Go Daddy Launches IPv6 Dedicated Servers

Go Daddy recently celebrated World IPv6 Launch and announces IPv6-enabled Linux Virtual Dedicated Servers.  They mentioned that these dedicated servers will help their customers prepare for the IPv6 changeover.

As IP address is crucial for any device to be connected to the internet, the current IPv4 is running out of addresses for all the devices. With the sky rocketing of internet traffic, it has become pertinent to adopt IPv6 enabled services to the continued growth of the Web

“Go Daddy wants to make sure our customers stay ahead of the technology curve,” said Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman. “Our customers view us as their IT partner, so we want to make sure the transition to IPv6 is seamless.”

Go Daddy had been upgrading its systems to accommodate the eventual IPv6 deployment. Since October 2007 Go Daddy has completed a number of IPv6 related initiatives, including support for IPv6 AAAA records, Glue records, Dual Stack DNS for customers’ domain names and enabling redundant IPv6 transit from multiple providers.

“Deploying IPv6 ensures the Internet continues to grow and is essential for businesses that want to grow with it,” said Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer at the Internet Society, which is hosting World IPv6 Launch. “After 20 years of development and increasing deployment around the world, IPv6 is ready for business now and, with World IPv6 Launch, IPv6 is the ‘new normal’ for the global Internet. It’s great to see companies like Go Daddy providing customers with an easy way to deploy IPv6 for their services.”

Go Daddy worked tirelessly to ensure there was a smooth transition to the upgraded services. And become a dependable service provider as it handles more than 10 Billion DNS queries daily, has more than 5 million hosted websites and more than 53 million domain names under management,

“Deploying IPv6 is like upgrading the Internet,” Go Daddy CTO Wayne Thayer states in a blog post about Go Daddy’s IPv6 Transition. “Last year, Go Daddy enabled queries over IPv6 for the tens of millions of DNS zones that we host. Since DNS is used to resolve virtually every website on the Internet, IPv6 support is a key component of the overall move to IPv6.”

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