It’s All About the (Domain) Name

If you have a business that requires a much needed exposure, look no further. You need to take your business online. Internet has shrunk the world and that’s where everyone is. Gone are the days when people would ask around for a solution to their queries. Now they just “Google” it. To become a part of this alternate universe (internet) your business needs an identity. This identity is commonly referred to as “domain”. It represents the business as a brand on the internet and gives you the necessary professional status online. Once you have this, your business stands a chance to shoot up to a whole new level.

Domain 101

Domain is basically a name you use instead of an IP address. IP address is unique to each system. The computers use this IP address to identify each other on the internet. For us humans, remembering these addresses is a hassle. That’s why domains names were developed, to easily identify various entities on the internet. It’s like calling a website by its name rather than an identification number.

Choosing a domain name is easier said than done. Chances are 9 out of 10 times, the name you chose to represent your business online is already taken. In such cases what should you do? Consider the pointers listed below which will help you choose the right name so that you can go ahead and make your presence felt in the internet world.

How should a domain name be like?

Technically, it can be anything. It can be catchy, witty or even sarcastic at times. The catch it to find one which has never been used (it is unique after all) and to keep a name that represents the website in the most appropriate way. For example, if the website is representing your company it should sound professional.  Hence, keep it simple by using the company name itself as the domain name.

It is wise to not choose a name which reads like a dream journal. It is not possible for someone to remember a name that long. Try saying your chosen domain name in one breath. If your outta breath by the end of it, change the name.

Do some research on your competition business. This is important because if the names are similar, it is highly likely that the people who are trying to find your business might end up on your rival’s page. Tweaking your rival’s domain name is not always clever.

Search around for other extensions if you can’t register your name as a “.com”. Investigate the “.com” site before you zero in on an extension. Most people instinctively go for “.com” and you don’t want them to be redirected to a spam site because of an extension. This name will be with you until you run out of business, or decide to change what your company is called. Make it worthwhile.

How do I get a domain name?

The easiest way is to go to a web hosting provider and get them to register your domain for you. Another way is to register through an accredited registrar (ICANN, for example). Since the market is competitive, you can get the domain name registered at a very low yearly fee. One important piece of information you should always remember is to renew the domain name before it expires. It is not renewed on time, then it will no longer belong to you and the registrar has the power to sell your domain name to anyone. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Know Thy Customer Support and You Shall Find Answers

I know many of you will agree with me when I say it’s easier to lick your own elbows than get a helpful answer you’re looking for from a customer service executive. Its true actually, they will be able to answer every possible question in the arsenal including why they are so incompetent but won’t have a single clue about what the customer query is. Now you can settle with the good-for-nothing answers when it comes to getting the wrong dress size which you ordered online. But when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, you cannot afford to settle with poor services. You need necessary insights about the provider and the best way to find it is by calling their customer service department. Below, I am listing some pointers which will help you determine the provider’s customer service proficiency which will help in finding an ideal web host provider.

Ask Intelligent Questions

Get inspired from “Dora, the Explorer”. Do you notice that the little kid asks the right questions and your kids are able to answer them correctly? My point is, you can find a lot about a company by asking the right questions to the customer service sector. Question about anticipating customer needs, their method of tracking the point of error through by asking its customer etc. will enable you to judge the efficiency of the web hosting provider.

Consider Accessibility Options

An ideal provider should have 24/7/365 customer service availability .This is because you don’t know when the network decides to play dirty. It will not care that some critical information needs to go up online at that particular moment. Narrow down your search by short listing companies which have 24 hour availability. You should also research for providers who have basic troubleshooting sections for the most commonly occurring problem.

Investigate the service quality

While outsourcing is not always a bad idea, high standards of quality is expected no matter what. You should not be in a situation where you have a query and have to listen to 40 minutes of a flute solo because the technical personnel who received the call was a replacement who hasn’t been trained yet. Decide upon a company which can answer your call at 2 o’clock in the morning and still provide the best service support.

Find out about cash back schemes

Since you’re paying for the services, it is only fair that you should get the money back in case the services are unsatisfactory. Information regarding this can be directly found out through the customer service portal. If the company does not have such schemes, you may strike it off your list.

Finally, never settle when you can get the best. Make sure that the chosen web hosting provider gives you a consistent service at high standards. Remember that it’s not always easy to explain technical jargon in layman terms. Look for a company which will listen to you and provide you the necessary support no matter when. It should feel like love, once you find it, you never go wrong. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Google Panda-Your New Frenemy

The internet is vast terrain with a chock full of information under its belt. It can be easily said that as of now, internet is the modern man’s soapbox. If you have an opinion, you can post it here and you can even do it anonymously. Also if you want to share something with the world, internet is your guy. But what happens in this enormous galaxy of information melting pot is that you sometimes fail to distinguish between the real and fake.

As a user, you need to understand that there are sharks out there just like in the ocean and they are hunting you. Just check your email account for a second. I can guarantee that there is at least one email which promises you materialistic pleasure like a flat in New York city, or a lottery prize of  $1million. Remember that in the internet when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

We usually try to steer clear of all these scams with our common sense. But we have to look at the bigger picture too. These mails will have a link to go to a certain website and will ask you to enter your personal details starting with your account number. Also, these are clever people. They make the site look and feel so genuine that you can’t tell the fake from the real one.  So we let ourselves get robbed? You might wonder what the internet or the search engine is doing to keep these scammers away and help the naive or vulnerable from identity theft and cyber robbery. Let’s take a peek.

Every search engine has its own algorithm to keep off content robbers and spammers. But let’s focus on Google as it is the most preferred search engine. Google uses Google Panda which is their search results ranking algorithm. Just after its launch in Feb. 2011, it scraped out almost 12% of the search results!

This algorithm was designed to lower the ranking of low-quality sites, and increase the ranking and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. But this backfired and resulted in the infringers getting better rankings than the original websites.

But Google Panda, like everything else around us has evolved. A lot of changes have been made since then and Google Panda has come out bigger, better and even more ruthless than before. This is because the websites don’t seem to keep up with the changing parameters of Google Panda. While its updates keep the previous glitches in mind, various others come up and some sites just never seem to see the light of the day. To avoid the same fate with your website, consider the adding some changes in it.  Take a look at the suggestions below. These will help your website be in the good books of Google Panda and it might just be spared from its wrath.

  • Think long term—When deciding for a complete overhaul, think long term and not just till the new Google Panda update comes around. Concentrate on the user experience. If this is done diligently, you will realise that there are so many minute details which you would have overlooked before that was the major cause of your website biting the dust.
  • Concentrate more on the content quality—Concentrate on the content which is relevant to your website or the product you are selling. Eliminating irrelevant things like reviews for any non related items will provide quality to the content about the things that matter to you and your business.
  • See yourself as the user— You should make sure that your site is convincing. If you look at your site from a user’s point of view you should be able to confidently say, “Yes, I can trust this site with my account information”. You can do it by adding features like logging in through you social networking site’s details. This gives you another level of authenticity. Also, consider removing irrelevant ads and also the density of them.

Cloud Computing and its Ups and Downs

Cloud computing though a booming industry still feels like an uncharted territory for many. This is because a lot of us still don’t understand the concept clearly. Cloud computing, in a nutshell is an internet based computing system where you pay for only the resources that you use. Cloud computing provides a convenient on-demand network access to a shared space that can be quickly specified and released with minimum interaction.

 Cloud’s the limit

The reason behind cloud’s immense presence today is because of the features it possesses. For one, it is predictable meaning it can be accessed anytime , anywhere  as long as you have a internet connection.

It is scalable. You can expand it or contract it based upon your needs and requirements. This ensures optimization of the resources. Also the operational cost of the cloud is very low because you only pay of what you use.

How safe is the cloud?

Before you invest in cloud technology, you need to understand its security details, reasons being your sensitive information needs to be kept safe. The following cloud features guarantees you just that:


  • Cloud‘s shifting feature moves public data to an external cloud to reduce the exposure of your sensitive data.
  • Clouds are enabled with automated security management  which makes the system simpler.
  • It also has disaster recovery features, which ensures that in case of an emergency, your data is not lost.
  • On-Demand Security Controls
  • Real-Time Detection of System Tampering

The downside of these security measures is that you would have to trust a third party with the security. You will also lose any physical control over the security issues regarding the safety of data.

Keep an open mind

Even though it is a well thought out scheme, it certainly has had its failures which have resulted in slow adoption to the new technology. Despite the hoopla surrounding the cloud, various industries are weighing in their options regarding what can be hosted on cloud and what belongs to government owned computers.  This has happened after the failures observed by Amazon last year. Experts recommend on keeping an open mind about the cloud and planning efficiently with good service level agreements to use the cloud effectively.

Cloud’s Mission:

The message is clear, cloud’s mission is to provide proper guidelines to new and existing businesses for creation and management to gain maximum value from cloud computing. The bottom line is that the customers should choose the right choice regarding cloud. As Galen Gruman of InfoWorld noted, “Cloud is a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software.”

How Adwords & SEOs Makes your Business Work Better

You know it’s time to get a website for yourself when your business is taking off, you have secured a few clients, you have passed the initial hurdles and the only direction you intend to go is forward. The most logical method is to market your product and generate interest among the masses. Marketing plays a very important part in it, most specifically Ads. The easiest way to reach the masses today is by posting ads on the internet. More often than not everyone is on it and this provides you with an excellent opportunity to sell your product. How? Two words- ‘Google Adwords’.

Adwords: Advertising at the next Level:

Google Adwords is Google’s main advertising product and main source of revenue. Adwords is the new revolutionised way of putting your product across to the masses. It offers sweet deals like pay-per-click, site targeted ads, cost-per-thousand ads among others, and they have a worldwide distribution. If you are thinking about giving this a shot, check this tool’s remarkable features and I can assure you will never look back.

Its Ad targeting feature enables you to specify which IP addresses you want to exclude, meaning, where you don’t want your ads to appear. This feature comes handy if you are looking for a specific audience to market your product.

You can also control the frequency of your ads appearing to the same user at any given time. This will give you the exposure you need for your product and put you on the map for your targeted market.

The Best part is that it does your work for you, meaning Google will place your Ads where it’s relevant based on your keyword list. This basically means that if your business is related to car parts manufacturing, your ads won’t appear in websites selling beauty products. The Adsense Publisher work to select channels related to the nature of your ad and places them there, thereby increasing the performance of your ad units.

SEOs: What they do?

The main motive behind using ads is visibility, while Adwords do the easy part for you. It all comes down to choicest keyword  that you need to provide so that when the users enter a search term relevant to your website or business, you come on the first page itself. SEOs help out in this case. SEOs are ‘search engine optimisers’, which basically works on improving the visibility of a website in the search engines. SEOs consider how the search engines work, what people search for etc and analyse them to optimise the results. In case of websites, they edit the content and other coding to increase its chances of getting maximum hits.

What to look out for:

Once you have a selection of keywords, it’s time to do a dry run to see how well they work. This is important because more often than not, even after a year of SEOs’ hard work, the website doesn’t reach the first page in the result section.

Now let’s assume that your website did make it to the first page, there is no guarantee that it will get hits from the users. This is primarily because of its failure to reach out in a massive scale. This kind of result is not very uncommon, but the entire process leading up to it is expensive; but if it is launched with an Adword Campaign, it will cost less and will take less than a week to figure out the bounce rate (traffic) of the chosen keywords thereby probably save a lot of SEO efforts.

Dedicated Servers or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – Make the Right Choice

The term ‘dedicated server’ does not have anything to do with someone you hired to take care of your whim and requests. It is just a type of web hosting provider for a website.

Usually when a person starts a website say for his business, they most definitely will need a host. A shared server does the trick. This is because, they are cheaper comparatively and a godsend when you are just starting out and can’t afford to spend a lot on a dedicated server. However, once your business takes off, you would want to expand the space for forums, something that a shared server can’t provide, it is then, you should consider getting a dedicated server.

These servers as the name suggests hosts only your website, so all that space is just for you. You can choose to fill it up in any way you want.  It also ensures that other websites on the same server won’t be affecting the performance of your own website. It provides highly secure, powerful websites without the cost of having an in-house solution. The best part it is customisable. Also by utilizing dedicated server hosting rather than owning a server you will not need to operate and maintain a data center.

A virtual private server (VPS) on the other hand, is basically when you share the physical server hardware with other websites, but you are allocated a dedicated slice of the system resources. VPS is a good bridge between low cost shared hosting and getting a dedicated server. It has made web hosting affordable and within everyone’s reach.

  • VPS is cost effective as it allows you to hire only the space you need. Look at it this way, say you want to rent a room, with dedicated servers; you need to rent the entire building just to rent the room whereas in VPS you just rent the room you need.
  • VPS gives you complete control of your space which includes installing OS, specific applications, software and hardware, much like dedicated servers, but at much lower cost.

One major glitch in the otherwise perfect system is that if your server is generating considerable amount of spam, then the search engines must penalize the entire server. This would affect your speed too.

Now that you have understood the significance of both VPS and a dedicated server, let us look at the major differences between them. This will help you make a better choice for your website.

Dedicated servers come with a huge storage space which would involve a huge financial commitment and if you are not going to need all that space, it’s not a viable option to consider. In case of VPS, you will get only what you asked for. The upside of this arrangement is that you will save quite a bit.VPS and dedicated servers provide complete control of your space but VPS does it cheap.

Dedicated servers are a way to go when you need specific hardware and software to run your site. This is because, these servers allow resources to be accessed and utilized for any given site on the server. These also prove to be quite useful if you need to run multiple sites simultaneously, a feature that VPS doesn’t possess. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world


Looking For The Right SEO Keywords?

So you noticed the growing importance of internet marketing and you decided to ride the wave. Soon, you run into a solid wall called SEO keywords. With the previous search engine optimization, you had to nail the exact keyword in order to get a healthy traffic into your website. With each word in English language having a truck-load of synonyms and semantics, life could not have been any more nightmarish.

Thankfully, that age is past.

Modern search engine optimizations have understood the drawback of the outdated SEO and have upped their game significantly by researching on the keyword and taking into consideration the keyword’s semantics and synonyms too.

The process sounds extremely complicated but since you will not be involved in implementing the algorithm, you should not be too worried. Yes, it will help boost traffic to your site now.

But it is always good to know how the new search engine optimization works so that you can structure your content to exploit the algorithm and drive in more traffic.

Before we begin, it is essential to understand what a semantic means. It is defined as the possible interpretations for a word. When a user usually searches for a keyword, he may not always specify what exactly he is looking for. For each word, a search engine can pull up multiple links covering a broad information range. For example, orange could be a colour or a fruit or it could even be a movie. Unless the search is specific, the search engine would pull up all the links. Search engine algorithms have the understanding of a five-year old. You should keep that in mind and proceed to tweak the keywords accordingly.

To take full advantage of the semantic keyword technique, you have to define your core term with clarity. For this, you can make use of Google keyword tool and look up most common search phrases people use to search what they are looking for and you can make a list and use most relevant search phrases to tag you content. Note the repeating keywords with the search phrase itself. Make a list of those too.

Now that you have defined your core keywords, proceed to look at your supporting keywords that the readers could find the solution to in your content. They may not be the core problem that your content may be addressing, but it could be one of the close tangents. In simple terms, you are also linking related keywords to your content.

Now, third step is slightly a drone. You also make a list of keywords that your content has far off relation to. This is called stemming keyword search. In this step, you are trying and taking pathetic shots at the improbable keyword searches. Try to analyse the small picture behind the glossy, big picture. The advantage of this technique is that you will be able to see and add additional information that the user might want but doesn’t know it yet. You get extra brownie points for helping them out further. This technique will help you write extensive content.

Now all you have are tons and tons of keywords but no content yet. Dig into the keyword lists and see what you can use to write content and create a rough draft. See if you can add any more information to the content without overwhelming the reader with content.

Note that all the keywords are in some way or another related to your content. Make sure you are not unnecessarily drawing the readers attention to something that is not relevant. Even if it is a couple of wasted minutes, it is an unforgivable sin!

Do not rely on only the Google keyword tool. Sometimes, it can be slightly limiting. Use your own discretion too. Who knows what to search for better than an Internet surfer himself, right?

Must Dos Before Eyeing the Global Market

So you set up a business. You decided to spread awareness and created a website. Things are going great. Now you decide to go global. You study the overseas market, and you see that it is a safe investment. You launch yourself in a larger-than-life fashion. But you note that the overwhelming response that you were expecting is nowhere close to being visible.

Sound familiar?

Are you wondering where you are going wrong? I can hazard a guess. Have you given a second thought to the fact that your website that brought in a lot of traffic in your homeland might just sound like gibberish to the other countries because they simply can’t speak English? Studies show that only 27% of the people who shop online speak English. You are basically losing out on a lot of customers just because they don’t understand what you are trying to sell.

Now we are not asking you to hire somebody who can speak the native language of the country you are targeting and get the whole website written in that language. And we most certainly advise against using auto-translate tools that are available online. Sure, that is what you will eventually end up doing but it is up to you to make sure that the quality of the content on the site is top-class. Your aim is not only to make sure that customers buy from you. It is also to ensure that they come back again. For that you need to focus on a few pointers. Allow us to help you with them.

Your first task as someone eyeing the global market is to know your customers. Do your homework. Know what drives them or holds them back, what makes them generous or stingy, their yearly holiday schedule, their culture, and a good amount of their language to know when somebody is swearing at you. Going global is just not about setting up warehouses all over the world.

Take that well deserved vacation and visit the country that you are looking at for expansion. This will help you observe and understand the people and their culture first hand. Nothing promotes a brand more than its powerful executive making a joke out of himself/herself by trying to fit into a foreign culture. Trust us, most natives find it very endearing. Through this trip you can also hire some local professionals to help you set up shop. It pays to know your partners/ employees well.

Drill a wall post opposite to your desk that says ‘Slang is Bad’. As common as it is, it reflects badly on your company if it is used in a professional scenario. If you cannot maintain a professional image, at least do not attempt a guttural one.

Just because you are a foreigner, do not expect customers to come flocking to your store. Do your homework. Research your market and check out which competitor will keep you up at night. It is better to know who your threats are. This also helps when you want to set up a new line of products that your competition is not providing.

Remember how pleased and helpful the native was when you went on that exotic trip and you tried to buy something at that store and you made an effort to speak her language? Yes, that works when you are expanding business as well. You need not learn to be fluent at it before plunging in. it is sufficient if you can read the contracts and make sense of it. You can pick it up at leisure later on too.

You are obviously outside your comfort zone when you are in a different country with people speaking a language that has no connection to yours whatsoever. Find someone you can trust first and then partner with to help sell your products. It is always helpful to have a native face to represent your product in a native land. And remember, start small. Don’t invest your retirement into it all at once. Things can go wrong in more ways than you can expect.

Also, most importantly, be aware of the market setting in the country. See if the economy will remain stable. If it is and you are ready, move fast. Establish your ground when it is safe. There is no point building a mansion on quick sand.

Internet shopping is gaining more popularity since the recession. People see a lot of advantages in buying online. They are assured that they will get what they want at a discount. The only hurdle is to set up trust. Once you pass that, we are sure you will soar the blue skies. Good Luck!

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Create a Website with a Difference through SEO

Using a website in business has proven to be one of the most effective ways to market your company. If you are attempting to increase sales by enlarging your marketing horizons you must have a unique and effective approach. Using the internet as a marketing strategy is proven to increase your customer base. The use of the internet as a marketing tool has been demonstrated to be growing immensely over the past years and is used by different entities, both large and small. The option of having a website is one the best ways you can market your products on the World Wide Web. Another point to take into consideration is that if you are working on a tight budget, then using a website would prove advantageous to you.

After successfully designing a good website you will find it vital as a marketing strategy option to have content relevant to what you have to offer, whether goods or services. Obtaining SEO material will establish a difference between your site and other websites. You can personalize your website and position it to your advantage. Since SEO material can be purchased, you should obtain the content from a reliable source, in order to make your optimization easier. There is a vast amount of SEO materials in the market due to the fact that marketing websites has proven to be quite beneficial to many individuals. When working with SEO the most vital element to take note of is that the material you have be informative to the people who will come across it on the internet.

When you are using a website as a means of marketing you will find that this can prove to be one of the easiest ways to promote your business. A point to note is that you should also expect competitors on the site you will be marketing on and it would give you an upper hand if you made your site unique. When you refer to a website being unique it means you use friendly tones and something to catch the interest of the interested individuals. When using SEO material you will also need to always be prompt with the latest news on your product, as this would prove to keep the interest of many customers. You should always keep in mind that an SEO is an ongoing practice and therefore you need to strategically plan  every action that you take. If you find that the SEO task is proving to be time-consuming there is always the option of hiring someone to run the website for you,

Basic Aspects under Cloud Web Hosting Security

Cloud web hosting is the most appreciated new approach over all other kinds of web hosting that have existed in the past and still do presently. The anticipation of its release and its overall approval was based on the advantages of choice. Any given company, organization or association that is able to use the cloud web hosting does so mainly for the savings. The practice of achieving savings, especially in large quantities is a fundamental goal of any entrepreneurship, including government run organizations and associations.

When it comes to the mode of operation, there is the clear and well valued aspect of choosing only the desired utilities to be used. This is especially advantageous since the savings are increased and performance is also enhanced because only the resources and services required at a particular time are used. The subscription of the salable utility is charged based on the use of resources such as time, band width, memory and amount of hard drive space available and utilized by the client.

For the purposes of site popularity increase and overall spiking of traffic, the customizable option with on-demand service is reliant on this base model. The base model operates on the facet of charging the platform sum of hosting usage and adding any extra services of subsequent utilities usage, so that unnecessary billing for unused services is avoided. The advantage falls to the website owners in the manner that they can have control according to the expectations and requirements that they have at a particular time.

For this kind of technology that is completely new to the whole market, including all of its current users, there are aspects of security to take into consideration. In order that the overall running of the company, based on the cloud web hosting, remains safe and secure there has to be a set of regulations and rules to ensure that security levels stay high. One of the controversial aspects of cloud web hosting that could interfere with the company security is the allocation of more privileges to a particular user within the whole system.

The kind of privilege of this particular scenario is based on the overall accessibility of all the resources under the cloud web hosting by a select number of people. People that will have access to all the options and functions of the whole system will, in most cases, be comprised of the employees of the web hosting companies. This is the most noticeable aspect of possible threats that can hinder the progress of the company.

In order to ensure that the security is on a par with the company’s requirements and expectations, there should be a set of well understood rules that will streamline security applications and protocols throughout the company’s usage of the cloud web hosting facility. One of the main approaches is to have an audit that will ensure complete compliance with PA-DSS. This ensures that all credit card transactions can be legally processed.

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