Infinite Networks, a web hosting service provider has been recently rebranded as the ServerHub Hosting Company. This news was announced on the 14th of September 2012. The company in its website said that this rebranding was initiated with respect to the confidence that the customers instilled in them.
Infrastructure as a service or IaaS, a service that Infinite Networks offers has transformed immensely. It has turned out to be the flagship product of the company. Rebranding would help the company keep a close relationship with its customers opting for cloud based services like cloud servers, and dedicated servers.
In a statement Mr. John Brancela, chief executive officer ServerHub hosts said, “As we move through 2012 and early 2013, Infinite Networks servers customers can anticipate transition activity as operations are moved to ServerHub branded sites. You can expect billing and customer support links to change as we transition to the new brand name. Our brand change will not affect your pricing or any services that you may have.” Meanwhile, it was further explained on the social mouths blogging post associated with ServerHub hosting provider says, “Any brand associated with technology or technological advancement, must keep pace with the industry of which it is a part. Therefore, tech-dependent businesses, such as those associated with the internet or with computer hardware or software, might need to consider more frequent revitalization and rebranding.”
Infinite Networks established in the year 2000, is a subsidiary of the Eonix Corporation. This corporation started the Infinite Networks, a web hosting company in the year 2001. After the success of Infinite Networks, it has been rebranded as the ServerHub Hosting Provider.

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