Host Virtual to Expand Its Cloud in India

Host Virtual one of the web hosting companies has announced that it has expanded its cloud services in India. Host Virtual is significantly adding features to its existing plans based on customers demand. Host Virtual has deployed 1 Gbps per Virtual Machine to host virtual cloud, private hypervisor servers and dedicated servers in India. Host Virtual has combined 24/7 support in local language and has positioned itself in a strong position for customers looking to expand their presence or enter Indian market.

 Senior Vice president of Host Virtual, Inc. Bhargavi, said, “We’ve seen a great demand for cloud services in India. Our easy to use, self-service public cloud gives businesses a way to be up and running within a few minutes.”

With this inclusion Host Virtual allows its customers to deploy FreeBSD, 300 Linux Hosting appliances and VOIP within minutes with dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 support. A recent study from VMware finds 62% of Indian organizations are increasing their cloud budgets and 56% of organizations are seeking staff with cloud experiences.

About Host Virtual:

Host Virtual, Inc. is one of the best cloud hosting providers. Host Virtual, Inc. operates both IPV-4 and IPV-6 IaaS clouds. Services from Host Virtual, Inc. are self serviced and easy to use. Host Virtual, Inc. pricing starts from $ 10 per month. Host Virtual, Inc. operates in Chennai India, Dallas, TX, London United Kingdom, Paris, France, San Joes, CA, Hong Kong, HK, Chicago, IL and, Amsterdam, NL. Some of the popular distros supported by Host Virtual are debian, CentOS, Scientific Linux, VirtualMin, Kloxo, Slackware and many more. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

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