Energizing the Cloud & Web Hosting Policies

The HostingCon 2012 at Boston, MA, USA is considered to be the largest web hosting conference organized ever. A large number of delegates have reached the city to attend the conference. These delegates represent a cross nation of more than thirty countries.

The conference is expected to witness some important breakthrough announcements pertaining to web hosting, cloud hosting and related equipment and platform. Also on agenda is the discussion of the future policy and path of cloud and web hosting business. Some of the pioneer vendors like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Dell, HP, and other big technology giants are also participating in this event. It is expected that several new launches and partnerships could also be inked this year.

Among the new launches making the buzz was Microsoft Office 15 one of the major products, which will be launched. This launch has been scheduled due to the opportunity of presence of a huge number of technology leaders at the event. It is anticipated that this will give the much needed head start to the product. Few other announcements have surfaced till now are the major trends of managed service providers or MSPs will be discussed and some guidelines are also expected to set the path of future progress in this domain of business. It is also expected that some special announcements are on the agenda from parallel competitive Web hosting companies.

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