After five months of launching the cloud server product in May, Go Daddy has closed the new model. It has preferred to just continue with its traditional products and services.

The cloud services were called ‘pay-as-you-go’ and were launched in the month of May, this year.

The link to the cloud services page was redirected to the home page. But last week, the cloud services were still active.

“After reviewing all of our hosting products, we decided to double-down on our shared hosting and site builder products and invest to win in these spaces,” Harris quotes from the letter. “As part of this focus, we will discontinue Cloud Servers as a stand-alone product.”

Go Daddy remained unavailable for comment; the CIO of the company Augustine Goldman confirmed the news.

“We are focused on SMBs and SMBs don’t use our Cloud Servers product the way we are offering it now. So, in the weeks ahead, it won’t be a stand-alone product in and of itself. However, we plan to continue developing cloud technology into our other hosted products,” he wrote. “We will continue to support existing Cloud Server customers in a variety of ways.”

Go Daddy is the first hosting company to have officially withdrawn its cloud services after joining the race with the other hosting providers. Many web hosting giants popularized their cloud products, like Amazon with their highly successful EC2 product.

This move by Go Daddy has created a stir in the market and has lead to reports that the traditional hosting providers are not well equipped to compete with the cloud server markets.

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