Netwise Hosting Launches a Promising New Product to Ease Colocation Deployment

Netwise Hosting recently announced the official launch of their new approach to colocation pricing with Colocation Calculator. This calculator is a real time quotation service and Netwise’s website can get on the spot pricing information for the server colocation deployments. This new system is expected to become a valuable resource for clients who are looking for such services.

This unique system uses slider base interface which generates quotes based on Rack Space, Power, Connectivity, and other extra options. This then helps you build a live quotation right from the browser.

Managing Director, Matthew Butt gave comment on the company’s new Colocation Calculator;”We built this system with the end-user in mind. We know that not everyone wants to start lengthy discussions with a host from day one – sometimes they just want some pricing to get the ball rolling. Our customers have always enjoyed our pricing transparency, and we hope this helps further solidify our position as the data centre to watch in the coming months and years. Not only are we routinely one of the highest-value colocators in the industry, we are also supremely upfront with our pricing – something missing in today’s market.”

Netwise Hosting are planning to develop this idea further in the very near future, with additional features that Senior Manager, Matt Seaton hopes will become a widely used set of tools on the net.

“We have a trademarked service coming soon called Power Tools that will extend this system even further, with the ability to estimate power usage very accurately based on a range of popular hardware sets. Soon after, we hope to include a comparison service, whereby our live quotes are pitched against key competitors to give users a tangible idea of how well we are placed within the market. We are undoubtedly the only data centre in the world pushing these ideas forward, and hope that this brings us a great deal of success in the future.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

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