MachSol Launches MachPanel 4.5 to Support Microsoft Lync, Exchange and SharePoint

MachSol Corporation one of the hosting control panel providers have announced the launch of MachPanel version 4.5. This new version of MachPanel will support Microsoft business tools like Lync, Exchange 2013 and SharePoint. MachPanel enables hosing providers to offer support for the latest releases of Microsoft business tools. MachSol Corporation is a Microsoft certified “Microsoft Exchange validated Solution Vendors” with a short list of control panels and automation solutions.

Along with this MachSol provides support services for a wide range of other Microsoft tools and technologies. MachSol Corporation helps service providers to keep up-to-date with industry standards by providing support to those technologies.

About MachSol Corporation:

                MachSol Corporation’s name was originated from Machine Solutions. MachSol Corporation is providing services to its customers over the past decade. MachSol Corporation is globally recognized for its sophisticated automation software. MachSol is a software and service company looking forward to develop the future of business automation.

MachSol Corporation is dedicated in providing innovative and proven solutions for managing private, public clouds and also in building and supplying cloud services. MachSol houses a skilled in-house development team and have evolved into a powerful brand. MachSol Corporation is one of Microsoft’s Gold Partners and “Microsoft Validated Solution Vendors.” MachSol Corporation mission is to become one of the market leaders in cloud automation by catering customer’s expectations and providing them with a cutting edge software technology with cost effective, most innovative and scalable SaaS solutions. MachSol products are advanced, cost effective and secure and capable of delivering variety of hosted services and applications like CRM, Hyper-V, SharePoint, Web applications and BlackBerry. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Inerol Solutions Completes Unlimited Website Hosting Conversion

Interol Solutions is one of the dedicated web hosting and internet hosting solution providing company has announced the full conversion of its web hosting Superhero powers into unlimited website hosting package.

Robert Nikic, President and Chief Executive Officer at Interol Solutions said, “Superheroes aren’t limited, so why should our clients be? That’s always been the philosophy driving our SuperHero Powered Hosting. I’m ecstatic to eliminate disk space and data transfer limitations the right way, without the fine print, and that our clients can continue to depend on our Superhero Powered Hosting unencumbered.”

Interol Solutions now offer data transfers and disk space with no limits and no fine print. Interol Solutions cheap web hosting services include limitless disk space and data transfer and no fine print with high octane customers. SuperHero powered unlimited package from Interol Solutions include free domain registration, $25 credits on Yahoo!, Bing, $100 worth Google AdWords credit, access 150+ one click applications and access to Interol Solutions four step website builder application

Interol Solutions 99 cent promotional offer is still running and will be available for a limited time.

About Interol Solutions:

                Interol Solutions is one of the world’s top web hosting providers was found in 2011. Interol Solutions offers dedicated web hosting services throughout the globe. Interol Solutions is known to lead the web hosting industry with its result oriented approach and strategic partnership. Interol Solutions data center is located in Tampa, FL; this faculty has helped the company to expand and offer reliable and flexible services to its customers. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Ongoing Operations Includes Collaboration Suite to Cloudworks Solutions

Ongoing Operations is one of the company looking for better disaster recovery solutions has now added Cloudworks Solutions to its Collaboration suite. Ongoing Operations’ unique Collaboration Suite will allow its customers to communicate by integrating all available channels into one safe platform. This helps users to improve drive performance, communication and boost productivity. Communication in work place is one of the essential parts to achieve goals.

The Unique Collaboration Suite with Cloud hosting service enables users to

  • Share work with others
  • Replace gotomeeting, WebEx, conference calls etc. with one integrated solution
  • Functionalities like secure messaging, conference calls, desktop, file sharing, call center functionality and video conferencing on one platform.
  • Access to work team anywhere, anytime.
  • Connect with contacts (External and Internal) through multiple channels instantly

Collaboration Suite is integrated with Microsoft’s windows virtual desktop hosting, Microsoft’s Lync, hosted VOIP and hosted Microsoft SharePoint. Some of the standards followed by the Ongoing Operations Cloudworks Community are:

  • Credit union compliant security
  • Self service portal driven flexibility
  • Fast
  • Scallable
  • Redundant Running out of multiple facilities

About Ongoing Operations:

Ongoing Operations was formed as business continuity by a group of credit unions looking for better disaster recovery solutions. Ongoing Operations has grown from serving a handful of local organizations to over 300 organizations nationwide. Ongoing Operations data vaulting service will protect from theft, hardware failures and other security threats. Company provides web backup service that includes encryption and also includes transmitting customer’s data to a remote vault. In most of the cases vault is comprised of powerful computers, power supplies and also manned security. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

CloudLinux includes PHP 5.5 to PHP Selector

                One of the leading operating system developers CloudLinux announced the inclusion of PHP 5.5 Alpha2 to PHP selector. PHP selector allows customers and shared hosting providers to try the latest features available in the latest versions of PHP. This inclusion is specifically designed to cater the needs of hosting providers and each websites are placed in its own isolated containers. Each account is assigned with a specific amount of disc space, CPU, RAM and I/O. With strictly enforced hardware allocation, customers will be able to enjoy dependable and consistence performance and also helps them to maximize revenue. Isolation nature allows providers to customize configurations.  

                Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CloudLinux Igor Seletskiy said, “PHP is possibly the most widely used aspect of any shared web hosting plan. Like the rest of the web hosting community, we are excited to start exploring the new features of PHP version 5.5. However, many hosting companies and their customers would not usually deploy an Alpha version on a large-scale, server-wide basis. CloudLinux and PHP Selector make it possible for hosting providers to assign individual accounts their own PHP version without affecting other sites on the same hardware.” Later Mr. Seletskiy added, “Before PHP Selector, hosting providers and their customers had to wait for years before they could get their hands on the latest and greatest features in PHP. Hosting providers were afraid to deploy PHP because in doing so, they might break customer websites that were not compatible with the latest version. Now, using CloudLinux and PHP Selector, hosting companies can confidently offer PHP 5.5 Alpha2 to those customers who require it, without affecting any other users. It is an opportunity to start using the most advanced features of the best PHP version yet, right now.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

ALTWeb.Com Celebrates Fifth Year in Website Development is one of the top quality custom website development services providing company recently celebrated its fifth year in web development. is a successful marketing division of builds wide range of utilities and business on highly popular WordPress platform. included few updates and offered three different packages like Authority Web Package (Designed to establish credibility and authority in their fields), Lead generation Package (designed and developed to provide healthy consumer interest in clients’ services or products and drives traffic to specific websites) and Shopping cart web packages (designed to help customers to create easy to use online shopping portals). is headed by James Schramko and revealed that packages have been simplified and customers can easily navigate through website. Some of the packages included are as follows:

Custom Hourly Work – Customers who are looking for extra designing or coding can use this service. This is a five hour pack valid for 12 months and can be used over multiple projects. Services that are included in this pack are SEO, Website troubleshooting, RSS feed submission, website migration and content population.

Affordable Website Themes – This package offer cost effective solutions for business owners who aims to build top quality websites with a sales generating theme.

Pre-Done Responsive Themes – Organizations seeking to conquer I-pad and I-phone market can gain access to responsive themes that are flawlessly resizable and fit to highly popular mobile devices.

Custom WordPress Theme – Most of the popular packages from enables customers to indicate their preferred fonts, layouts and styles. offers 30 hour of expert web development time spent to help the customer’s vision of their dream website into reality. Organizations can add unlimited pages, multiple media formats and blog posts. Home page of the website will also be included with opt-in capture functionality for reliable conversation rate testing results.

SuperFastBusiness CEO said, “Our new designs are incorporating the very best conversion and design elements that we’ve tested on our other sites, especially where we put the opt-ins and the way that we encourage people to navigate the site. We’ve been able to really reduce things like bounce rate and increase the opt-in conversion rates”.

Schramko said, “The websites are well-designed—they come ready to do podcasting, they look good, they have an opt-in form, they have a video. You just give us the code for your auto responder company and we’ll be able to place it on the site. You’ll be able to capture leads and build authority in the same way that we do from our sites like” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

UPwebhosting Announces Most Affordable High Quality Plans

UPwebhosting is one name for web hosting that offers good quality and affordable web hosting plans.UPwebhosting has launched the world’s most affordable high quality web hosting plans for their customers. Web hosting industry experts have predicted that online business is getting advance and complex, there is need for perfect and advanced web hosting services. More number of organizations’ are moving towards cloud hosting which offer superior service and affordable packages.

UPwebhosting is one of the web hosting company with which customers can enjoy 99.99% uptime, 24*7 technical support and 60 day money back guarantee.UPwebhosting technical support teams are well trained and are available 24*7 to solve all your quires regarding web hosting.UPwebhosting offers one of the most affordable web hosting plans which include unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk storage.UPwebhosting charge only $1 per month and customers can get multiple payment options such as Paypal, Skrill, Payza, 2checkout, Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve.

Any sized organizations’ or individuals can host unlimited domains without compromising quality of the service.Customers are not forced to sign up for long terms as most of the companies do. Customers are also allowed to try out unlimited web hosting services by signing up for just 3 months.  Customers can sign up for 3 months and pay $4 ($1.33 per month), signup for six month and pay $7, annual sign up cost $12 and for 3 years pay just $32.Customers will be able to access over 70 open source scripts such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento and many more. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Server Sitters Offers Website Design Service

Server Sitters one of the outsourced web hosting support providers announced its plans to offer website design services for customers. Server Sitters adds new website design service which is ideal for all sized organizations which are looking for redesigning their websites. Most of the web-hosting companies are not offering design services. Server Sitters have identified this opportunity and adds website design service. Server Sitters are specialists in outsourcing web hosting support, this inclusion will widen the company’s portfolio of value added services for web hosting providers. Server Sitter includes application development and Un-branded design services beginning January 1, 2013. These design services include social media development, minor website modification, content and layout overhauls, complete website design and video creation.

Server Sitters CEO Adam Gallant said, “The upcoming 2013 launch of our brand new website design and development department shows just how committed we really are to expanding our partnership experience, and offering the best value and more options to our growing client base.”

About Server Sitters:

                Server Sitters is a web hosting Support Company. Server Sitters provides hosting support for all sized companies. Server Sitters are committed to offer a wide range of services to cater the customer’s needs. Server Sitters first tier administrators can remove day to day maintenance burden from your system administrator, tier two administrators will assist in resolving most complex server issues. The Server Sitters support team has well experienced and well trained agents. Server Sitters operates from multiple locations within North America. Server Sitters supports Cpanel, Modern Bill, Plesk, Kayako, WHMCS, PHP Live, Ensim, desk Pro, DSM and many more. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world. launches Christmas Promotion

KVC Hosting one of the fastest growing web hosting companies is offering attractive discounts. KVC Hosting are offering these discounts for every signup and every hosting packages ranging from Unlimited hosting to SEO web hosting as their Christmas promotion. KVC Hosting want to make this holiday season as excellent as possible for their customers by offering 50% discounts for every sign up for first 3 months.

According to one of the head of KVC Hosting, KVC Hosting offers the same services to all its customers all year long that other top web hosting companies provide for low cost. Anyone looking for a good hosting provider with affordable charges and genuine services can think of signing up with KVC Hosting.

KVC web hosting’s offers mainly focus on reseller hosting, SEO hosting, business hosting, unlimited hosting and VPS hosting. For unlimited package sign ups KVC offers “Extra unpaid services time period” as follows

  • For Unlimited Hosting “K” package for 3 years – additional 1 year at $1.89 per month
  • For Unlimited Hosting “V” package for 3 years – additional 1 year at $2.49 per month
  • For Unlimited Hosting “C” package for 3 years – additional 1 year at $3.49 per month

Apart from these offers customers are also offered with:

  • 50% off with “SNOW12” coupon for first three months
  • For reseller sign up – $12.99 per month
  • For cloud VPS Hosting – $24.99 per month
  • For Business Hosting – $19.99 per month
  • For SEO web hosting – $24.99 per month

All the sign ups done are automatically included with coupon codes and all other features that are available with regular packages. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Red Hat Acquires ManageIQ for $104 Million

Red Hat one of the open source cloud software providers announced its plans to acquire ManageIQ, a cloud managing company for $104 million. This acquisition will boost Red Hat’s hybrid cloud solutions. ManageIQ is an existing partner of Red Hat Enterprise and has worked closely to provide optimum management, automation and monitoring solutions. Recently Red Hat has updated its software for better delivery of open hybrid cloud solutions to enterprises. ManageIQ will work along with Red Hat’s cloud portfolio enterprises, Virtualization solutions and CloudForms IaaS.

President of Products and Technologies at Red Hat, Paul Cormier said, “Industry and customer response to Red Hat’s vision for the open hybrid cloud has been overwhelmingly positive because it offers the best of both worlds: the ability to tap into the public cloud when and where it makes sense, while leveraging existing investments for cloud infrastructure. For enterprise cloud initiatives, effective cloud management is critical. ManageIQ offers robust features, including orchestration, policy, workflow, monitoring and charge back, which deepen Red Hat’s cloud management capabilities and bring the promise of open hybrid cloud a step closer for the industry.”

About ManagedIQ:

                ManagedIQ is a leading provider of automation and cloud management solutions. Solutions offered by ManagedIQ enables organizations to manage, optimize and deploy virtual desktops and Virtualized infrastructures. ManagedIQ’s solutions are built on a common “Adaptive Managed Platform” to deliver management, monitoring and automations through a single plane of glass across globally distributed enterprises and data centers. ManagedIQ’s customers are using these solutions to transform their IT infrastructure and maximize their IT resources. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Cogeco Cable buys Peer 1 Hosting for $635 Million

                Cogeco Cable is a leading provider of high speed internet, telephone and digital cable services in Canada has acquired PEER 1 Hosting Company for a $635 million deal. This is a latest example of a telecom company buying a data center service provider to boost its revenue from hosting and cloud computing services. Cogeco Cable has offered PEER 1 to buy its shares for $3.85 per share or a 32% premium to previous market value. This acquisition might provide an opportunity for Cogeco customers to avail offers from PEER1’s hosting services.

                Phil Shih, Managing Director at Structure Research, said, “From a Canadian market perspective, this acquisition is mostly about Co-location.Managed hosting revenue is mostly generated from the US and now the UK. PEER 1 only began to sell hosting in Canada a few years back. So it will be very interesting to see what Cogeco’s plans are for the international operations. My sense is that Cogeco is going to take advantage of the PEER 1 brand and platform to make a stronger push into managed hosting in Canada. Managed hosting is where Cogeco wants to go and where it is getting stronger growth.

About Cogeco Cable Inc.:

                Cogeco Cable is the leading providers of High speed internet, Telephone and Digital cable TV services in Quebec and Ontario, Canada. This is one of the major telecommunication companies with shares listed on Toronto Stock Exchange.Cogeco Cable builds on its cable distribution base and offers services like High speed internet, Digital Television and Telephone services.

About PEER 1 Hosting:

                PEER 1 Hosting is one of the world’s leading hosting providers, launched in 1999.PEER 1 Hosting aims to provide award winning managed hosting, cloud hosting, Co-location, Network services and Dedicated Hosting services to its customers. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.