Go Daddy’s CIO Augustine Goldman, through an official blog post explained the events that lead to the site’s breakdown. It confirmed that a series of perfect storm of network failures were responsible for the outage, and that the site was not hacked.

In the blog post, Goldman answered that the DNS server of the company answers about 10 billion DNS queries everyday, over 41 million DNS zones.

The September 10 event, says Goldman, “pushed many of our routers beyond their capabilities.”

“There was not a single issue that caused the service disruption,” writes Goldman. “Rather, it was the combination of multiple factors. The combined factors that contributed to the service disruption were: Router memory exhaustion; Router hardware failure modes; Containment.”

The investigation report said that Go Daddy’s routing hardware failed to transfer a very large routing table to the Forwarding Information Base. The routing hardware fell back to software switching mode and the routers’ CPUs did not transfer the packets.

“Within minutes of the beginning of the event, a recovery procedure was executed and the errant routes were removed from the routing protocol of all of our routers,” writes Goldman. “The procedure relied on a standard response from the routers’ software – remove the routes from the FIB and begin forwarding in hardware again. This coupled with normal tiered DNS caching should have minimized any service disruption that could possibly have been caused by the change. This timeout mechanism did not execute.”

Go Daddy says it has filtered routing information from the network, and has restored the routing table. It restored services as it brought back the pods online.

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Ethics for Web Hosts

In a business environment, developing a work culture is a very important step in one’s career path. Things like checking up all the deadlines, come to work on time and maintaining a cordial relationship with your peers constitute as good work culture. Same principles apply when you are on the other side of the glass door and if you are a web host more so as you are responsible for customers and based on their experience your company thrives. Of late, it is observed that several web hosts are shutting down business because they are losing customers and gaining poor reputation. On closer inspection, it has become clear that these companies lack the basic ethics which every web hosting companies needs to follow. Take a look at some of them listed below and incorporate them in your work culture to ensure that your company doesn’t become another one to bite the dust.

Up-time should be the Goal:

As a global rule of thumb, every possible flaw in the system will be ignored if the sites that you are hosting stay online 24X7. Features and services needed for the smooth operation of the websites are all in order and in perfect working condition. Although a small downtime is acceptable, anything more than that is not.

Usually when the downtime nightmare takes place, the hosting websites experience certain side effects. Web monitoring agents search for websites which have been in limbo for a certain time. These agents have the power o suspend or even delete these inactive sites. Not to mention the visitors who will also remove the sites from their lists thinking the site is closed. To avoid such incidents, maintaining a 100% up time record is ideal.

Map the Performance:

As a web host, you will always have profits on your mind. That is the reason you will want to cram as many sits as you can in a single server. The downside of this practice is that, all the websites will not be able to perform optimally. You should make sure that all the sites that you are hosting perform well. The one way to ensure that this happens- stop overloading the servers.

Make Customer Service/Support an Experience:

We all know that things that you really want to avoid just come back and smack you on the face. These will be times when servers will crash and when they will require through maintenance. During these time s you should make sure that your customers know about it. To ensure that the alerts are not treated as spam, give your customers options to receive updates.

Deliver What You Promise:

Industry experts state that customers will waste no time in moving to a different host, if they don’t really keep up with their promise. Certain web hosts will promise to launch revolutionary services which will change the face of the web experience you are going to hear a lot of excitement from your customers but if these promises fall flat, all you are going to hear the customers say is “nothing to do here”.

Remember, you thrive through your customers:

Bear in mind that your company makes money through the web masters and that your relationship with these people is direct  and you are paid by them. It is important to not annoy the customers as you might find yourself out of business. More importantly ,recession is at large and to keep yourself from going down that road, makes sure that your customers are happy and automatically your company will prosper.

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Cybersquatting- How Can You Rise Above It

In the present times, internet has become a way of life. It has changed profiles of various industries and trades dramatically. E-commerce is one profile which is basically a business that is established online. It won’t be wrong to say that e-commerce has changed the way people shop or do business. Now e-commerce and domain names go hand in hand and finding an ideal domain name for your e-commerce company is a whole new ball game. Registering a name on the World Wide Web comes with rules which are not very clear, hence innocent and new business owners become vulnerable to law suits. Cybersquatting is one such issue. It’s when a domain name is purposely registered to gain profit off another’s trademark. Let’s look into this issue much more closely so that you can learn to avoid it or in case of a dispute, how to go about it

ICANN Can Help

ICANN, which is a California-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, takes care of all types of domain name system management. When an issue of Cybersquatting arises, the complaining party takes ICANN’s special aid. ICANN accredits four different domain name dispute resolution services which handle the disputes effectively without having to take the dispute to court.

How Does It Work?

Usually the resolution takes place online and the entire process takes less than 45 days to come up with a decision. What is good about this system is that, even after the decision has been taken, if the company is still not satisfied with the results, it can take the matter to court. To further the process after the complaint, the defendant has to produce documents which can verify if the trademark is legit.

Three Little Steps to Victory:

  •  You will have to show proof which states that the domain name you are disputing against has a similarity to your website. Doing so will work in your favor. For e.g. if your brand is called Globes and the respondent’s domain name is Globesinmygarden, the case might be in your favor.
  • Show proof which would establish the fact that the registered domain name is actually  your name or that you have no bona fide use of the domain name. For instance, a guy whose name just happens to be Michael Jackson doesn’t have to relinquish his domain (provided he produces sufficient proof)  just because he and the ‘king of pop’ share the name.
  • Prove that the other person is using your domain name with the intention of personal gain.  Cybersquatting rules will only apply when the other guy is trying to sell a well known trademark to the owner for profit.

Although the disputes can be resolved though ICANN’s process, some disputants still go to court. One of the reasons might be the fact ICANN takes up cases only when the domain names are top-level domain like ‘.com’, ‘.net’ or ‘.org’.

Things you should also  remember if you are a domain name investor is that, not everything is worrisome. There have been instances of people who have raked in considerable amount by selling their domain names. One such example is Boston Business Consulting Inc. whose domain name was bbc.org. BBC paid $200,000 for the domain name.

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Free Web Hosting Services- Some Free things are Just Not Worth it

We all swear by the phrase “All good things come free”. But in the present is it really true? For example, take the web hosting universe- are the web hosts who advertise their “Free Services” are really worth the hype or is it just another scheme to con you into spending much more than you intended in the beginning? The industry itself has witnessed several accounts where the companies have gone bankrupt while leaving their customers high and dry after failing to offer them free hosting services for life.

In spite of the nightmare stories surrounding the “free service” option, there are people who are still considering it. For the same reason, let us look at this deal under the microscope which will offer some insight on this free hosting scheme.

Free Services Come With a Price Tag:

Often to capture attention of potential customers, companies put up a “free web hosting ad” all over their site, and while it is tempting, closer inspection will reveal that, you have to shell out one-time only fees to avail the services. Adding to the fine print is the fact that you also have to have a domain registered with that particular web host by paying an additional capital. Don’t have a domain, we’ll see that hole in your pocket widen as you may end up paying a significant premium for a new domain.

Adding insult to the injury is the revelation that you will come across after you have just finished paying for your free services. This just happens to the detail that says that your free hosting service has restricted bandwidth and disk space. So basically by the end of it, you just find out that you have burned through your company’s saving just to afford the free services. The best part about this whole scam is that your web host will later offer to up sell you to go for the paid plan in the future.

The Crack in the Pot:

It is needless to say that the entire scheme of free web hosting is flawed.  Let me give you as walk through, these hosts get paid only once i.e. when the customer signs up, but they have to keep paying to keep up their customer’s service indefinitely. These hosts are highly vulnerable to credit card fraud too as thieves use these sites to check if the cards are good to go. Also since their operating costs are low, it affects the quality of the services they provide. Considering free services mean that you will have to compromise on critical areas of services like security, uptime, data backup, customer service and support.

The Third Wheel:

Your uptime depends on how reliable your provider’s server is. if your web host is reselling hosting on a third party’s server, then it is something to be worried about. In case of faults, your hosting provider will have no idea about how or when the problem will be fixed. The person who suffers during this whole ordeal is yes, you. Worst case scenario with the involvement of a third party will be if your service provider and the third party start a dispute. In such cases, be ready for your website to go into limbo till they hug and make up.

Even when the web hosts have their own servers, chances are they don’t really spend a lot (cause its free remember?) on security. This feature (or the lack of it) makes it a perfect hunting ground for scammers and fraudsters. Investing in a quality security service should help. Also these hosts don’t have back up services either (why are even considering free service?), so make sure to back up all your data on a regular basis.

Test Your Patience With Customer Service:

Free web hosting services offer customer support through email. These companies are severely understaffed which comes as no surprise. So in case of a serious problem , you just should kick back and relax (or not) as it  is unlikely that you will be able to hear  a voice on the other end of the line if you are calling the support staff.

Bottom line is, free hosting service is for people who like to gamble and also are experienced to deal with ‘perks’ which come with deal. It is also for someone looking or services with minimum support. This is strictly prohibited for people who have just learnt how the internet works.

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Ethical Hacking –Know How

Let me ask you this, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say” hacker”?  Most possibly you will picture a guy sitting at a bus station typing out codes with ferocity on his ultra book and somewhere down the road, the entire server room of the FBI crashes. Well truth be told, Hollywood has considerably exaggerated this habit of certain individuals and in reality, hackers are people who just enjoy fiddling around with software source code and hardware gigs. Now, there are government organizations and high profile businesses that are always on the lookout for people who have this recreational interest. These types of hackers are aptly termed as ethical hackers. Yes, these people hack systems for a living. Now before you decide to embark on this career path (let’s face it, it is alluring and completely unorthodox), note down a few pointers.

Build an impressive skill set, even social skills

To make a substantial impact in your financial status by working in this field, you should be marketable. To get there, you will need relevant experience with various certifications under your belt. Getting a degree with computer major is also a very good idea as that will provide you with the exposure in the IT industry. Good thing is, once you have locked all these down and have got a significant professional experience, you can even work as a consultant.

Being an ethical hacker, you will need to communicate a lot, yes; you cannot pose as a loner with a laptop for company. Communication with different parties is the key here.For this, developing your soft skills will come in handy. A strong work ethic with people skills are some of tricks of the trade. Remember, if you are good communicator, you will be able to manipulate people to disclose credentials or execute files (for research/investigation purposes)

What kind of skills are we talking about?

This is a very important question. To be a professional hacker, you need to get the right certifications and get approved by the right organizations. Start with getting certification in technical support. This is pivotal as it reveals a lot of information s about systems, languages and how different portals and channels operate. Security certifications like CISSP, Security+, or TICSA are especially fruitful. Once you have this entire batch covered, move forward to get the ultimate certification- Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification from the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants, also known as the EC-Council. This certification training module covers topics like viruses, Trojan horses, backdoors, denial of service attacks, system hacking, session hijacking.

Keep updating yourself:

Fields like ethical hacking are ever changing. That’s why keeping oneself updated is pertinent. If you are serious about the field, this will help you develop an edge over others. Reading materials offer valuable insights on the inner working of hacking, session hijacking and even gives a know-how about the industry itself.

Temptation can be a sin

Even ethical hacking can drag you down to the murky waters of system abuse. Why? Think about it, you have a sea of information about a client or even a competitor. Naturally, most people are tempted to explore which may lead to intruding networks without full permission, among other things. Instances like illegal hacking can do a lot of damage to your career, not to mention to chances of becoming a tax paying citizen of the country.

Bottom line is, resist the temptation. No information is permanently deleted, even if you cover your tracks, technology will catch up and it will reveal quite a bit about you. Be sensible and maintain the ethic quotient and it is assured that this career path will take you forward.

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How to Choose a Server OS

Webmasters all over the world are constantly looking for hosting services which are cost effective and not too complicated. Now if you are a newbie in the market and are just looking forward to opening a non-revenue generating site, chances are, you are hosted on a Linux server. Linux actually is a good candidate for a web host as it is cheap and you don’t have to stress over advanced and complex functions. But, if there is a chance that you suddenly want to jazz up your website and decide to make money by selling your homemade pickles, you will require a server operating system which can keep up with the upgrades. To successfully run an e-commerce store, upgrades like ASP, PHP and Perl are pertinent. You actually don’t need to know a lot about them; just that they are intelligent programs which make your website more customer- friendly and your life as a seller a lot easier.

Which Operating System?

In simple words, you can choose any type of server operating system you want. It is not set in stone that you have to use the windows web hosting just because you use that particular OS. Although if you are a loyalist, go for it. More than the choice of the operating system, you should concentrate on understanding your web publishing software and your FTP. Once you do that, your host can be any operating system.

Website designing:

Once you have decided on the name of your website, you should have a clear picture of what your website should do. Like mentioned above, a jazzy website will run with ASP, PHP and Perl based programs. But it is important to remember that these languages are either Windows or Linux based. So now would be the time to read up about what these languages do for an interactive site. Once you have narrowed that down, you are good to go. ASP is windows based but it will also run on Linux. The catch is, it will not work just as well as in Windows. So bottom line, it’s always best to go with the operating system the language was built for.

Security Issues

As it is widely knows, UNIX based operating system offer better security. This is usually because these systems fly under the radar and are reliable whereas big shots like windows are easy targets. You should always keep in mind that no matter what your hosting server is, you must update it regularly and not to mention configure it properly. Find a web host which automatically upgrades its resources. Also a good point for consideration is the speed and the performance rate. These two parameters are tell-tale signs of the overall efficiency of the web host. Your chosen web host should be able to come out stronger under any circumstances with minimum causalities.

The long and short of it is that, you should opt for a server host based on what and how you want your site to be.

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All About Top Level Domains (TLDs)

Before we ask that, we need to know what exactly a top level domain is. It’s actually pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want your business to get noticed or want to take it to the next level, you need to make sure that you do it right. So, keeping up with the times, most people will recommend getting a website for your company or business. Now to get a website all you have to do is register a domain of your choice. Sounds simple? The catch is, thousands of domains are registered every day, so you might not even get the one you chose for yourself. Then what do you do? You take the help of Top Level Domains available which can facilitate your and your business requirements.

The top level domain (TLD) should be unique so that it can generate maximum interest and help your business develop. For e.g., if your business is targeted exclusively in India then, it’s a good idea to choose ‘.CO.IN’ top level domain

Doing some research on domain extensions always proves to be useful because, as mentioned earlier there will be cases where the awesome domain name chosen by you will already be registered. In those cases, getting a domain extension will save you a lot of trouble. ‘.biz’ for business websites, ‘.info’ for information sites ‘.mobi’ for mobile products and services are fine examples for domain extensions.

To get a better idea about the Domains there are 2  kinds-generic  TLDS and Country Code TLDs. The generic ones include names like, ‘.COM’, ‘.NET’, ‘.INFO’, ‘.ORG’, ‘.BIZ’ that are widely open for registration to all users. There are also country specific TLDS available for which specific registration rules apply-,’.IN’, ‘.UK’ are country specific TLDS.


It’s always easier to communicate when all the members have the same domain within the organisation. ‘Member-name. organisation’ enables the client to locate their members on the internet in the most clearest possible way.

Owning a TLD means that owners have the choice and complete freedom to control their own name-space (it is the name that comes before the dot) so, they can formulate their own policies to ensure the interest of their internet community.

You can create second level domain names (e.g. in ‘.ac.in ‘.ac’ is the second level domain name) .This means you can commercialise the domain registrations and create a revenue system using the TLD as a generic domain extensions.

Now that you are equipped with all the information, how should you go about applying for one? To find out, you need to know about ICANN.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names, or ICANN regulates the use of Internet domain names. It collaborates and assists different organisations to ensure the continued success of the internet. It announced last June that it would open the field of generic top-level domains (“gTLD”), the identifiers to the right of the dot (.com, .biz, .org) from the current 22 to any word in any language. The application period began on January 12, 2012 and will end 3 months later.

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Webhost Service Provider: Choose Wisely, Live Well

When you are a budding entrepreneur, nothing ruins the enthusiasm than setting up your own store and then giving up 95% of the earnings for rent! Considering the escalating prices of everything under the sun, it is wise to consider alternative options to do your business. With the internet being the lifeline of most of us (the remaining live under a rock), setting up a web store for your product is a very feasible option. Why? For one, it will save you a lot of dough and it just makes more sense to the people who have accessibility issues and the rest who are just plain lazy.

There are many things that need to be done when setting up a web store, most important being, setting up the website. Setting up an e-commerce based web store is a sensible decision. It will provide you with an outlet to effectively distribute market and sell goods or services online. But you need to go through the right channels to strike a deal with companies so that you are not conned out of your precious money and business idea over a cup of coffee. Most of the time, you will come across companies who are visibly shady and confidently promise to offer you a “sweet deal” while standing on the sidewalk outside their “office”.  Hence, the most crucial question is, “what should I look for when choosing a company”. Good Question. Read on and you shall receive the answers.

Look for the complete package:

Most companies just either design the website or host your site. Find a company which does both. It’s crucial because if the company doesn’t host the designed site, it will be a really difficult job to find a host which will be able to host the website after meeting the specifications of the designed site. Just don’t go down that road. It will save you a lot of time and money. Oh and these companies often give discounts on packages of designing and hosting a site, so out and out it is a sweet deal.

Ask for Samples:

A good company will tell you about the work they have done. A great one will show you samples. These samples will tell you about their ideas, designs and hosting services. You will make better decisions and will be able to prioritize the needs of the site more efficiently.

Be generous with your site:

Your business is like your offspring. You should not be afraid to pay for services which make your site look and perform better. You might be a DIY mastermind at home but leave your site to the professionals. They will do a better job and will help make the site stand out in the internet.

Pay Attention:

Pay keen attention to how the company responds to all your queries. How, by asking relevant questions with the enthusiasm of a 5-year old. If you find them straying away from your concerns and trying to sell you something which will not do justice to your product, drop the company. Try other companies until you get what you need.

When taking a plunge with entrepreneurship, you don’t have to spend truckloads of money to get the desired results. Internet is an outlet which has caters to literally everyone and their need. It is an excellent medium to market your products and getting sweet deals in return, not to mention the huge audience. Use the internet wisely and you will definitely see results.

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Avnet‘s Off-Premise Cloud Solutions Aim to Capitalize on Opportunities

Avnet Technology solutions, a web hosting provider recently announced that it has introduced a suite of off-premise cloud solutions designed for value added reseller. This suite is aptly called Avnet Cloud Solutions.

This suite will be delivered on an annual basis which will minimize the development cost and will nurture repeatability. The main goal of his suite is to provide services in various areas of cloud computing where user demand is satiated by off-premise cloud deliver models.

Avnet cloud solution suite is looking forward to help its clients find the fastest route to become trusted customers by providing them with emergent domain expertise in off-premise cloud computing.

“Avnet invested more than a year of research and development into the creation of Avnet Cloud Solutions, analyzing the short- and long-term cloud computing opportunities in the data center,” said Tim FitzGerald, vice president of Avnet cloud solutions group for Avnet Technology Solutions of Americas. “Avnet Cloud Solutions will leverage this knowledge to help our partners capitalize on cloud computing opportunities that are in the greatest demand among customers today. The Avnet Cloud Solutions team will work with our partners to accelerate their growth and build successful off-premise cloud solutions businesses.”

To develop its portfolio of integrated and packaged solution offerings, Avnet has joined hands with cloud providers like Savvis to develop their suite of integrated and packaged solutions.

Avnet said, “We chose cloud providers that align with the workloads that the team has determined are in high-demand areas, along with those providers that meet specific requirements that ensure the best interests of Avnet’s partners are protected and bring the greatest value to end customers”.

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SiteLock LLC Joins Hands with Aruba Group

Global leader in website security solutions for online business, SiteLock LLC is joining hands with Aruba, the largest website hosting provider in Italy. Aruba offers website hosting and registered domain names to its clients and is now expanding their offerings to include SiteLock website security features for its clients. By entering this partnership, Aruba will be able to offer security features and services to customers in excess of 2 million.

Aruba will be able to offer malware removal and detection, blacklist monitoring, application and vulnerability scanning as part of SiteLock’s security products to their web hosting clients, managed server owners and email account members. This combined client data base sums up to more than 8 million customers.

“Website security tools are a must-have in today’s online world, and we’re thrilled to partner with the Aruba Group expand our online security footprint in the European market,” says Executive VP of Business Development for SiteLock, Tom Serani. “Aruba’s history and expertise in the hosting community is the perfect match for our Internet security products, and we are happy to be the ones to help complete their comprehensive, business-focused online services.”

“At the Aruba Group, we strive to offer our customers the highest quality, extensive range of services that small businesses need to maintain a successful online presence,” says Stefano Cecconi, CEO at Aruba Group. “We believe that our partnership with SiteLock will increase the value for our customers by delivering more than hosting, but a secure website environment for online businesses. Combining the SiteLock service and the OpenSRS wholesale platform gives us the best product on the market for our customers and the best reseller feature set for our business.”

SiteLock was established in 2008 and helps small business protect their websites and reputations through website security services. It offers these services at some of the most competitive market prices available. The company has its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida and a worldwide client base of around 500,000.

The Aruba Group is provider of a wide range of online services including domain name registration, online advertising, application housing and E-commerce to numerous customers. The company has offices and data centers spread across Europe, namely in Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The company’s niche services are offered to over 8 million customers world over.

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