Local Online Marketing

Although online marketing is cost effective and easy to measure the campaign results, some business need to consider local online marketing rather than general or international online marketing. The nature of some business demands local online marketing as their products and services may be only required locally. For instance. A fresh milk processing company in East Africa can only consider local online marketing due to: one, milk is not consumes on some part of the world i.e. Asia, milk is a perishable products and cannot be sold or stored for long period unless they are powder. Business and services which operates locally on certain state need to employ local online marketing.

  • Factors of online marketing

There are factors which can be used to determine whether to go international online marketing or local, and these may include, nature of the business, products and services being offered, the targeted group and market and the demand trend. A barber for example due the nature of his operation and targeted market he would rather list his services on local online directories, local classified website, seek better ranking on local searching engine rather going international where it would be difficult to offer his services. Unlike services which can be offered worldwide, some tangible products may force the seller to concentrate locally and thus local online marketing may be ideal.

  • Social networks

Local business seeking Search engine optimization (SEO) should focus on local engines optimization as well. It would be futile for local business to seek ranking where they won’t be seen or reached by their potential clients. Those using social networks, facebook and tweeter should consider avenues where only local users can be availed, for instance accounts that have only local friends and so on, in addition, social media can be used to drive traffic to your website and thus the audience will come to learn more about your activities. Listing your site or business on local directories and classified site would also be advised. Another local online marketing that can be employed is email marketing, however, this need to be done wisely to avoid being ignored by potential buyers or being reported as a spammer.

  • Online marketing companies

Creating back links on local site can be a good tool to do local online marketing, this is because the site are accessed by neighbours whom in turn may be your  business consumers. Online marketing companies like Google have marketing plan and software that allows their ad word programs to target only certain region and audience (a fees is paid depending on the clicks made on the ads) and this may be a good tool for local online marketing too.

Whether it local online marketing or international online marketing, business  do these  with the I am of making profit, generating more sales and thus whichever media has been embarked on should be appropriate in order to give result and pay for efforts. Moreover, with the increase of hacking, being carefully with kind of information you provide online and to your clients as well.

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