Dropbox- A Box to Manage Your Life

It is no illusion that the world has become quite compact. With information constantly being fed to us, it is important that we keep all these information someplace safe and easily accessible. So we have found the best place to store them, a place which is omnipresent in our lives. Yes, the internet. People have been storing information online for quite some time and that one group of people who always innovate to make technology work for them (and us) took the idea and took it on an entire new level.  What is it? One word- “Dropbox”. Dropbox has been quoted as one of the most promising tools for literally “making -technology -work -for –you” category. This application has some really creative developments and has evolved quite a bit since its launch back in 2008.

Dropbox 101

Dropbox is a cross-platform system plug-in that gives users a shared drop box where they can unload files and then access them from multiple computers, similar to how they would on a home machine. Dropbox allows the common man to think out of the box.  Once you have installed this phenomenal app, you can drop any file of any type in it, and it will appear in each shared user’s Dropbox almost instantaneously.

This tool comes with pretty nifty features. It keeps track of changes that might have taken place to the files dropped there. It also keeps the original files if the user wants to revert back to the previous versions of the files. The best part is that all the files are archived using cloud storage. So one can access those files from anywhere across the globe, as long as the place has an internet connection.

Dropbox also supports a photo album feature which systematically organizes and groups all your photos into albums using the available metadata. After doing all that, it notifies the user that the files are synched.  It literally takes the award for the most efficient app.

Dropbox puts an end to muscle movement

Ever since its inception, people have been using it in some really creative ways. For one, some have used the app to control their PC remotely just so they can be much more productive online. Dropbox coupled with Akira (a Windows run utility) work together to achieve the remotely controlling the PC bit. When these two are combined, you can do all the mundane tasks from the comfort of your couch without moving an inch Ah, the magic of technology, you can open a file, terminate a process, run an application, take a screen shot, or completely shut down the PC remotely.

How to Increase your online productivity through Dropbox?

  • Share Information:

 Start with the basics here. You have a business meeting and your laptop will act as your office. What happens when you forgot that very important file on your PC? Don’t panic and just get someone to drop it in the Dropbox. That’s the beauty of the tool. Its versioning function allows you to access it from anywhere. Also if you have made changes in the file, everyone in the share network will be able to view them automatically.

  •   Sync your Passwords:

Dropbox lets you be productive by keeping tabs on all your account information, usernames  and passwords in synch with all the computers you use. That way, the next time you want to go antique shopping online, you don’t have to pull your hair out trying to remember the passwords. This feature is highly useful and can be accessed by conjoining it with RoboForm which is very affordable software. The winning idea that comes out of this is that you don’t have to remember any password again.

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