FireHost Web Hosting begins New DNS-Powered Business Continuity Solutions

FireHost web hosting company has announced in a statement that a new business continuity
solution has been introduced along with existing business continuity options. This service is
powered by the DNS services distributed across five continents. This new business continuity
option is supported by DYN DNS hosting. This service will expand the capabilities of FireHost
web hosting company beyond its routine qualities like load balancing and high availability of the

This announcement followed the revised affiliate program of FireHost Company, which was
announced a couple of months back. These new service options would increase the network
uptime with the help of failover configurations of the system; this will prove to most desirable
for web hosting and web application solutions.

In the statement Mr. Jason Rieger, the CTO of FireHost web hosting company said, “FireHost
has been ahead of the curve with regard to securing a public cloud environment and finding
advanced ways to boost performance; Now we move ahead again by multiplying our business
continuity offerings, helping our customers prep and plan for the unexpected, and keeping their
systems and applications online all the time, even when disaster strikes.”

New traffic management tools give network administrators the options to route their
respective customer to certain infrastructures that can provide the best performance and
efficiency. For example, the traffic originating from Bangladesh can be diverted be catered to its
nearest location. This increase the efficiency and speed of the system. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

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