, WebHostingSearch.com.

“It’s gratifying to be recognized for all the hard work we’ve put into turning Brain Host into a brand people know and trust,” said Brain Host president Corey Hammond. “Our focus has always been on quality service and responsive support, so it’s nice to know we’re doing something right!”

Brain Host offers superior customer support all day, everyday via phone and email. Their comprehensive training modules are specially designed to help customers get a wholesome experience of the website. The service package includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, free website builder with templates, the popular cPanel control panel, and more

WebHostingSearch.com offers honest, unbiased reviews for various we hosting providers to help customers get a better picture about the companies. It rates hosts based on various factors including secret shopper feedback, customer support, uptime, technology & hardware, and more.

Brain Host is considered to the leading web hosting company in the industry. They are known for their superior shared hosting packages. They offer 99.9% server uptime, and 24/7 US-based customer support.

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That Sneaky SEO!

Search engine optimisation is not that easy to wrap your mind around. Just when you thing you have a got a hang of it and you get set to raise your website’s ranking, SEO changes its algorithm.

First there was the Alta Vista algorithm where the number of times a keyword was repeated was what boosted the ranking. The algorithm bombed when people started using the keywords more number of times than actually giving information to prospective clients. So now, Google being the most favoured search engine, changes its search algorithm before anyone starts to get too comfortable with it and tries to trick it to boost ranking.

Well, want to know what the latest trick is? Read on.

Search engines now focus on the quality of the site rather than the number of visitors to the site. With viral video craze, it is no longer a herculean effort to bring up the stats for your site. But that apparently is not what search engines are willing to buy.

I cannot sufficiently stress the importance of good content. But that is not the only secret to success. And neither is making your website unnecessarily bulky. You should give all the information and you need to give the right information. I have told you this repeatedly, and I’m saying it again: optimization is always your second priority; the first has to be the people who will read it. Your website has to be people-centric. Address their concerns and they will find their way back to you when they need you again.

One of the many factors Google looks at to decide your rating is the amount of time that a viewer spends on your website; whether or not your website is enticing and informative enough to hold the reader’s attention. For this, you have to unclutter your website. Take off all the irrelevant information that you put in there just to add weight to the website. It’s not required.

Make sure that your site does not take too long to load. The time taken to load should not be the time it takes them to rush to the supermarket, pick up their groceries, stand in the queue to get it billed and get back. Nobody wishes to wait for spectacularity to make an appearance. They have other sites to explore.

Make sure that your content is not riddled with incorrect grammar and atrocious use of big words. A heavy read is no read. Also, your website is the face of your company. If you do not proofread and check for errors, that’s ‘strike one’ for you. Remember, keep it simple, clean and interesting, silly. If it’s share-worthy, it’s love-worthy.

It’s nice if you have diverse information to share. It’s even better if you have one thorough repository that everybody would turn to when they have a question regarding the issue you are addressing.

I have noticed — and I’m sure you have too–that websites focus more on the home page and as they proceed with subsequent pages, their interest starts to wane and that is pretty apparent with their dedication to the page. When a reader lands on a page that shows your diminished interest, well, they would not like to hang around for long. So treat every page as your home page and shower it with affection.

Why do we like ballet? Because one movement gracefully leads to another and there is no jarring movement. Your website should be the online manifestation of ballet. One link should gracefully flow into the next. And they should be easy to find! Provide internal links within the content itself. That will stall the reader on your website longer. But don’t overdo it. it is advised to limit the internal links to only four.

Remember, trying to find a way to beat the algorithm is only a temporary solution; until the algorithm is changed again. Focus on the end reader, instead. You cannot go wrong.

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Wading Through WordPress

Gone are the days when there were only a handful of designers who could make a masterpiece out of your website but would charge exorbitantly for their services. With the advent of the blogging generation, creating a website has become a cakewalk. You no longer have to laboriously code; you have plugins to do the job for you. But this task can be slightly tricky and mindboggling if you are new to web generation.

Given below are some tips that can help you ease your way through the worldwide web. Also given below are some actions you might want to avoid in order to create a website that will simply draw crowds. Since I am a big fan of WordPress, I can also provide you with solutions to some of the potholes.

One of the major mistakes you are likely to make as an amateur is clutter your sidebar with social fanfare. Remember, it is not just about publicity. It is also about easy access. If you intend to overindulge yourself with links to social sites, you would unintentionally be burying critical information that your client may be looking for. Let me tell you the thumb rule of website designing: if the client has not located the required information in thirty seconds, they will go elsewhere.

No, I’m not asking you to strip down the sidebar and provide only good content. The whole idea of online marketing is lost if you do so. If it’s not easily shareable, people are not likely to put themselves through unnecessary strain to promote your brand. What you need to do is some spring cleaning. Keep the links that bring in most of the traffic and toss out the rest.

If you use WordPress, you can go to Appearances and Widgets and disable the widgets that you don’t need. Hoarding is an absolute no-no.

The next mistake that one normally comes across is the effect of the blogs era. People do not care when an article was written; they care about what is in it. So, if you make it easy to find, you will be amply rewarded. Categorize your articles on the basis of content rather than the date. Searching for the right information becomes considerably easy when you follow this approach.

To categorize the media files in WordPress, go to Settings & Media and uncheck Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders.

If you are familiar with SEO techniques, the next one will be easy to follow. For those who are unfamiliar with the technique, here is a quick 101. Search engine’s crawlers crawl through your website at regular intervals looking for fresh and relevant content. These crawlers look for specified keywords in your content so that your page can be bookmarked in its memory for faster retrieval. For high SEO ratings, you have to use the keyword in your title, and subheadings too. It is an added advantage if it’s used in the permalink as well. In most cases, the title itself gets converted to a permalink; but then, you run the risk of stuffing your permalink with keywords that gives a very shabby look to the website.

It is important to keep in mind that although you have to make it easy for the crawler to locate you, the content will eventually be read by a human. So, you have to make the site both human and crawler friendly. You can modify the permalinks in WordPress by simply clicking on the permalink tag and retyping the permalink with relevant keywords and eliminating unnecessary words.

The advantage of sharing your page and website on networking sites these days is that they display a small description along with the link. The disadvantage of sharing your page and website on networking sites these days is that they display a small description along with the link. So you have two sentences to capture the readers’ attention. Those two sentences could make or break your marketing strategy. It is absolutely imperative to get the title and description right.

Titles help in SEO optimisation, but the description is meant only to attract readers. To edit what appears in the description, you can use softwares like Scribe.

As you might know by now, a homepage is the most important page in your website, considering that the client finds your site through the homepage, that is. Use simplistic themes. Do not make your site too flashy. The flash takes away the focus of the reader from the content and eventually, you. Use some premium themes instead of free ones. They give you more freedom to shape your site as and how you wish. You will not have to deal with unnecessary navigation menus.

Understanding WordPress and finding your way through it will help you go a long way in developing a user-friendly website that will draw crowds. I recommend you go through some WordPress tutorials before you start designing your website.

Create a Website with a Difference through SEO

Using a website in business has proven to be one of the most effective ways to market your company. If you are attempting to increase sales by enlarging your marketing horizons you must have a unique and effective approach. Using the internet as a marketing strategy is proven to increase your customer base. The use of the internet as a marketing tool has been demonstrated to be growing immensely over the past years and is used by different entities, both large and small. The option of having a website is one the best ways you can market your products on the World Wide Web. Another point to take into consideration is that if you are working on a tight budget, then using a website would prove advantageous to you.

After successfully designing a good website you will find it vital as a marketing strategy option to have content relevant to what you have to offer, whether goods or services. Obtaining SEO material will establish a difference between your site and other websites. You can personalize your website and position it to your advantage. Since SEO material can be purchased, you should obtain the content from a reliable source, in order to make your optimization easier. There is a vast amount of SEO materials in the market due to the fact that marketing websites has proven to be quite beneficial to many individuals. When working with SEO the most vital element to take note of is that the material you have be informative to the people who will come across it on the internet.

When you are using a website as a means of marketing you will find that this can prove to be one of the easiest ways to promote your business. A point to note is that you should also expect competitors on the site you will be marketing on and it would give you an upper hand if you made your site unique. When you refer to a website being unique it means you use friendly tones and something to catch the interest of the interested individuals. When using SEO material you will also need to always be prompt with the latest news on your product, as this would prove to keep the interest of many customers. You should always keep in mind that an SEO is an ongoing practice and therefore you need to strategically plan  every action that you take. If you find that the SEO task is proving to be time-consuming there is always the option of hiring someone to run the website for you,