Shop Like a Maniac, Pay Like an Intellect

Instant seems to be everybody’s favourite word in this decade.  ‘Instant coffee’,’ instant messages’, ‘instant mail’, ‘instant job’ (ok, not jobs, have to be realistic here). But the order of the day is that the lot of the 21st century has become lazier in comparison to their ancestors thanks to ‘instant everything’. Now that they have become lazy or “busy” (that’s how they put it), companies have found a way to cash in on this deadly sin as well (Wrath, you are next) and thy name is “Online Shopping”.

With this unique portal you can buy an artifact from Cambodia or the latest Louis Vuitton bag without even getting off the couch. All you need a butt-load of money in the form of your spouse’s or dad’s credit card and a computer with a decent internet connection.

Online shopping has added an entire new dimension to the shopping experience. You can shop anytime and anywhere, buy things from all over the world. You can even buy Brad Pitt’s used napkin from the internet though its authenticity might be questionable. Now, keeping all the glorious joys of shopping from home aside, you do have to pay for them (it’s still not free). The easiest way to do it is through PayPal. This is mostly because it’s easy and usually it’s the go-to money transaction system for all the businesses who sell their products online.

For those who don’t know about PayPal, by definition, it is a business which allows payments and money transfer through the internet. This can be used from anywhere in the world. It works as long as you have a credit/debit card and money in the bank.

Even after revolutionising the shopping experience by putting everything online, most people refrain from buying things online. They have their reasons and good ones at that. They have a few horror stories to share, including the one where the package never arrived and PayPal refused to refund the money. But the bad stuff is very rare; most customers are quite satisfied with the service.

PayPal has millions of customers all over the world and people are using it on a daily basis to buy numerous products from the net. PayPal is a fairly reliable way to select the payment schemes for the product you want to buy.

How it Works?

PayPal works as an online account system. Once you open your account here, you will be depositing a certain amount in it. Now when you go to your favourite online store for some retail therapy, you can do the payment procedures through your PayPal account. All this depends upon how much credit you have in the account.

PayPal also has a limit of how much you can deposit and how much you can use at a time. This system works on the same principle as the prepaid plan of your mobile phone. The system is sound on its own but it is expensive and sometimes prone to security breaches.


Shop Safe

Internet is an ocean where you are merely a clownfish. The online shopping is a different ball game altogether. There are sharks (Hackers, phishing experts) that are just waiting for you to click on that shiny attractive link which promises you a rare and “original first issue of superman in mint condition”. The only catch probably involves you signing up with just your bank account number and password. How convenient right? That’s why you need to be alert and use your common sense when shopping online and sharing your details there.

Here are some points which would try to convince you that PayPal is actually a safe bet when shopping online. If you are still not sure about it, then you are welcome to roll your eyes under those fabulous Gucci Shades you got off discount on EBay.

  • PayPal’s cutting edge fraud models and Scam detection protocols led by the modern technology work tirelessly to stop the scammers before they strike. Also PayPal regularly develops its security and anti fraud technologies to keep the cons away.
  • PayPal has the industry’s most strict and knowledgeable anti- con team on their side. PayPal takes its customer and their security very seriously. This is why the loss incurred by the customers through PayPal is significantly lower than its other industry peer.
  • PayPal commits itself to its customers and to maintain their safety. Hence, during transactions the recipients can see only limited information none of which has anything to do with your account information.

Keep in mind that scammers and frauds will continue to do what they do best. It is up to you to be smart and logical about the situation and take control. PayPal and other such systems can only do so much to protect you and your details. You really can’t blame these systems if you are naive enough to believe that someone in the internet is selling the Map to El Dorado or you just became the proud partner of an oil rig in the Middle East! updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.






CentriLogic Partners up to Enhance Customer’s Experience in Web & Cloud Hosting Services

Web hosting provider CentriLogic and WIND Mobile have started a partnership to provide all kinds of web and cloud hosting services to their customers. CentriLogic is a well known company and offers superior quality data centers across United States and Canada. This partnership is also keen on managing computing and co location services to delight its customers.

Robert Offley, CEO of CentriLogic, said that proximity to leading corporations such as WIND was instrumental in selecting Toronto for the new data center facility. CentriLogic hopes to provide similar businesses with a full suite of co-location, cloud computing, managed services, and hybrid hosting solutions, he added.

WIND said that its back office systems will be fully supported from CentriLogic’s new 16,000 square foot data center launched recently in downtown Toronto. Additionally, the managed Web hosting provider will deliver optimal power, network connectivity, and bandwidth from the secure facility for a period of five years.

WIND Mobile’s VP of IT, Atif Ahmad, reiterates: “WIND Mobile has made an impact in the wireless telecommunications space by paying attention to specific customer needs. We are in a state of rapid growth, and CentriLogic provides us with constant peace of mind knowing that our critical systems are secure and available. By hosting our IT infrastructure with CentriLogic, we are able to direct our attention towards quality, innovation, and ensuring that our 400,000 plus customers receive the highest level of customer satisfaction.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

It’s All About the (Domain) Name

If you have a business that requires a much needed exposure, look no further. You need to take your business online. Internet has shrunk the world and that’s where everyone is. Gone are the days when people would ask around for a solution to their queries. Now they just “Google” it. To become a part of this alternate universe (internet) your business needs an identity. This identity is commonly referred to as “domain”. It represents the business as a brand on the internet and gives you the necessary professional status online. Once you have this, your business stands a chance to shoot up to a whole new level.

Domain 101

Domain is basically a name you use instead of an IP address. IP address is unique to each system. The computers use this IP address to identify each other on the internet. For us humans, remembering these addresses is a hassle. That’s why domains names were developed, to easily identify various entities on the internet. It’s like calling a website by its name rather than an identification number.

Choosing a domain name is easier said than done. Chances are 9 out of 10 times, the name you chose to represent your business online is already taken. In such cases what should you do? Consider the pointers listed below which will help you choose the right name so that you can go ahead and make your presence felt in the internet world.

How should a domain name be like?

Technically, it can be anything. It can be catchy, witty or even sarcastic at times. The catch it to find one which has never been used (it is unique after all) and to keep a name that represents the website in the most appropriate way. For example, if the website is representing your company it should sound professional.  Hence, keep it simple by using the company name itself as the domain name.

It is wise to not choose a name which reads like a dream journal. It is not possible for someone to remember a name that long. Try saying your chosen domain name in one breath. If your outta breath by the end of it, change the name.

Do some research on your competition business. This is important because if the names are similar, it is highly likely that the people who are trying to find your business might end up on your rival’s page. Tweaking your rival’s domain name is not always clever.

Search around for other extensions if you can’t register your name as a “.com”. Investigate the “.com” site before you zero in on an extension. Most people instinctively go for “.com” and you don’t want them to be redirected to a spam site because of an extension. This name will be with you until you run out of business, or decide to change what your company is called. Make it worthwhile.

How do I get a domain name?

The easiest way is to go to a web hosting provider and get them to register your domain for you. Another way is to register through an accredited registrar (ICANN, for example). Since the market is competitive, you can get the domain name registered at a very low yearly fee. One important piece of information you should always remember is to renew the domain name before it expires. It is not renewed on time, then it will no longer belong to you and the registrar has the power to sell your domain name to anyone. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Inception Exists- It’s Called Social Marketing

When the movie “Inception” released, the audience were awestruck with the entire concept of it. Well the marketing guys had the last laugh. Why?  It’s because, they have been doing this to our innocent minds for centuries. They have been selling us ideas and then finally the product, all the while making us believe that it’s our life’s last remaining purpose and if we don’t comply then the alien Romulus clan will come and instantly vaporize Earth (highly unrealistic example but you know this is exactly how it is).

The marketing guys can actually do this because of a simple but mostly ignored necessity, communication. With good communication skills, anything is possible. It is considered as God in the marketing world. It’s this which gets them clients, contacts, networks basically anything you need for your business. Marketing guys bank on the opportunities produced by ‘communication’ and its wingman ‘networking’. Get these two together and a marketing guy with killer charm and skills and you have got yourself a “willing –to- buy- a- pin- at- an- exorbitant- rate customer”.

Now the marketing industry has a lot of branches (total world market domination), but the most eye catching one would be ‘Social Marketing’ (this is where Inception takes place to a targeted audience and not to just one entity). This just happened to be the brain child of Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman who literally thought out of the box and came up with a concept which would help them sell ideas to the customer.

Think of it this way, this is more or less on the lines of Inception of an idea which would change your life. This marketing strategy is very interesting and supremely effective and it should be considering it rides on the possibility of brainwashing the potential client into grasping the thoughts or idea being delivered to the customer.

Now don’t be alarmed, it’s just a marketing strategy. They won’t compel you to sell your country’s secrets to a polar bear. The main aim of social marketing is to promote healthy products or to make the society avoid harmful product. The simplest example in recent times being “no smoking in public area campaign”. It has obviously become a hit among the people (or the inception was successful) as you will see very few people (not everyone, as some people don’t ever change) smoking in a public area.

Social marketing is an amalgamation of two things, the social policies and commercial marketing approaches. The difference between this and commercial marketing is that social marketing  primarily focuses on doing good for the society and does not really lose hair over the outcome. That being said, if the cause is a strong one, say, like awareness of sexual health among youngsters, they take a more aggressive approach so that the outcome rate is more positive.

The important thing to note here is that social marketing also needs takers. I mean, you need the society to be around when you give your presentation, right? This is where commercial marketing takes center stage. This team of experts will ensure that you have people around (the targeted audience to be specific) when the event goes down. They will announce it all over the radio, in the newspapers, the internet and basically use all the exploitable resources they have in their kitty.

The downside being this will not work for just anything (if your skills are really good, then maybe). You have to understand how the human mind works.  It always receives positive information much more readily. This is why it is always easy to sell an idea to the customer if he subconsciously thinks about it or follows it (Channelling the Inception Yoda here). So selling them something positive by reinforcing their own ideas (in a positive way, of course) will always help you get a stupendous outcome.

Remember, all it takes is a thought, the more you feed it the more it grows and becomes so potent, that it becomes the way of life. Social Marketing follows this mantra when working towards doing good for the society and the results are evident. if you look around you can always see the  people making a conscious effort to make better choices in their lives be it wearing a seat belt or a condom .


How to Optimize your Search Rankings

The Internet has a special place in our lives today. It’s more than just a necessity, sometimes, as important as breathing for some people; and it should be, considering it has all the answers. You know you have made it in some way when you and your business get hits by users here.

Gaining visibility in such a platform is no child’s play. You need specific strategies to make an impression and stay in the game. The reason you should take this seriously is because this visibility will bring in more investors and buyers for your business.

This is where I introduce you to a process known as Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines via natural or algorithmic methods. They essentially optimise your website ensuring that your site frequently appears in the search result lists. This, in turn, will get your website more visitors from the users.

The idea of the SEO itself sounds very simple. But trust me, it’s not. SEO specialists do a lot of ground work which includes analysis of the way search engines work, what users look for, what search engines are preferred by their targeted audience among others. Also SEO is an ongoing effort, and the more you work at it, the better it will be.

Now, there are ways to improve your SEO standards. Here are a few ways to get you started and help make your presence known in the world of internet.


Consider adding a blog to your website and encourage your staff to update it daily. Fresh content is always loved by the search engines &blogs attract search engines like honey attracts bears. You can use it to your advantage if you put fresh content along with allowing visitors to leave comments or ask questions. Blogs also increase the website size and this provides a major SEO benefit.

Choose the right keywords and you have won half the battle

Keywords are essential SEO element. These are the words people will probably use to search your website. Choosing the right ones is crucial because that is what will put your website on the map and in the forefront.

Make sure that you don’t saturate your website with the chosen keyword as, in which case, the search engine will treat it as spam and your website will get wiped out of the race.  The lesson here is to not be too greedy, so just stick to three at most and always make sure to use the available tools in the internet to get the best results for your website.

Join forums

Most forums allow you to have a signature .So just add link to your website along with your signature. The more you publicise your website, the more hits it will get; the more hits it gets, the more you attract search engine crawlers to your site to find out what the hype is all about. But it’s best to join forums which are somewhat related to your website or business. It will not help you if you join a forum for single mothers when your business involves manufacturing car parts.

Be unique

You need to make sure that your content is unique. If the content of your page is relatively similar to any other site on the net, your site might be mistaken for a duplicate site, and the crawlers could just jump over your site. Moreover, it might raise the issue of plagiarism.

Connect with people

Studies have shown that buyers/users come back for more if the website gives out free deals. Figures! To reinforce these study results, consider giving out free samples, free download link for an eBook about your product.

Make it worthwhile

Users always visit websites because they need information or have queries. Provide links, articles or even testimonials regarding your website to them.  Just ensure that visiting your website was not a waste of time for the users.

Try PR

Try to get good press about your business. Handle it in such a way that newsletters, online publications include links to your website for further reference. This will surely get you more traffic.


How Adwords & SEOs Makes your Business Work Better

You know it’s time to get a website for yourself when your business is taking off, you have secured a few clients, you have passed the initial hurdles and the only direction you intend to go is forward. The most logical method is to market your product and generate interest among the masses. Marketing plays a very important part in it, most specifically Ads. The easiest way to reach the masses today is by posting ads on the internet. More often than not everyone is on it and this provides you with an excellent opportunity to sell your product. How? Two words- ‘Google Adwords’.

Adwords: Advertising at the next Level:

Google Adwords is Google’s main advertising product and main source of revenue. Adwords is the new revolutionised way of putting your product across to the masses. It offers sweet deals like pay-per-click, site targeted ads, cost-per-thousand ads among others, and they have a worldwide distribution. If you are thinking about giving this a shot, check this tool’s remarkable features and I can assure you will never look back.

Its Ad targeting feature enables you to specify which IP addresses you want to exclude, meaning, where you don’t want your ads to appear. This feature comes handy if you are looking for a specific audience to market your product.

You can also control the frequency of your ads appearing to the same user at any given time. This will give you the exposure you need for your product and put you on the map for your targeted market.

The Best part is that it does your work for you, meaning Google will place your Ads where it’s relevant based on your keyword list. This basically means that if your business is related to car parts manufacturing, your ads won’t appear in websites selling beauty products. The Adsense Publisher work to select channels related to the nature of your ad and places them there, thereby increasing the performance of your ad units.

SEOs: What they do?

The main motive behind using ads is visibility, while Adwords do the easy part for you. It all comes down to choicest keyword  that you need to provide so that when the users enter a search term relevant to your website or business, you come on the first page itself. SEOs help out in this case. SEOs are ‘search engine optimisers’, which basically works on improving the visibility of a website in the search engines. SEOs consider how the search engines work, what people search for etc and analyse them to optimise the results. In case of websites, they edit the content and other coding to increase its chances of getting maximum hits.

What to look out for:

Once you have a selection of keywords, it’s time to do a dry run to see how well they work. This is important because more often than not, even after a year of SEOs’ hard work, the website doesn’t reach the first page in the result section.

Now let’s assume that your website did make it to the first page, there is no guarantee that it will get hits from the users. This is primarily because of its failure to reach out in a massive scale. This kind of result is not very uncommon, but the entire process leading up to it is expensive; but if it is launched with an Adword Campaign, it will cost less and will take less than a week to figure out the bounce rate (traffic) of the chosen keywords thereby probably save a lot of SEO efforts.

Content Marketing, Anyone?

If you have been in marketing and advertising for some time now, you will notice that like service, marketing and advertising is not a onetime deal; you have to keep going back into the battlefield and you have to keep winging it till you get lucky. If you thought that you would market your company brilliantly the first time and let your success stories take care of you for the rest of the ride, you thought wrong.

Consumer mind is like a water pipe. What goes in eventually comes out. They will forget about you. They have limitless water molecules to transfer. You can’t get free lunch forever.

What do you do? You keep interacting with them and constantly keep reminding them that you are in the market and you would love to do business with them.

How do you do that? Say hello to content marketing.

Adopting only traditional ways of marketing is not cutting the deal anymore. Merely shooting ad-films and airing them over and over again is no longer sufficient. Besides, ad-films are expensive. What you need is something more concrete; something more direct; something that directly calls for an action; something that pulls at your end user’s strings more effectively.

Coca-Cola greatly supports these marketing techniques. If it works for a multi-billion dollar company like Coca-Cola, it will work for you too. Like I said before, you need to keep coming back to your users with small treats. With technology seeping into every crack in our lives today, making your presence permanent is not going to be difficult at all.

Make it share worthy

Keep a regular flow of content; by content I mean press releases, phone apps, viral videos, ads, blogs, social networking and much more. You have to ensure that all these contents have a connecting link, a strong, common idea, if you will. They should all promote you. That is the reason for their existence.

Merely putting out content is not enough. You should always maintain the quality of your content. Ensure that your content is so good, that it can spread through the online communities like wild-fire. If you can do that on a regular basis, you, dear sir/miss, have arrived. Remember, nobody likes boring, lengthy content. Keep it simple, silly.

Throw in some variety

Innovation is the key to attention. But I’m not asking you to go all the way to town with it. Play it safe too. Coca-Cola, for instance, follows a 70-20-10 approach. 70 percent is safe, easily acceptable, easily creatable, yet interesting content. This section has less chances of blowing up in your face.

20 percent is a moderate risk category, where you derive inspiration from the low risk section and delve deeper. This takes a good amount of time and energy to pull through. This is meant to connect one level deeper with your audience.

The remaining 10 percent is a potential landmine. You bombard your audience with whacked-out, brand new ideas and just hope that it is a hit. Let me tell you, great ideas are made of this stuff. This section is what gives the creators a creative high, a mental dope.

The problem with this is that not too many marketers how to categorise the 70%- 20% and how to go about writing content for the two categories. In the 20percent category, you explore the consumer’s issues in-depth and try and address it through your content. In spite of it being an in-depth piece, make sure you keep it crisp.

The 10%, on the other hand, challenges every fibre of your creativity. It gives your company new ideas for the next big thing. So don’t try to be afraid to try something new.

Make it the best thing of your life

Remember to be your own worst critic. That way, you are bound to come up with award winning stories. There can be no compromise on content excellence because the image of your company will be based on the content you will write.

Be open to ideas from everyone in your organisation. Keeping your ear open to ideas is one of the requirements of a successful marketer. And back the idea with excellent content. There is no way around it. There is no substitution to good content. Without good content, all marketing strategies can be flushed down the drain.


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Must Dos Before Eyeing the Global Market

So you set up a business. You decided to spread awareness and created a website. Things are going great. Now you decide to go global. You study the overseas market, and you see that it is a safe investment. You launch yourself in a larger-than-life fashion. But you note that the overwhelming response that you were expecting is nowhere close to being visible.

Sound familiar?

Are you wondering where you are going wrong? I can hazard a guess. Have you given a second thought to the fact that your website that brought in a lot of traffic in your homeland might just sound like gibberish to the other countries because they simply can’t speak English? Studies show that only 27% of the people who shop online speak English. You are basically losing out on a lot of customers just because they don’t understand what you are trying to sell.

Now we are not asking you to hire somebody who can speak the native language of the country you are targeting and get the whole website written in that language. And we most certainly advise against using auto-translate tools that are available online. Sure, that is what you will eventually end up doing but it is up to you to make sure that the quality of the content on the site is top-class. Your aim is not only to make sure that customers buy from you. It is also to ensure that they come back again. For that you need to focus on a few pointers. Allow us to help you with them.

Your first task as someone eyeing the global market is to know your customers. Do your homework. Know what drives them or holds them back, what makes them generous or stingy, their yearly holiday schedule, their culture, and a good amount of their language to know when somebody is swearing at you. Going global is just not about setting up warehouses all over the world.

Take that well deserved vacation and visit the country that you are looking at for expansion. This will help you observe and understand the people and their culture first hand. Nothing promotes a brand more than its powerful executive making a joke out of himself/herself by trying to fit into a foreign culture. Trust us, most natives find it very endearing. Through this trip you can also hire some local professionals to help you set up shop. It pays to know your partners/ employees well.

Drill a wall post opposite to your desk that says ‘Slang is Bad’. As common as it is, it reflects badly on your company if it is used in a professional scenario. If you cannot maintain a professional image, at least do not attempt a guttural one.

Just because you are a foreigner, do not expect customers to come flocking to your store. Do your homework. Research your market and check out which competitor will keep you up at night. It is better to know who your threats are. This also helps when you want to set up a new line of products that your competition is not providing.

Remember how pleased and helpful the native was when you went on that exotic trip and you tried to buy something at that store and you made an effort to speak her language? Yes, that works when you are expanding business as well. You need not learn to be fluent at it before plunging in. it is sufficient if you can read the contracts and make sense of it. You can pick it up at leisure later on too.

You are obviously outside your comfort zone when you are in a different country with people speaking a language that has no connection to yours whatsoever. Find someone you can trust first and then partner with to help sell your products. It is always helpful to have a native face to represent your product in a native land. And remember, start small. Don’t invest your retirement into it all at once. Things can go wrong in more ways than you can expect.

Also, most importantly, be aware of the market setting in the country. See if the economy will remain stable. If it is and you are ready, move fast. Establish your ground when it is safe. There is no point building a mansion on quick sand.

Internet shopping is gaining more popularity since the recession. People see a lot of advantages in buying online. They are assured that they will get what they want at a discount. The only hurdle is to set up trust. Once you pass that, we are sure you will soar the blue skies. Good Luck!

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Online Marketing Guidelines

Website contents are dished out like hot buns these days. There is so much demand for a web presence in today’s age that good content can make or break your business. But often, we see how web content of a specific type works for one company but fails to do anything but occupy space for another.

It is all about understanding your goals; whether it be your marketing goals or business ones. Let there be some rhyme or reason to your marketing strategy. If your audience wanted fun, they would turn to stand-up comedy. Remember, you are cleverly and discretely selling yourself. Just because it worked for company X, does not necessarily mean it will work for you too. Once your goal is nailed down, content becomes easy to create.

I have seen so many websites that seem to think blogs are where you advertise your creative skills. It is; if it is your personal blog. If the blog is meant for company promotion, please refrain from expressing your feelings. Every post that goes on your blog needs to be a part of the quilt pattern.

To guide you along a path of uncertainty, here are a few tips that can help make your life less strenuous while planning your online marketing strategy.

Customers Dig Informative Content

The content you put up on your website should be useful, well written and informative. Customers come looking for services for a reason. Sometimes, they are just looking for information. If what you have to say is everything that they are looking for, you just won your case even before you made your defence. It is important to make prospective clients feel that they are in right hands. Be genuine.

Wrap it With Fancy Paper

The line “It’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters” has been used silly. But it still is as true as it was when it was first said. Your content should attract social media sites like sweets attract flies. It’s nice to have a loyal customer base. It is more exciting to have new ones. You need to get the word out there that you exist and you are mind-blowingly good. Social networks will act as your best friends.

Talk About Your Problems

When I say talk about the problems, I mean discuss the problems that your company is structured to solve. Put your content out there. People will have more questions. Make use of the questions and answer them. You can build a solid FAQ section with this. Also, you can make use of the questions to improvise on content for the next website makeover.

Be a Dr. Phil

Don’t just talk about the problems. That will make you seem like a perpetual whiner. Offer solutions too. Offer expert advice. Sometimes, people do love to listen. If your company offers an innovative solution to a gargantuan problem, talk about it. A lot! By doing this, you are just not telling your customers that you can do it; you are showing them that you can do it.

Everybody Loves a Good Discussion

Your product is good. It is better than good. It’s the best. But still, you are not able to perform well. Does this sound like a problem you are facing? It may be because your product is highly priced. Or maybe it’s complicated to put together. Is it not user friendly? Explain why this is so. Offer suggestions. Offer to assemble the machine for the client; offer to train the client to use the product; not only will you be known as a considerate buyer, you are also selling your product.

Add a Little Drama

When you are writing content for a site, remember, you have one thing going for you‒ the reader’s imagination. Imagination lets the person add more details to the picture than an award winning ad. Bank on it. Let your customer feel the importance of your product even before he has used it. The idea is to ingrain the need for the product in your customer’s mind.

Pair Up

If you are good at doing A but are ridiculously lousy at B, and someone else is good at doing B but is equally bad at A, do you know what the logical solution is? Yes, a mutually beneficial partnership works very well. Sometimes, passion speaks. Be irreplaceable at what you do; you will find someone who wants to promote your expertise.

 Be Human Friendly

Most companies build their content around search engine keywords. What’s damaging about this technique is that the customers may not find you all that informative or impressive. The aim is to draw the clients to you, not just the SEO. Create content that people will find useful. SEOs will most certainly find you.

A How-to on Email Marketing

Email subscriptions are gaining popularity with the general public these days. Companies find that they can cater to customers more effectively when they keep them in the loop and keep them updated them on latest releases. Customers prefer relevant information supplied to their doorstep without having to go through the hassle of searching hundreds of pages to find what they are looking for.

Through email subscriptions, you can boost sales tremendously. Anything that creates awareness about your brand will boost sales. It brings the customer to your doorstep. Of course, making the sale after that is your job. You can do that with killer content on your website or with your charming personality if it’s face to face. Conversion rate completely depends on you.

You can adopt a number of ways to get a customer’s email address; blackmail them, spam their page with continuous pop-ups until they give you their email id, bribe them, add viral posts. If that does not work, you can provide free ebooks, reports and whitepapers in exchange for their email, or you can provide so much relevant information that they are drawn to trusting you and giving them your id for future updates. Or you can think of more creative ways of exchanging what you want with what they want.

Getting an email id is only half the battle. The other half includes an effort from your end and a constant supply of relevant information to keep them from unsubscribing. You need to generate a liking in the customer for your mail. For that there are a few points that you have to keep in mind.

Remember, they came to you for a reason. They handed over private information to you for a reason. Do not misuse it. Nobody likes spammers. Do not supply dummy links or terrible to atrocious content. Do not bombard their mailbox with numerous emails every day. Do not sell their email ids to other vendors. Unsubscribing from your subscription list is only one click away.

If you already have a good subscription number, flaunt it on your website. It adds to the credibility. People always want a good number in a community that they are about to join. Interaction is, after all, what the whole human race finds fascinating. If not, you can always get testimonials from existing subscribers and display it on the website. Promote yourself on social sites. If you reach hundred customers, you will be virtually connected to 100x number of friends of those hundred customers.

The tone of your mail also makes a difference. You don’t want to sound like a push over and nor do you want to sound like an overbearing dictator. Remember, you are the expert. You are the one with knowledge in what you represent. Let your confidence spill into your writing. There is a reason why the Army is so popular.

Try these techniques and let us know if it worked for you. We look forward to your feedback.

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