Say it with Photos—Pinterest App Style

The society that we are living in is perpetually high on technology and by the looks of it, the trend is not going to die out any time soon. The latest technological fad seems to be the word ’App’. That’s right; bless Steve Jobs for revolutionizing the entire concept of technology with a single word- ‘app’. Although it is just the shortened form of the word application, you can’t simply ignore the fact that it’s the first letter of the company which made the 68% of the world’s population snobbish (they no longer refer to their phone as a phone; it’s now an iPhone, didn’t you know?). Don’t be surprised if your baby’s first words are “app” or “Steve Jobs” or “apple”. It’s just how this generation is evolving (through App of course!)Even the techies are switching various software lingo to App. So now, OS is an app, script is an app and software is an app as well.

The application which got me really interested other than Angry Birds, Temple Run and other mind numbing addictive games is Pinterest. It not only sounds fancy, it is also one of the most useful apps out there. Here is why.
Let me paint you a little picture. You just bought this really nice pair of boots and want to show it to your friends all over the world. Now, you could send it to everyone from your phone but with the down–in-the-dumps phone plans, you need a better option. That’s where Pinterest comes to your rescue. All you have to do is click a photo from your phone and upload it on your Pinboard (yes, that’s what it’s called) and share it with your friends and the world. With Pinterest, you can save, sort and manage images which are cleverly called pins and you can also categorize and organize them through collections called the pinbooards.

Pinterest basically takes scrap-booking to an entire new level. The favorite pastime of your grandma is now tweaked to cater to our generation (scrap-booking is no longer an old lady hobby). There are so many ways you can use this wonderful application. You can show photos of your dog drooling, your cat playing the piano and even of that red bird beating up a pig with mustache (OK, way too much Angry Birds marathon).

The truth of the matter is, it is the hit among women, because let’s face it; they always have lots to share. Many people pin their craft ideas, outfit of the day etc on their boards and if you like it you can pin it on your own wall (sorry, pinboard). It is another great way to network with your friends from book clubs, shoe club and all the other kinds of clubs out there.

Did I mention it boosts your business network as well? (Provided you have a legal, viable business). Say you make jewellery, pottery, mixed tapes or pretty much anything that has to do with you and pots of creative juices. You post your creation on your pinboard and sooner or later, other users will start to share them and your work will get followers and you will become rich (it will not happen overnight, but looking at the big picture here).

Interested people or should I say pinterested people ( no pun intended ) can access their pages by logging on through Facebook or Twitter or you can just wait for a friend of yours to invite you. Do whatever it takes, but get yourself an account if you are one of those 79% of the people who like to share their ideas and pictures with the world in a completely non- creepy way.

Pinterest is a highly versatile tool and is here to stay. It’s a fantastic way for people to tell their stories through pictures. We all know what they say (though the identity of “they” is inconclusive) — a picture is worth a thousand words. Now where is that black exploding bird when you need it?

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