‘Advanced Web Hosting’ Moves its Data Center to Virginia

Web hosting provider ‘Advanced Web hosting’ recently announced that it has upgrades its infrastructure by colocation to a new data center in Northern Virginia

This move is as a result of the shutdown of SoftLayer‘s HOU01 data center which was housing Advanced Web Hosting for over 10 years. Advanced web hosting managed to go through with the migration while retaining the ability to offer best services and also within a short time.

Even though the company had been planning to upgrade its services, the shutting down of the SoftLayer data center sped up the process considerably.

The Advanced Web team acquired new Dell R310 and R610 servers that were placed in Equinix’s Ashburn, Virginia data center.

“The most difficult part of this process was the timeframe that was thrust upon us. This unexpected move came during a period when we were already inundated with large projects and had little spare time to squeeze from our technical staff,” said Brad Caricofe, Advanced Web director of operations. “Our operating principles had already given us the capability to recover our systems from massive catastrophe, such as losing a data center to fire or weather-related events, within 24 hours. We applied some of what we’d learned in the past while planning for the unknown, to ensure that we could move everything within the requested amount of time.”

The company said its existing disaster recovery planning protocols also assisted with its ability to migrate customer data quickly. Advanced Web said its clients now benefit from a faster and more stable network, and greater systems redundancy.

Though Caricofe admits the company “spent far more money than we intended to with our planned upgrade in 2013,” it is “extremely happy with the results.”

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