WebHSP launches New SSL configuration Tool for North American Clients

WebHSP one of the leading providers of SSL certificate announced the launch of new and improved online tool. This tool helps web-site owners and resellers to confirm their SSL configuration are correct.

When SSL certificates are not configured properly, website faces several risks of attacks. This effective tool helps owners to improve their website performance by improving the defense against several attacks. WebHSP have planned to implement this service in Canada and United States.

This tool is free of cost, not just WebHSP clients any one can use the features of this tool. Customers simply enter URL of their website and can perform quick scan. After quick scan user receives a detailed rating report and explanation of any potential problem discovered with SSL certificate security and remedies to solve this issue. SSL configuration checker is integrated with most advanced technology in the current market trends. The experienced technicians at WebHSP have worked timelessly to understand the deployment of SSL and how to make it secure. Chief Executive Officer at WebHSP Doug Davis said, “More than 70 percent of websites using SSL are configured incorrectly, which results in poor performance and poor security.”

Mr. Davis explained, “With the availability of an SSL configuration checker, Web HSP is adding context to SSL issues by explaining to our customers how best to configure SSL to reduce their risk and optimize performance. Our goal is to help all organizations reduce SSL-related risks, configuring SSL correctly is a crucial step in realizing the benefits of SSL. However, it’s often difficult for admins to find comprehensive guidance on how to accomplish this goal.”

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